Hello! It's me Alice. It's been a long timeā€¦
These days I'm reading more fanfictions and books more than writing them and focusing on being an Artist/Illustrator. If you like art...? I'm known on the internet as themeowkitty17 (Instagram and Twitter) if you wish to follow me please do so I'm more active there than on here.

As much I don't wish to say this but I'm stopping this fanfic as it has been a long time since I last written and updated it. The story I do want to come back to but I have other ideas in the works as well as re-editing my old stories. I have a major plan for an upcoming story of which I want to write at least half of it before releasing it on here. Main character will be Hermione as always.

So basically this story won't be completed as it isn't but it's on hold till my imagination works in the right way.