Chapter 7

Remembering Noah Puckerman


She had no idea what she did wrong, this Puckerman person knew who she was and when she replied that she did not know him, he bolted out of the room with cords trailing behind him and still dressed in a gown. She looked around to see her coworkers look at her in shock like she had committed a murder and she had just confessed.

"What?" Rachel said finally.

"Tell me you were joking with the 'who the hell are you, Puck?' thing," Michaels said.

"Not exactly in those words but there is no joke. I have no idea who he is," Rachel said truthfully.

"Shit," Flynn said.

"Boss?" Rachel asked, alarmed.

"Sorry, just get some rest. We'll have a small chat with the doctor," Flynn replied. He stood and grabbed Michaels by the arm and practically dragged him out of the ward.

"Was it something I said?" Mason and Waters looked at her sadly.

"That was your partner. He's been freaking out about you ever since we got here. You watched him get shot and was bleeding out on top of you. We can understand the shock of seeing him alive," Waters said.

"You're lying. I was alone in the desert. I was knocked over by the momentum of the suspect shooting at me and lucky for me, the gang lords of whatever got him before he got me," Rachel said. Waters and Mason exchanged stunned looks and then tried to look at Rachel, searching for a hint of amusement like what she was telling them was just to wind them up.

"Please Rach, don't do this to us," Waters whispered under her breath.


Doctors and patients alike had given him weird looks as he walked past. If he wasn't on the intensive care floor, people might have thought he was an escaping psycho. He had no idea why he was storming off like a child who didn't get his favorite toy. The fact that Rachel had no idea who he was just made anger boil up within him. He wanted to murder the people who traumatized her. He wanted to fix her; he wanted her to remember him. Rachel was his partner and, as the story goes, nobody gets left behind. Without her, he felt broken. As sappy as it sounded, he felt incomplete. He always relied on her to watch his back and he would watch hers. Now he felt alone. He walked out the building and sat on a bench. Time flew by and he mindlessly watched patients and visitors walk in and out the automatic doors. It felt likes centuries later when Michael and Flynn patted his shoulder gently and sat next to him.

"She's going to be fine, Puck. The doctors say it's only temporary and although they can't give an exact day of her recovery, they say that she'll remember everything once she's better. Her body is heeling and her mind will be back to normal any time now." Puck looked at Flynn and saw a determined glare.

"How can you guys be so sure?"

"We have to be right? I mean, this is Berry we're talking about. There is no way she's going to let this stop her," Michaels said. Puck inwardly smirked. If Rachel could see Michaels now, worrying about her like a mother duck.

"Yeah, I suppose," Puck said.

"So why don't you go talk to her. Maybe you might trigger something that will bring her back," Michaels said.

"This isn't a movie guys," Puck tells them.

"It's worth a shot," Flynn said. Michaels and Flynn each grabbed an arm and lifted him to his feet. Puck gave everyone an apologetic smile as he passed patients, nurses and doctors who had watched his storm out. Every step he got closer to Rachel's ward, the more he wanted to turn around and run like the wind. When the three men arrived, Waters and Mason were talking animatedly to their co-worker. They all looked up at the new arrivals and immediately their gaze was drawn to the hospital clothed detective.

"Hey Rachel. I'm sorry I kind of bailed on you. I mean, I just wish you would remember me," Puck said after an awfully awkward pause.

"These two have been telling me all about you and how you saved my life. It would be nice to remember you too, I guess," Rachel said almost sadly.

"I'll try and help you then," Puck said and made his way towards her bed.

"And we'll be getting coffee," Waters said and tapped Mason's arm gently. The four detectives left the room to leave their recovering friends alone.


She looked at him with interest as he told her the adventures and the misadventures they had endured together. Rachel would laugh or snicker at parts and frown at others.

"I must say Noah Puckerman, if all of this is true, I pretty much owe my life to you a hundred times," Rachel said.

"You've saved my ass as well, from stray bullets to sneaky suspects with guns aimed at me," Puck said.

"I can barely remember them. Some bits I recognize like a victim's name or a suspects alibi but it's like there were pages torn out of a book," Rachel said.

"Yeah, I mean, imagine if three pages of Lord of the Rings were missing. You would be screwed!" Puck said.

"Yeah, or like Eragon, The Da Vinci Code or Harry Potter," Rachel added. Puck laughed and then became still.

"Weren't they the books you were unpacking when you first came to my house?" Puck said. She paused and then it looked like she had a set of Vietnam flashbacks.

"The couch unwrapped with scissors, not being able to cook like Jamie Oliver, dog eared pages in Sherlock Holmes," Rachel began spurting out rapidly. She looked at him and sighed a bit. "Noah…" She fell back onto the bed and brought both hands to her head. Next thing she knew, she was crying.

"Rach? Rachel Berry!" He said suddenly, thinking she was going into a panic attack.

"Noah! I remember it all. Everything, the shooting, the guns, that man!" Rachel cried.

"Oh thank god!" Puck said. He wrapped his arms around her sobbing form and began murmuring thanks to the lord over and over into her ear. The others conveniently walked back into the room with coffee cups in hand to see the two detectives in a heart-wrenching embrace.

"I remember," Rachel said over Puck's shoulder. Waters and Masons both set their coffee down and went in for the hug as well.

"Well I'm glad this one has blown over," Michaels said.

"Yeah, I'll go phone the chief, tell him that his favorite detective is going to be just fine," Flynn said.


"Suck it up Michaels," Rachel said, giving him a small wink. Michaels allowed this one to slide and winked back.

1 month later

It was like nothing had changed. Rachel returned to active duty two weeks after being released from hospital and after a heart-filled welcome back, everyone returned to their routine of catching criminals. Michaels reverted back to his asshole-ish ways, Flynn was the strict leader of their little troupe and Puck was Puck. Although their little ordeal would never be forgotten, the team dealt with it as a learning experience. Just when Rachel and the others thought it was all over, the Chief called them into his office.

"Is there something wrong sir?" Flynn asked.

"Puckerman, I believe you are familiar with the drug bust in Lima, Ohio?"

"Of course sir," Puck said, not liking where this was going.

"There has been some activity underground involving a new scheme being set up. I'm afraid that there being a lot more careful this time. It seems that the new leader of the group is using the drug network to distribute illegal substances to minors in the area. I want you and Berry to investigate," the Chief said.

"Pardon me sir?" The Chief looked at the young detective.

"I've spoken to a local school principal, Figgins if I remember correctly. He has accepted to allow the pair of you to go undercover in order to bust the scheme. You're both young enough to pull off high school kids and Detective Puckerman is familiar with both the area and the objective," the Chief said.

"You're sending us to high school?"

"Didn't I make myself clear?"

"Sorry, it's just, I never went to high school sir," Rachel said. The chief raised his eyebrows at this but said nothing more on the matter.

"I will have Grayson Masters do your profiling-"

"Not that prick," Puck whispered under his breath.

"-and then you will relocate to Lima during the week," the chief said, letting the insult slide. He allowed them to leave and Puck and Rachel were left staring at the floor outside the chief's office.

"What did you two do to piss him off?" Michaels snickered.

"Shut up," Rachel said.

In a matter of days, Rachel had moved into a house close to McKinley High School. Tech Agents disguised as movers set up an office in the house's basement. She became acquainted with Mrs. Puckerman and her daughter and trained herself to become Rachel Berry, high school student. Puck was also having a hard time pretending to be the bad ass Masters wanted him to be and promised himself that he would use some of his acquired Bad Ass Skills to teach the profiler a lesson. It was Sunday evening when Rachel and Puck agreed that they were ready to jump into the world of gossip, bitchiness and hormonal teenagers. They decided that it was appropriate for them to avoid each other (both due to their fake personality clashes and to protect their cover) as it would be fatal if the drug dealers figured it out. They could be putting innocent people's lives at risk and being fired would be the least of their problems. On Monday morning, the pair were standing side by side, looking at the double doors that lead into the school that would be their home.

"You ready, Berry?" Puck said, rubbing a calloused hand through his newly cut Mohawk which his partner has teased him relentlessly ever since he walked out of the hairdressers.

"Ready as I'll ever be, Noah," Rachel said. He gave her a small smile. His given name would be the thing that would never let him forget about the time he nearly lost his best friend. She grasped his hand and gave it a small squeeze before pushing the door open. She took a minimum of five steps into the corridor before being doused in a sticky, cold liquid that was burning her eyes. Puck stared at his humiliated partner and for the first time ever, ignored her pleading eyes by walking past her and disappearing around the corner.

"So this is why high school sucks," Rachel murmured to herself before making her way to the closest bathroom to clean off the first of many slushee showers.

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