Education in Love

Chapter 1: 1st day of School

A buzz of excitement surged through Rex as he made his way to his first class of the day. He couldn't have asked for more. The feeling of being at a new school full of new possibilities was exciting. The prospect of being so far from home made him feel so independent, but mostly the feeling of being able to start over left a smile on his face.

He was currently looking at the map that they gave all freshmen at orientation trying to figure out where exactly he was going. He walked trying to find the science building that had to be in the farthest building in from his dorm. He continued till he hit someone from behind not even noticing the amount of traffic that had grown around him. "Oh I'm so sorry," he said looking up till he saw that he had bumped into a guy that was obviously older and taller than him. The guy just smirked, "Freshman?"

Rex could do nothing but nodded his head embarrassed that he hadn't even been in his first class yet and he was already making a fool of himself. "I'll help," the guy just answered before motioning his hand out. Rex didn't know what to do? Was he supposed to shake his hand or something? "Your schedule," the other asked motioning to the paper that was crumbled in Rex's hand. Yup, Rex pretty much felt like an idiot in that moment.

A small laugh escaped the other guy's lips as he read the paper and just said, "Follow me." Rex just shrugged and followed the guy. He looked around trying to remember exactly where he was going to. It would do him no good to get to class one day and the next be completely lost. His eyebrow rose in confusion as the guy who was leading him walked into one of the class rooms.

He looked up and saw that it had the same number of the room that was listed on his schedule. He followed the guy the class almost filled up since it was the first day. "Can I sit here," he asked motioning next to the chair next to the stranger. "Sure," was just followed by the smirk that seemed to play itself quiet often as one of the guy's facial features. The guy quickly handed Rex back his schedule their hands touching for less than an instant. Rex had to turn quickly before the other saw the small flush that appeared on his face. He reached into his backpack pulling out a blank spiral not sure it there would be note taking right now or not. "So this is probably the first time you've ever been in this building?" Rex chuckled, "Is it that obvious?"

"Yeah pretty much," the guy shrugged. "Can you blame me? This campus is huge. Oh I'm Rex by the way," he then extended his hand out to the guy. He wished that he could see the other guy's eyes, but those damn sunglasses he kept on blocked the view. "My friends call me Six. By the way do you know where your next class after this one is," Six asked. "It's in this building in an hour," Rex said already bored out of his mind. "Well would you like to get coffee with me then," Six smiled. Rex could only nod in silence.

It was then that the professor walked in, and the class quickly quieted down. Rex was thankful for that lest he embarrass himself even more. It was in those few moments that Rex realized that Six didn't even take off his sunglasses as the professor spoke, but he didn't really find it strange he actually thought it added some mystery to the man.

The lecture went on and they even began taking notes on the first day of class, something Rex had heard about, but had hoped that he wouldn't have to experience. Overall he was bored. He knew that engineering would be hard, but this class was just easy for him. He knew he had always had a gift for machinery which did always get him in trouble when he was younger, but he hoped college would be a positive outlet that he could use for it. So far he only hoped the work would pick up in the weeks to come.

Soon the class ended, not soon enough for some people, and Rex followed Six out not really knowing where the closest food court was. Apparently it was in the library. Six insisted on paying for Rex's coffee, but Rex just shook his head as he was pushed out of the way as another student tried to place his order. "So why did you decide to come here, if you don't mind me asking," Six asked as he sipped form his coffee. Rex wondered if Six was usually this talkative or what could be the real reason behind all this small talk. "Well my best friend applied here, and he begged me to apply so I did. It turns out with my marks on the ACT they pretty much gave me a free ride here. Of course I did my research and this is one of the best mechanical schools in the country so I figured why not. Plus it is kind of far from home so it's the best of both worlds." Six just sat back and nodded in all the right places showing that he was paying attention at least to what Rex was saying. After a while more of Rex explaining his situation Six interjected, "So that's why you're in advanced Engineering Calculus right now?"

Rex just shrugged, "Pretty much. I mean, I had a lot of time to focus on my studies, and that really helped me in the long run." Six's eyebrows scrunched in confusion, but left it as Rex quickly moved on to the next subject. Before Six knew it he ended up walking Rex back to his next class. He couldn't believe that the whole hour had gone by, and he still wanted to know more about the new fish.

It was kind of awkward as the two parted for their separate classes, but all that was said from Rex was, "So I guess I'll see you Wednesday then." Six just smiled and nodded not knowing what else to do as the younger teen walked into his class room. He definitely needed to ask Holiday what to do.

Rex just sat in his next class seeming to run on autopilot over what happened. His notes seemed to take themselves, and his mind just wondered to who Six was. He wondered why he was so distracted, but he guesses he'd just have to wait till Wednesday to figure it out. He definitely needed to ask Noah what to do.

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