After walking to the office to get my stuff, I walked into the school with Freddie and Carly. It was really small, to be honest. It had a water fountain, stairs and lockers. Wow. This is such a shitty school.

"And, this is our school."

"Looks like crap."

He laughed. "Yeah, it is." A short, nerdy looking boy came up to Freddie.

"Where have you been? We have a mathletes emergency meeting, remember?"

"Ahh, chizz! Sam, I gotta go. Carly can show you around." Whoopedoo. Lets party. He kissed that skunkbag and ran off with the nerd.

"So, this is my locker over here.." She pointed me to a locker next to the office.

"Lemme see your schedule." She grabbed the paper from my hands.

"Oh, awesome! Your locker's next to mine! I know we'll be great friends. And we have a lot of classes together. That's great!" Kill me. Now.

"Yeah.." I started fiddling with the lock, and after opening it, I put my stuff in my locker and slammed the locker door. A stupid authority man person walked up to us.

"Who slammed that locker?" He asked us.

"I did."

"Sam, you don't wanna mess with him." I shooed her off with my hand.

"What's your name?"

"Sam Puckett, what's it to you?"

"You must be new.. Next time you do that its automatic detention!"

"Kay." He walked away. "who was that?" I asked Carly.

"Thats Mr. Howard, the meanest teacher in school. Well, not as mean as Ms. Briggs."

"Pfft. I can handle them.. I was totally badass in my old school. I've been to juvi 3 times."

"Impressive." The bell started ringing, and everyone started leaving.

"Come on, lets get to class." She took my arm and lead me to class, which was right next to our lockers.

"Who's this girl?" She pointed to me.

"This is Sam, our new student." I handed her the papers the office gave her, and she read through them.

"Sam, you may sit right in front of my desk." She must've read my very long and descriptive permanent record.. Whatever. I shrugged and sat there. Somebody behind me tapped me.

"Wha-" It was Freddie! "Oh, hey!"

"Hey! Watch out for this teacher, she's a pain in the ass."


"Sam, turn around!" Everyone stared at me. Freaks.

"Everyone, this is our new student Sam Puckett, who came here all the way from Ontario to be with us. Ok, now on with our lesson-" Ugh! This teacher is so annoying, and I've only been here for like, 2 minutes. I raised my hand, and she called on me.

"Can I go to the bathroom?"

"Sure, why not?" I got up and left. I didn't really have to go, I just wanted to roam around. As I was walking, I saw a shirtless boy with his head stuck in the trash can. I walked up to him.

"Yo, shirtless boy! What's your name?"

"Gibby! Now get me outta here!" I quickly pulled him out, and he started running away. Pfft. Freak. I really hate this school.. Kill me now. If it wasn't for Freddie, I wouldn't be here..

A/N: LAME ALERT! LAME ALERT! I hate this soo much.. -.- It'll get better next chapter, I promise :D