AU: The events before and leading up to 'Undercover'.

Rachel's POV

I was young. I got that and it was something to be both proud of and to be annoyed by. People looked at me like I was a legend while other people looked at me and thought I was a kid. I was 20 for god's sake. Even if I graduated young doesn't mean I am in capable of doing my job. My job which I managed perfectly fine, even with people patronizing me at all hours of the day. I would always get those weird looks from people when we interviewed them during a case. One older woman even asked if I was a joke or a member of the media. It was after I presented my badge and pretty much rubbed the shield her face did she finally accept that I, Rachel Berry was of the New York Police Department. The Chief of police believed in me, why couldn't anyone else? Even my own team mocked me but at least they recognized that I had the brains to catch bad guys. People double my age, size and strength were compared to me, a small woman who left school early to join the Police Academy. I was one of the only women in the department which wasn't very many. Three in fact. Selene Mason who is a fellow Detective that has been in the force for five years and Eleanor Waters, an assistant coroner that works down in the morgue. When they were around me, no one would come near me as they would stare them down into submission. When they were absent however, I was easy prey.

"Hey Strawberry, what you up to sweetness?" A cocky male in her team named Louis Michaels teased.

"Go away Michaels, go annoy someone who cares," I snapped.

"Ooh, touchy are we today?" He continued. I don't know what I have done wrong in my past life to deserve this.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure Dad and Daddy can do something about that," Michaels snickered. Raymond Flynn, another detective on the same team glared at him but said nothing.

"Okay, tease me all you want but I swear, mention my parents again and I will personally see you to your grave," I said livid. If it wasn't for the fire in my eyes, he would've made a snarky retort but he nodded and retreated to his desk.

"Detective Berry, making death threats are we?" The Chief said. I turned around horrified and faced him.

"It was never my intention to carry them out sir," I replied hastily.

"They better not be. As much as I despise the older males on your team, I cannot tolerate murders in my department," the Chief said.

"Yes sir, sorry sir," I mumbled and watched my boss walk away.

"Girl, you almost got yourself fired!" I decided my fists wouldn't do the job, but the pencil might so I picked up a sharpened piece of lead and hurled it in the air like a javelin, hitting my target in the arm. I was patiently waiting for him to start crying like a small child. I did receive a small applause from someone behind me. People should start wearing shoes that make loud noises.

"Good shot," he said. I turned to see a tall man with short brown hair and light brown eyes.

"And who are you?" my fool of a coworker said as he recovered from his flesh wound.

"Noah Puckerman, transferred here from Lima," he said and extended his hand. Flynn shook it politely and I did after him. Michaels just looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"I see, well the Chief's office is that way," Michael said with a pointed finger.

"Ah yes, the glass office with 'Chief Watson Todd' on the door in big, bold black letters. Oh, and it has the man himself inside. Thanks for the help Detective Michaels," Puckerman said. Flynn and I snickered as the newcomer walked towards said office.

"I like him," Flynn said.

"He's already over taken Michaels on my 'people I can stand' list," I whisper.

"Berry, it's probably impossible not to be lower than him," Flynn replies. Michaels is still glaring after Detective Puckerman like a cat watching a goldfish and it was getting a bit unnerving. We all gathered outside the glass door and attempting to not appear like we were waiting for them. I had taken up the activity of rereading a closed case file over and over again. Eventually the pair finished their private conversation and came out.

"Flynn, Puckerman here is going to work in your unit, show him the ropes and make sure he knows how things work around here," the Chief said. Flynn put down the pencil he was twirling and nodded.

"Detective Raymond Flynn, this here is Detective Rachel Berry and to my left is everyone's best friend, Louis Michaels," Flynn said.

"Awesome. I've just moved here three days ago and my stuff is still coming into the apartment. It shows how long I've been here. Chief Todd says I can start work anytime this week. I just need to unpack some stuff and then I can come in," Puckerman said.

"I'm sure our Junior Detective, Berry here can help you with that," Flynn said while patting me on the shoulder. That's right, pin it all on me.

"Well, it sounds like a date, after the tour maybe we can make my house a little more homey," Puckerman said with a smile. I swear, if he was an anime character, he would have that little star in the corner of his eye. What was he, Mr. Perfect in all aspects? He had self control, something I seemed to lack. I suppose growing up with the teasing of having two male parents left me with anger management issues. Either way, I had to deal with the newbie, whether I liked it or not.


I was sitting in a small café a couple of blocks away from the PD with Mason and Waters. The pair had already started mooning over the new guy who even I had to admit, was rather attractive, despite being irritating because he managed to get the last word out of everyone. This guy had been here for what, a day and he was already being stalked by all members of the department. Apparently the grape vine worked rather quickly, almost as quickly when the department found out that they were literally taking in a kid fresh out of the academy. That 'kid' being me. The major difference was this guy had magical powers that rendered everyone he met into liking him completely. It took me months for people to at least look at me without smirking.

"Hey, you can't deny he's not the hottest thing since Franklin up in Cyber Crimes," Waters said.

"Sex on a stick," Mason said. I was aghast. These women were older than me and they were talking about Puckerman like he was a paid stripper.

"Mason, don't you have a boyfriend that works in the FBI and Waters, your Married," I tell them.

"Way to go to bust our fantasy bubble Berry," Waters sighed.

"Killjoy," Mason added.

"I'm just saying, you shouldn't immediately judge a book by it's cover. What do you know about him anyway?" I ask.

"Noah Puckerman, born and raised in Lima Ohio, has one sister and lives with a single parent, his mother that works as a doctor in Lima General Hospital. He worked in Lima as a police officer for three years before getting transferred here after busting a huge drug dealing scheme. Of course the FBI got all the credit but hey, I read the files. Also, his favorite color is green and loves American Football. His ideal date is a romantic trip to an isolated place while having a lakeside picnic," Waters said.

"Wow," Mason swooned again.

"Alright, number 1, You read the case file about that drug bust so knowledge like that doesn't mean anything, number 2, I'm guessing you got his family details from his personal information that every worker submits before entering law enforcement and number 3, His ideal romantic trip sounds like the top location from the list of 'Where to kill your victim' in the latest issue of the Serial Killer Magazine," I snap.

"Did you make that last part up just then? Impressive." I turn to Waters and shake my head.

"I get it, you two are a loss cause. Before I know it, you're both going to break off your relationships, in your case Waters, divorcing your lovely husband and then I am standing on a beach, wearing a terrible bridesmaid dress and watching you two marry him," I said.

"That's a nice thought," Mason said and I physically had to whack her on the arm.

"Wow Berry, you can pack a punch. I'm joking. I barely know the guy. You always need to know your future husband before marrying him." I shake my head. I keep reminding myself that the only reason I like the pair is because they're the only decent people in the office, not including Flynn and the Chief.

"Well I've got to get back to work. Your husband-to-be has requested my assistance in unpacking his boxes. What am I, a mover?" I stand and pull out my purse.

"No, let us get this, you need to discuss with him the color scheme for our wedding. I'm joking. It seems you're going to get to him first," Mason winks. I had never been more tempted to whip out my gun and shoot her on the spot, several times, with 'reality' bullets.

"If he is so 'Hawt' as you keep putting it, he's obviously got a girlfriend at home waiting for him. Did you ever think about that?" I tell her. Her face immediately fell and for a split second, I felt rather guilty.

"Why don't you go home with him and find out?" Waters teased. I turned heel without responding and quickly power walked back to the office.

Puckerman was sitting in my chair with his feet on my desk and playing with my computer with hisfingers. I was about to shoot my mouth off at him for touching my stuff but he had already sprung to his feet with a child like grin.

"Ah, Detective Berry. Off to my place I think!" He said.

"Unfortunately. The car is downstairs," I said before turning around, expecting him to follow me. He catches up and turns to me.

"Of course it's downstairs. They wouldn't put the car park upstairs, that would just be ridiculous architectural planning. If you know someone who has done that, tell them that they should think of a new career." Had he really just said that? Was this guy for real. Either he had a really retarded start to life and was dropped on his head several times on purpose or he was hiding something. In the end, I just played along.

"Yes, the idea is absolute insane. Say, if crime fighting doesn't work out for you, maybe you can look into another career, how about Architecture Police?"

"Hmm, it needs something catchier," he said. Was this guy for real?

"Well, why don't you ponder on that while we drive to your place?" I tell him. He punches in his address into the GPS and bookmarks it with a 'you never know' tag line. I just shrug and drive. His apartment was a twenty minute drive away from the station and it was in a reasonable neighborhood with a children's park within walking distance.

"Wow, and you could afford to live in a place like this?"

"Well, ever since my big bust, I was paid a lot. I sent most of it to my Mom and sister but saved enough to get a decent place. It was better than living with your single parent," he said. I just nodded and parked outside his apartment block.

His apartment had a lounge room, a bathroom, a kitchen and two bed rooms. All in all, something I could never afford. He caught me staring at all the boxes and flexed a bit.

"I suggest you stretch a bit. I haven't even unwrapped my couch yet," he said.

"My muscles are fine thank you very much," I roll my eyes and head towards the closest box. It contained several books. A book case that was left behind from the previous tenant became the home of several of Puckerman's hardback novels that ranged from Dan Brown to Harry Potter. By the time I had put the latest novel of the Eragon Trilogy on the bottom shelf, Puckerman had managed to unwrap the couch (with scissors), unpacked the television (males and their programs) as well as clear the center of the room of several boxes. He looked rather shocked that I had only managed to unpack three boxes which had only contained his literature.

"What? It's been a long time since I read the adventures of Frodo," I said in defense. He chuckled and for the next half an hour, we spent working on finding permanent places for all his belongings. By seven at night, the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom had been completed. The house still smelt foreign but Puckerman assured me that he was happy that he moved here. He had mostly worked in silence which even I found absurd because he didn't seem to shut up during the car ride over.

"Well, I think it's safe to say we did a rather impressive job don't you think Detective Berry," Puckerman said.

"Safe indeed Detective Puckerman. I should get going. I need to get some dinner on the way home," I said and picked up my coat that had been discarded on the floor.

"Hey!" He said, grabbing my elbow. "You helped me, let me help you. Let me cook something. I'm no Jamie Oliver but I can whip something up that could at least exceed your choice tonight's meal."

"And what would that be, my evening meal I mean," I ask.

"Chinese take away and even though I admit enjoying a wok of noodles, it isn't something you should be having every day, now, you read Lord of the Rings while I make your welcome gift," he said and dashed into the kitchen. I follow him.

"You don't know me, I don't know you. You don't have to do this and I am more than happy to go eat my wok of noodles."

"I know you. You're Rachel Berry, Detective Rachel Berry who is still young enough to be in collage. You, however exceeded all your class mates well before you were expected and entered the academy the moment you became an adult. Even there you bested people who were three years your senior which makes you a prodigy criminalist. Yet you did not foresee that despite your achievements, people would not take you seriously due to your age which in their minds, mean that you are incapable of doing your job because of lack or experience, as well as the sexist aspect that you are indeed, a woman," he said while he got out a frying pan.

"Fine, you know about me but that's only one side of the equation Puckerman, I don't know anything about you. Besides your favorite novels."

"Last time I checked, I had several books up there on the shelf, which one is my favorite?"

"Sherlock Holmes. There has to be a dog ear on almost every page."

"You are observant. I'm am impressed," he said as he added oil to the pan.

"Of course I'm observant. If I wasn't, do you think I would be here talking to you right now?" I ask.

"Hmm…probably not."

"Let me get this straight, you, Puckerman are the new kid on the block and you have already exceeded my status, despite the fact that I've been here longer than you. People will listen to you, people will take you seriously and you will probably always be more successful than me," I snap before turning on my heel and marching towards the door. He catches up and spins me around.

"Then let me help you prove it to them. I was from a small town that rarely even needed police work, only men to break up small fights in a bar. It was by chance that a big one presented itself and by chance that it was I that cracked it. Now I am in the big leagues. The NYPD doesn't accept fools. If I stuff up, which I assure you, even I did a couple of times back home, then it's game over and I am flown away to a crap hole at the Mexican Border." He looked so sincere that it almost made me want to hug him. Now how unprofessional would that be? I nodded.

"I still cannot accept you cooking for me. Try again next time," I tell him, giving him a ray of hope.

"I'll keep that 'next time' in mind," he smiles. I return the gesture and head towards the door. As it was about to shut, his fingers caught it. "Oh and last thing, it's Puck…Puckerman is atrocious."

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