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This is my fiction of NARUTO manga by how I really wish things were in terms of Naruto and some other characters. Now the story will follow the manga, except some changes in events of the plot. Well there are added some added plots for reasons you guys will come to know.

Naruto in the fiction is going to be stronger than he is in the manga (but not godlike), he will grow strong as the story takes its course.

My profile shows of my displeasure of certain events in the manga which I intend to reveal as my story progesses.

The fiction contains an O.C. which will come to your notice when I start with the manga plotline.

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1: The dawn of a new beginning….

'Why …why….WHY ME', running through the alleyway in one of Konohas slum areas were the thought of a six year old naruto.

He was bruised and battered with a bit of blood on him. Running for his life from about a 10 drunken civilians was not much for him; he had to save his life from such beatings from a very young age, but could never understand their reason for such a behavior towards him. Today he was lucky though, to have finally lost the ones on his trail without much of a hitch. Today though there were no shinobi in the midst of his pursuers.

Finally making certain that the pursuit had come to an end, he decided to head home. The place the old man with funny hat and white robe had given him to stay when he was thrown out of the orphanage. The caretakers had deemed him worthy to take care of himself; even though him being just five year old at that time. He was really scared at that time, but the old man had helped him a lot.

"Hm… now let's see which way to go… no it can't be I am LOSTTTTTTTTT", the blonde cried out in panic.

Looking around he found himself in the woods surrounding Konoha. He was now truly scared, he could find his way through the city, but the forest was a totally a different thing.

"Old man, HELP", he shouted once more in panic.

"Wait didn't the old man say, 'Naruto-kun, remember when afraid or lost take a deep breath and think of a solution to your situation", spoke Naruto trying to imitate the old man.

After a few of heavy and deep breathing, he was finally able to calm himself down. The blonde started to remember how he ended up here. Remembering the events in his mind, from the chase to his escape through alley ways and finally ending up here. He then tried remember the path he entered the forest.

"Let's see I came from here …. I guess ….. So it's this way … then, LET'S GO".

Taking a random path through the forest, naruto reached a clearing where he found a large flower patch, he looked around the flower patch, it looked old and not taken of care much but still seemed beautiful to his eyes. Seeing the patch he felt a warm feeling in his heart like the times the old man came to visit and play with him, but yet the feeling was more powerful than ever.

He decided to wander around the patch. Wandering he came across a two-storied house in the corner of the patch. For some reason naruto couldn't help himself and walked towards the house, every part of him; be it his body or soul wanted to touch the house. When his hand finally touched the door, black markings started to appear from the spot he touched and spread throughout the houses exterior. He panicked and with a lot of force he pushed himself back, the force also opened the door. Seeing the door open, curiosity took better of the blonde and he went inside the house to take a look.

"Anybody home …. I am lost on my way home, can someone in the house help me, and it's rather late in the night", called the blonde as he entered the house.

No sound was heard other than his echo. He decided to be brave and entered the house into the main hall. There was dust everywhere, it seemed to him no one has been here for a long time. Moving further he found he noticed a rather large painting on the wall in front of him. With the moonlight reflecting on it, he could see it to be a painting of two people.

One of them was of a man and another of a woman, both in their mid 20's. The man had golden-yellow blonde hair and ocean blue eyes just like him, the woman had red hair and green eyes, both looked so happy. For some reason he was drawn to them. The warm feeling in his heart, which had started since he found the patch and later the house, was elevated to such a degree that tears started flowing from his eyes down his face. Tears not like those when he received beatings, when people looked at him with those cold eyes or children's refused to play with him or he was sad, lonely or hurt. He felt happy, touching the portrait he muttered,

"O-kaa-san, O-tou-san."

The names of the two were written in the bottom of the frame.

Namikaze Minato, Namikaze-Uzumaki Kushina.

'Her surname is same as mine so she is my kaa-san, dattebayyo…..so he must be my tou-san'.

1 year later;

In the past year, Naruto would visit the house from time to time. He kept it a secret from everyone, even from his ojii-san (he started referring to the hokage as such). In the meantime he started learning from the books and scrolls from the library of the house. He always wanted to be a shinobi, but had no one to help until he joined the academy. Knowing some of the books and scrolls were on ways to be a ninja, made him read them with all of his concentration.

One book written by one a certain Uzumaki Shiho caught his eyes the most; it was detailed about chakra in ways he could understand with ease. It gave information on chakra usage, to manipulate it into various shapes, also to manipulate it into the five elements. There were many scrolls and books various ninja arts, the likes of Tai, Gen, Nin, Ken, Fuin and many others.

Finally the day arrived when he was going to start the academy, the day he was going to officially train to be a ninja of Konoha. He was going to prove to all the people of Konoha that he was not someone that they should ignore, but a person they will recognize and respect. It was a new dawn in his life, he would train hard to be a great shinobi and of all to be the greatest hokage of all.


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