"Pamela Puckett will be missed" My mom had died of Lung Cancer, and everyone was at her funeral right now. I sat down on a bench as I watched my relatives go inside. I sat there, alone, while everyone but my father was inside. He walked over and sat next to me, and helf my hand.

"Its gonna be alright, Sam" I didn't like my father, because he abandoned us for some slutty woman half his age, but I really needed someone to hold my hand, so I was just pretending to like him at that moment.

"You ready to go?" I looked down and nodded my head.
He stood up, and said, "Just come to the car whenever you're ready."

"OK." He left, and I just sat there for about 5 minutes

I went into my dads truck, and put in my headphones.


"Yep. Take me to this hell you call Seattle."

"Sam, listen.. I know you don't wanna be with me, and you're still getting over your moms death.. But-" I turned up the music on my iPod and drained his voice out as he lectured me.

"Sam, wake up.." I slowly woke up from my nap.


"We're here."

"Oh." I went to the back of the truck and got my bag, while my dad got the rest of my bags and led me to a room with a black-and-white theme. Black and white drapes, bedsheets...

"This used to be your room when you were little. If you don't like it I could always re-decorate it if you want. I'm gonna leave you to unpack." He left the room and closed the door. About 15minutes after he left the room, there was a knock at the door and I heard a woman's voice. Did my dad have a girlfriend? I walked over, and I felt relieved. It was just an old woman.

"Sam, this is Marissa, and her son Freddie. You'll be going to school with him tomorrow" I shook Marissa's hand and looked at the boy. Cupid just bit my ass. He had perfect skin, hazel eyes and brown hair. I could tell he was a nerd on account of his striped polo shirt and gay khaki shorts. But, I guess I could adjust to that.. Depending on his nerdiness.


"oh, sorry.. I just dazed off for a sec. What were you saying?"

"I was saying that you will be taking the bus with Freddie tomorrow."

"Oh.. OK."

"See you tomorrow, Sam. Nice meeting you."

"You too." I smiled. I can't wait

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