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Time Seeks Revenge

Chapter Two- Bring it on

She went to her grandmother house, her grandmother who was delighted that she was staying for a while, as they sat in the kitchen talking.

"Gran, I was wondering if I could go back to my old secondary school again."

"I thought you were in a private one?" her Gran asked.

"I...there was a problem and I had to get away from it" Hermione finished.

"Right, umm yes I'll try to get you back" her Gran raised her eyebrows.

Hermione nodded, and was showed to the guest bedroom at the front of the house and fell asleep almost automatically.

Next morning (Tuesday)

Hermione was woken up at half nine by her Gran, she washed and dressed quickly and went down stairs to eat some food.

"Right, I called the school, half hour ago and they are delighted that your coming they said uniform won't matter this week because its non-uniform week, and you can go in at morning break" said her Gran.

Hermione smiled as her talked and her Gran and her got in the car to drive to her new/old school.

As the through the gates what were light blue and a sign on right said

'Welcome to Peverell Community College'

Hermione's smile wided, as her Gran parked the car, and making their way to the main reception, what up a short flight up some stairs. Opening glass doors and over to the reception women were sitting and typing on the computer.

Hermione followed her Gran, who took control and said

"Hello, I here with Hermione Granger"

The woman looked up and smiled at Hermione.

"Yes, I know it's lovely to have Miss Granger back again" said the woman.

"Yes, so...where and what's her lessons" said her Gran ask in a bossy-like tone.

"Printing them off and of course you have been here before" said the woman and a seconded later, she pass a bit of paper to Hermione with her lessons. Minutes later Hermione was walking down one of the corridors to her lessons.