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Time Seeks Revenge

Chapter One - Prologue Hearing Things

Hermione was neither a Death Eater nor a slave; it was the first week after she returned from the past and a very strange one. She was always stuck in the headmaster office, doing research with or without Voldemort, mostly her school studies but also the dark arts.

Hermione when she went into the past she'd felt weak but now being back in her own time, she was more stronger and yet when she saw her fellow friends being tortured. The worsted one was when she was in her room; right next to the headmaster's office, when she heard cries and yells of pain from her precious friend, the only one who was able to kill Voldemort for good. Harry Potter.

Hermione sat on her bed, her room was lilac with light rich girly colours, plus she was 'treated' by Voldemort, as if she was something like a daughter or a close friend, or even a partner but never got tortured.

Then a shout from the office, got her back to reality. She got up and put her ear to the wall where she could hear shouting.

"How will you Voldemort!" said Harry's broken voice "You don't have the power to bring it out of her!"

Hermione was frozen in the act unable to move, over what Harry had just said, but it was a secret no one knew, about it apart from herself, Harry and Dumbledore. She bit her lip, knowing why her head hurt in the morning.

Voldemort laughed, evil and cold "Don't give me a lesson Potter, I will get it out of her!"

Silence was made, and then the shout of the two most deathly words in the world and a body fell to the floor with a bump.

Meanwhile Hermione was in crying, tears running down her face. She was trying her best to keep quiet.

She couldn't stand it, she had to act and do something. She quickly and silently went to her wardrobe grabbed a few dresses as she was wearing one and that was all she had been given by him. Running to the other side of the room where her small beaded bag was, and stuffed her clothes in, and tip toed to the golden fireplace, where she had discovered a secret passage. She opened it and closed it behind her putting a number of spells and enchantments over it, sealing it shut.

After a few minutes she found the very few members of Dumbledore's Army, and then after she got out of the Hogs head and apparated to the muggle world.

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