Silent Whispers and Heart Yearning

Six started with a jolt as his alarm went off. He searched blindly till he felt the egdes and hit the alarm hard silencing the machine. He rolled over to feel Rex but was greeted with barely warm sheets. He sat up looking at the empty spot noticing something strange. There on Rex's pillow was a red rose pointed at him. He picked it up seeing a note attatched to the bottom. "Babe sorry I can't be here to wake up with you but I'll see you after classes. I love you." Six smiled at the note before looking at the flower. He gave a small smile before he got up and went to shower. He knew Rex would be home late in the afternoon, and decided to make his favorite dish.


Rex sighed as he continued to hunch over his work bench trying to finish his latest mechanical project. It was due tomorrow morning, and he knew it would only take a few more hours. He wondered if Six got his rose already. He was probably up already making breakfast. He had his first class in an hour. Rex sighed wanting to be with Six, but he knew he needed to finish this first. He adjusted his goggles one more time and began to work again.


By the time Rex got home the sun was already beginning to set. It took him longer than he thought, and he was already worried that Six would be mad at him. He entered their apartment with a dozen roses in one hand and a small white teddy bear with a green bow-tie in the other. "Six I'm back. Look I'm so sorry I took forever," Rex started to explain as he walked through the hall only to stop as he laid his eyes on the feast that Six had prepared. The fancy china was out as well as the candles that Rex had used for their first anniversary were lit. "Six…" Rex trailed off as he took the whole room in. Six appeared beside him a beautiful smile on his face as he wrapped his arms around Rex from behind and held him close.

"Mmm, Baby I missed you," Six whispered into Rex's ear causing him to shiver. Rex turned in Six's embrace, and immediately there lips were joined to each others. Rex's hands ran along the back of Six's head while Six's own hands were sliding beneath Rex's shirt. The couple pulled apart panting looking into each other's eyes. "God I love you so much," Rex smiled as Six joined in with him as he ran his thumb up and down the base of Rex's spine. "As much as I would love to continue this. I did make you're favorite and I even got that special wine that I let you drink some times," Six smirked.

Rex's eyes immedinetly lit up, "Six you spoil me." He laughed as Six pulled out his chair then noticing the flowers and bear. "Really Rex theses roses are so red and beautiful," Six said as he left to get a vase, and ended up setting them up there on the dinner table. The dinner progressed, and throughout the whole ordeal they couldn't keep their eyes off of each other. The pure love that was conveyed seemed to increase as the night went on. They never stopped toughing for a moment, almost as if afraid that the moment they drew back from each other the magic of the evening would be gone just like the warmth from their no longer touching bodies.

When the dinner finally ended, and their stomachs had time to settle; Rex rose from the table pulling Six along with him. He let them to their shared bedroom. Lieing down gently, not before pulling his shirt off over his head. "Please Six," Rex sighed running his hands through his hair, "I need you to make love to me. I need to feel you so bad right now." Rex's breathing picked up as Six only nodded before he took his won shirt off and wiggled out of his pants. "You are so beautiful," he whispered as his lips ghosted up over Rex's collarbone, and came to rest lightly above Rex's lips. "You are mine," he began, then bit into the junction between Rex's neck and shoulder sucking gently at the skin. "Always yours only yours," Rex mumbled at the feel of Six's lips on his skin. He lost himself even more as he felt Six's fingers reach into his pants and pull those along with his boxers down his body in one swift movement. Six sat back on his knees watching Rex, looking at the way Rex's eyes were filled with a silent plea of more. "You are so beautiful," Six smiled as he began to kiss his way down Rex's body. Paying attention to each and every inch of skin worshipping the Rex's body. "I don't need anything but you. Always and forever you," Six continued as he peppered Rex's face with light kisses. His hands following along Rex's body down till it reached his goal. He stretched over Rex towards the bed side drawer getting the lube, but not before Rex rose up a bit and latched onto one of Six' s nipples teasing and bitting at the bud. Six let out a primal groan at the senstaiton of it all. When Rex finally let go Six rubbed his fingers in the substance and began a slow gentle process of loosening up Rex.

Rex's eyes would flutter and squeeze shut as Six worked his fingers in and out of Rex. "Soon. Please," Rex pleaed. "Please what Rex? Tell me," Six smiled. "Damn it Six," Rex moaned trying to push himself farther down onto Six's fingers, "I need you in me. Stretch me farther than you could with your fingers." Rex moved up pulling Six's body flushed over him. He begged with his lips, begged with the way he wrapped his legs around Six's body, and begged with the wanton look in his eyes. Six moved quickly then pulling his fingers out before letting Rex whimper at the lost pushing in gently. He rubbed at Rex's sides trying to ease himself further into Rex without causing him more pain. "Yes. God I needed this," Rex sighs out as Six finally bottoms out, his hips flushed against Rex's ass. Six began to kiss Rex again as he slowly pushed in and out loving the drag that he felt as his cock repeatedly entered Rex. Rex was in heaven swimming in the smell of sex, and the heat of both their bodies surrounding him, causing small droplets of sweat to collect on his overheated skin. They continued like that slow thrusts pushing them farther and farther along as the reached the edge of ecstasy. Finally Six gave one finally powerful thrust as they both toppled over the edge.

"Thank you," Rex finally whispered as he slowly regain his ability to think. "For what," Six asked laying gentle kisses wherever he could reach. "It kind of reminded me of our first time. You know how gentle you were. And how you guided me, and knew what to do. Even then all I knew was I had to trust you because I just needed to love you, and I already knew that I was." Rex was smiling as he looked up from his resting spot on Six's chest. The emotion that was in Six's eyes was something he had seen before, but still loved more and more each time he was it. It was pure devoted love, and he knew his eyes were probably showing the same emotion. "Happy Valentine's day Six," Rex smiled. "Happy Valentine's Day Rex," with that Six leaned down and kissed Rex. They continued to kiss falling asleep knowing that they would forever remember this Valentine's Day.

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