Forgive me it's been so long, A-levels are hard work! And applying for university is as well, but here is a short chapter.

Enjoy! x

Chapter Eight - Knock Knock Knock

Last time

"No" Her thoughts clouded over by the sheer feeling over powering her then, in the back of her mind, something changed in her, and then clicked into place.

The new thing started to fill her body and slowly took away the dark energy conflicted by Riddle and through him backwards like a magnet, then as he almost hit the ground, everything stopped but Hermione who looked around with amazement but then stopped and gazed around the area around her.

Something had changed for the better and the worsted.


Hermione was glued to the floor wondering on earth what had happened, she was still keeping her on eye on Riddle and his follower. They were unmoving from the floor. She thought to herself something must of happened to them when she felt that new energy rise from her body, it felt like a patronus of some sort... but different at the same time.

She got to her feet, thinking about where she should go. Making a quick decision, she left the school and grounds, making her way to her Grandmothers.

Lucky her Grandmother wasn't home, Hermione ran up stairs to her small room, got her small beaded bag that Grandmother had given her, which she at almost straight away had charmed. Dotting around her room getting all of her stuff together hopeful that her grandmother wouldn't come home early, but not sure.

About ten minutes had gone when she heard the most tiniest sounds coming from downstairs. She stopped and realised she was being a bit too loud, packing but as is trying to be quiet. Her grabbed her wand which was currently on her bed. She walked slowly to the bedroom door, magically locked it. Then made her way to the chest of drawers, which was by the window, she looked outside. Her window luckily had a good view of the front door. There wasn't anyone there.

Her heart missed a beat, there was definitely something coming up the stairs. She heard footsteps now. Tip toeing to her small beaded bag, and slid in her books the closing her bag soon after.

The footsteps stopped outside her door. She didn't even breath..

Seconds passed... or even a minutes passed, she wasn't even that sure.

knock knock knock

She said nothing and didn't move either.

knock knock knock

Through her mind, questions like if it was her grand then she would of talked.

But if it was Riddle or even one of his followers, they would wait or just just attack right away.

But even more weird they or thing are knocking...