Hi, amazing readers! :) You have reached an icarlyfanatic101's fanfiction story.. She has sprained her wrist and its hard to type-

WAIT! Lemme explain to you guys what happened:

Ok, so I was at this state park, and I had on rollerblades.. And note that these rollerblades are off-balanced and a little broken on the front right. And the sidewalk was reeaally bumpy. Anyways, so I was rollerblading and I fell and went unconsious.. Yes, I fainted because I sprained my wrist. I'm sooo overlydramatic. Well, my doctor thinks its cuz of the reaction to pain.. And yeah, when it all happened, I could barely breath. Just soo scary. So I went to the hospital, and I had an x-ray and a ct [pronounced cat] scan just to make sure i didnt have any damage to my head, even though I didnt land on my head. Well, everything seemed normal, and all I had was a sprain.. Soo the reason I'm telling you all this is because its really hard to type with a splint on me.. Or as I like to call it, 'robot arm' (; So for a couple days I'll be on hiatus.. For now, I'd love it if you could all wish me well! :) And I'm going for a blood test tomorrow.. I have a huge phobia of doctors, hospitals, etc.. So wish me luck! (: I have some little notes for some of my stories:

MY SURPRISE: I have a chapter for that.. I just gotta upload it.

ACROSS THE UNIVERSE: havent gotten a single review/story alert for it :( makes me sooo sad.

iAM IN LOVE WITH YOU: Thank you for the constant reviews and story alerts for this! :D

TOTAL DRAMA ARTS: While I'm on hiatus, I reeeaaally need more entries. Just maybe 5-6 girls, but A LOT of boys.. Only have about 4 entries for dudes.. So yeah. Send in some boy applications! (:

I really hope my wrist gets better.. I love you all enough to type out this letter for all of my stories! Thank you, and get well notes are greatley appriciated:)