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It was the day of the wedding. The sun was shining, there were light, wispy clouds floating across the blue sky, and a slight breeze helped cool his nerves as John stood outside the back door of the church, waiting for Sherlock to arrive.

His friend was suppose to have be there over an hour ago, since the ceremony would be beginning in fifteen minutes, but Sherlock wasn't answering his mobile and Irene was too busy being a bridesmaid to notice his disappearance.

"Irene," John had tried earlier, "Have you seen Sherlock today?"

"Yeah, yeah," she distractedly answered, gathering the bridesmaids bouquets onto a table, "I saw him this morning. He was all dressed up and everything."

"He was?" John blinked in surprised. "You don't-d'you think something happened to him? He was suppose to be here twenty minutes ago."

"Try his phone, John." Irene gave an apologetic smile that didn't reassure him, like it meant to. "I'm sorry, but Jane is having me run around the place. Why don't you go inside the church and just relax? I'm sure he'll turn up."

So that's what he had done before growing so anxious, he felt he was suffocating inside the small sanctuary. He went outside, where he stood now, and kept sneaking glances at the busy London streets, hoping to see Sherlock skipping up the steps, oblivious to how close he was actually cutting it.

John pulled out his phone again and dialed a number. It went straight to voicemail, and clenching his teeth, he hissed, "Sherlock Holmes, where the hell are you? If you didn't want to do this, you should've told me from the start. I need the rings. I need to make sure nothing goes wrong. I am freaking out, you overgrown obnoxious prick-"

"Can you say that at a church?" a voice asked him from behind.

John whirled around and found Sherlock Holmes buttoning his last cuff link, smirking.

"Did I miss anything?" he asked.

"Are you insane?"

"Not today, John. Shall we?"

Glaring furiously, John followed his best man into the church...just in time for the start of the service. He had no doubts he would be killing Sherlock Holmes before the night's end.

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