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Logan looked at the cards in Gambit's hands and made his decision. He leaned his head in towards the living room as he held the door open for Remy to come in. He did so and closed the door behind him. Remy looked around absentmindedly flipping the cards around.

Professor X had told him about Logan's now biological son having powers like his. He felt honored that Logan trusted him to teach his son. He was not sure about Logan's other children. He noticed that Logan walked towards the kitchen and followed him. He was greeted by the sight of three kids having a mini food fight in the kitchen while Logan expertly dodged the food that was being thrown his way.

The way Logan was moving around the kitchen made it seem like this was an everyday occurrence and perhaps it was. Remy did not know how long these kids had stayed with Logan, but from what had been described to him, these kids were everything to Logan now.

He notices that the older two were keeping themselves aware of their surroundings and decided to really give them a test. He felt the cards warm up as he started to focus his energy into the cards. He threw his arm out and sent three cards their way.

The effect was immediate.

Bloom and Eragon noticed, the both got out of the way. Eragon taking Harry with him and immediately getting him to the back door. Or trying to Harry was determined to stay and fight. Bloom sent a fireball his way but aimed for just above his head. The flash of light made Remy shield his eyes. When he did his feet were knocked out from under him courtesy of Eragon.

The kids all noised that this man was attacking them but failed to notice their father was watching the fight closely. He could tell that the kids were holding their own but they were exposing themselves to weaknesses. The had underestimated Gambit's abilities and as such were going to get their asses handed to them. He leaned against the counter ready to intervene when ready.

Gambit noticed that Eragon left his side open and punched him. As Eragon was distracted he grabbed him and got him into a headlock as bloom sent a spell his way he used Eragon as a human shield and had him take the spell instead. As Eragon went down and found himself unable to get back up or speak, he saw his father and quickly put two and two together. This man fits the description he had of Gambit to a t. Add that to the fact that he had the same powers as Harry and he wanted to smack himself in the forehead.

Gambit then went for the boy, Harry and noticed that Bloom was putting her efforts into defensive spells around her brother and spells to distract him form the boy to get him to attack her instead. It was a good plan but he was focused on getting the kid. That was until the kid decided to fight back. Just as Gambit reached him he tucked and rolled out of the way. Sliding to the side he landed a kick to Gambits side. When he went to grab his side Bloom got a spell to hit him. The same one she tried to use on him earlier but hit Eragon.

Remy found himself on the floor Impressed by the kids but not showing he waited patiently for Logan to explain.

"Kids this pain in the ass is Gambit, he is going to be teaching you kids some new fighting techniques and Harry about his powers." Logan said. He watched the kids to see their reactions. Normally they hated surprises.

The all kept their faces neutral as they went through the facts in their heads. This man had come into their home and started attacking the, their father had not intervened which alone meant that this was a test. The had obviously done okay. However when it came to their safety and their little brother's safety okay was not good enough. They knew that and so did their father.

Bloom lifted the spell on both her brother and Gambit. The both got to their feet quickly and looked at each other.

"Not bad." Gambit stated

"However you need to work harder, your father will not always be there to protect you. Hell the three of you may get separated in a battle and you have to be prepared for that." He continued carefully looking at all three of them. He could see that they were thinking about what he was saying and taking his words into consideration.

"You may also have enemies of the X-Men coming after you in an effort to get to not only your father but professor X as well. That is the last thing you need." He stopped and turned towards the other two.

"I'd not when you two are needed in your realms but when you are you will at least know how to defend yourselves in different ways. This way you can show others and yourselves that you two are not people to be fucked with." Gambit said.

"You three make this jackass tolerable to be around, so I would rather have you three alive to keep him that way." He smirked when he heard Logan growl and the kids stifle laughs. Logan did nod to what Remy was saying before that though.

Bloom and Eragon looked at each other and could see that Gambit had a point. In their own realms they would have been considered defenseless. They hated that feeling and now did not want to experience it again. They had a family, yes it was an odd family, but a family nonetheless. Harry on the other hand had a million questions racing throughout his mind.

Would he become as powerful as Gambit? How ing would it take? Could he still learn if he went to Hogwarts next year? The key word there was IF.

He could still remember the nightmare he had last night. His worst fear was that someone would take the only family he ever had away form him. The Potter's were never his family. All they cared about was their fame and how much their important son could do. The only people to care for him there were Sirius, Remus, and Dumbledore. They did not live in Potter Manor though, they had their own lives to live. He understood this, it still hurt though every time they had to leave,

Each time they did things seemed to get worse for him. Nate would blame him for every little thing that went wrong and James and Lili always believed him. He wanted to laugh at how badly James was screwing things up as Head of the Most Noble and Ancient House of Potter. By acting the way he was he was alienating a lot of his former allies. Even some in the ministry were getting tired of his attitude.

He did not even know how Lily's allies reacted. Lily seemed to have few friends, those she did have seemed to be either to busy or just lost contact with her. Lily used to be a bright witch. Harry could still remember the sad murmurs of some of the old Hogwarts teaching staff the last time that came to Nate's birthday party. He thought their names were Flitwick and Slughorn.

"Such a shame, she used to have a bright future ahead of her."

"I know, it seems she has gotten caught up in the fame of her child."

"Her reputation is not a positive one."


"She is known as the brainless trophy wife of a pureblood, a gold digger if you will."

"Lily would never."

"Can you blame them? The way she is acting know you would never have believed that woman used to be so driven"

"What a waste of talent"

"I have heard rumors that she will going to St. Mugo's for healer training"

"It wont's last you know"

"We will see"

Harry could seriously believe them. He did not even know if she had finished with her healer training. Lily always seemed to start something. A few years ago she tried to start a scholarship foundation to muggleborn students, but did not see it through. This was due to many charity events that the Boy-Who-Lived and his family had to attend were coming up. He shook himself out of his reprieve ti find Gambit gone and his siblings looking at him in worry.

"Sorry, lost in thought" He told them

"No worries Harry, just next time try not to space out Eragon said.

"Especially since you had that nightmare last night" Bloom finished

"What were you thinking about anyway?" They both asked him

"How the Potter's have managed to drive every one of their allies away from them with their attitudes. I mean they have given off the impression that they are loving off of the fame of the Boy-Who-Lived. It's pathetic when you think about it" He finished.

"Indeed it is" The kids spun in fight ready stances and saw their father leaning against the doorway to the kitchen.

"They cannot take you away Harry, I get thinking about them and wondering, but you cannot let it control you." Logan stated softly. He knew from experience that once you let a what if? run your life than the what if? It becomes all you think about.

"Come on Gambit is waiting in the living room. He has to leave soon." Logan said

"The why did you have him come here ?" They asked him

"To see what you kids could do against him. To see if you had the skills you have practiced and were able to apply them to a real setting. Also to discuss when he can come to continue to teach you all what he knows."


"Does this mean that I will be learning more about my powers?"

"Yes, I want you to have an understanding about your poets and how to use them. In case you decide you want to go to Hogwarts, then you will be able to control your powers."


"In case you have an emotional burst at school, whether it be a school here in the states, or Hogwarts, you will not accidentally hurt anyone with your powers, or yourself."


"Come on Gambits waiting"

As Logan said that the kids saw Remy up above he put a bucket on the banister and they could see that the contents of said bucket would land right on their dad's head. They held their breath and watched ad Gambit tilted the bucket down. The saw it was filled with ice water. It landed on their Dad with a splash.

Logan froze and wiped his eyes as the bucket came down on his head. He slowly pulled the bucket off his head and looked up towards a laughing Gambit. He was laughing so hard that if there was not a banister to hold him up he would have fallen on the floor.

The kids had no such luck. They were all rolling on the ground they were laughing so hard. Mainly at the look on Logan's face. One of disbelief and shock. It was rare to surprise him. When someone did it was a feat. One for the history books!

The kids laughed even hard when their dad growled and tore up the stairs after Gambit. Laughed harder still at Gambits feminine shriek in terror as Logan started to chase whim around the house. He even trie dot use his card on Logan. This resulted in a vase that belonged to the Howlett family for ages being broken.

Logan looked as though he would have a heart attack. He slowly turned towards Gambit and growled run. Gambit did so. All the while the kids were still laughing on the floor of the kitchen. Laughing so hard tears were streaming down their checks. Even more so at the sound of Logan finally catching Gambit and Gambit pleading for mercy, even using rouge as a means to 'save his beautiful face'.

His face was spared. The rest of his body was not.

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