Harry Charles Howlet by NYC Artist

This story is based on some of my favorite stories by Ravenclaw-Girl 28, Life's Black Sheep, and Syungie.

Summary:In this story Harry Potter has a twin brother named Nathan. Nathan is believed to be the boy who lived while Harry is ignored. Tired of being ignored Harry runs away from home and is found by Logan or Wolverine. Logan decides to take Harry to his home. Harry was there for a month with Logan and his adopted children Eragon, and Bloom. Without his parents coming to take him home because Logan had gone to the police station and reported a missing child because Harry had told Logan that he had run away. Logan decides to adopt Harry, afterwards Logan calls Charles Xiavier and tells him about Harry's adoption and told Charles that Harry's new name was Harry Charles Howlet. Logan also asks Charles to not tell Ororo, Scott, and Jean because he wanted to tell them himself. Logan then asks Charles if he could bring Ororo, Scott, and Jean over for dinner so they could meet Bloom, Eragon, and Harry.

Chapter 1

The x-jet landed in the hidden docking bay that not far from Logan's house. "Why are we here?" Scott Summers or Cyclops asked looking at Charles "Yes that's what storm and I would like to know" Jean Grey said. Charles smiled and then turned around to face them "I'll tell on the way" he said he then exited the jet Storm, Scott , and Jean followed him. After a minute of silence Charles said "Logan invited us to dinner at his house he wants you three to meet three very special people" "Logan?" Scott asked "I thought he didn't have a house" "Actually he does his house is 3 minutes away" "Why would he invite us for dinner?" Storm asked "Because you all are like family to him and he wants to show his thanks for to being so kind to him." Charles said Scott snorted in disbelieve and Jean said "Scott give Logan a chance I mean you saw what he was like when we went to rescue Rogue from Magneto." "Alright" Scott said "Where here" Charles said as he stopped in front of the house he reached up and rang the doorbell in a moment Logan answered the door. "Hello Logan" Charles said as he and the others entered he looked around "Where are the Children? normally the have a race to come and say hello to me." Charles said "whoa,whoa,whoa children?" Scott turned to face Logan who had a smile on his face "Yes Scott children that's what I wanted to tell you 3" Logan said "3?" Storm asked "Yes Charles already knew" Logan said. Scott, Jean, and Storm turned to face Charles "You knew what?" Jean asked "You guys I've adopted 3 children their names are Bloom Elizabeth Howlet, Eragon James Howlet, and Harry Charles Howlet there at school right now by the way Charles" Logan said.

Chapter 2-shocked