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Time Seeks Revenge

Chapter Three -A Cold Night

Lunchtime had become the most popular for her old friends.
She was standing next to the library and near one of the main doors.

There was her close friends; Natasha, Alex, Gemma, Jess,
Daniel, Sammy and to Hermione's surprise
that John many others boys were there.

"I can't believe it, Hermione your back!" John almost
shouted. Then Hermione jumped as cascade of people hugged her.

Everyone broke away to go to their lessons, Hermione made her
way dizzily to double geography, after a boring hour she put her head in her
hands as the teacher drowned on about globalisation.

"HERMIONE" shouted someone; she looked up to find her teacher
looking at her "Did you understand that"

"Yeah" she said, now she was awake they had to do five
questions out of the text book.

Hours late... (Back at her Grandmother's, in the front room)

"Good day" her Gran asked, while writing a letter at her

"Yes it was, everyone was really welcoming" she replied, as
she was reading through her geography revision book.

"Oh" Her Gran raised her eyebrows.

"What" Hermione started to smile.

"Come on Hermione, you're my granddaughter, I know what it's
like...a boy maybe?" her Gran grinned.

"What! it was nice to see them all again.." she finished.

Her Gran nodded.

"Right, I'm going for my bath" she said, sealing the letter
and wondering up the small stair case. After a few minutes the bath was being
run. Hermione got up went to the kitchen made a hot chocolate and sat in front
of the fire place.

Many hours later, she woke up and realized it was freezing,
as she was curled up into a ball, looking over to the window and got horrible
shock of a pale face looking through the thin glass at her and blanked out.