Kelly Jones couldn't help but smirk. Somehow she knew that something like this would happen sooner or later. Perhaps she shouldn't have suggested introducing potions lessons to the First Years while they were still learning about muggle explosives. Being curious, they decided to mix the two together. The result wasn't as bad as it could have been. Luckily they had only managed to blow the classroom up and cause a major contamination, however the Ministry of Magic weren't amused by the experiment.

"I don't see why you think this is amusing, Miss," a Ministry Official sniffed,

"I'm not smiling at this," Kelly answered the official, "I just won a bet," The Ministry Official gave Kelly a dirty look before she turned around and started to walk away. Kelly simply rolled her eyes at the retreating figure's back, her thoughts were once again interrupted by a pair of mischievous first years,

"What's going to happen to us now, Kel?" The dominant one of the two asked,

"They're not gonna throw us in Azkaban are they?" The other asked,

"They don't throw eleven year olds in Azkaban for over brewing a potion, I doubt that they'll even hold a trial for something as minor as that." There faces relaxed at the head girls words, "As for what happens to us, I don't know. I'm sure Miss Fritton will sort something," I smiled down at them,

"We didn't mean to mix those explosives in the potion," They both said in perfect unison,

"I know girls. Why don't you go pester that Ministry worker?" The Head Girl suggested with a mischievous grin, they nod and skip off. Kelly couldn't help but smile at them and didn't bother to mask the love that twinkled in her eyes.

That was how they ended upon the Hogwarts Express. The whole school had hauled their trunks onto the train with the usual amount of chaos trailing behind them. As soon as the famous train had left the station and witnesses behind, the chaos began. First Years ran up and down the carriages, Zoe and Bianca fought with paint balls, Taylor and Andrea argued, Flammables started up the music and the Totties were being a little too friendly with the driver. Kelly, Annabelle and Polly sat in a compartment together. Annabelle and Polly chatted carelessly while Kelly stayed silent. The head girl sat next to the window and watched the scenery pass by. She was planning, you could see it in her face. The trio were soon joined by a still arguing Andrea and Taylor,

"Pipe down alrigh'? No-one wants to 'ear your Emo words," Taylor said to Andrea,

"Learn to speak real English Taylor, I'm afraid people won't be able to understand you at Hogwarts," Andrea calmly replied,

"Woteva, wot's up wiv Kel?"

"Nothings up with Kel," Kelly answered,

"Dis cause St T's 'as gotta be closed for rest of da year?"

"Say again?" Kelly asked, she didn't understand a word of what the chav had said,

"She said that are you like this because St Trinians has had to close for the rest of the year," Polly translated, everyone looked at her in surprise,

"No Taylor. I'm just trying to figure out a plan of action, to keep St Trinians alive we must keep our chaos alive. I think I may have an opening plan," Then Taylor interrupted her,

"Wot's da plan?"

"I was getting there. We're going to walk in and fool them into thinking we're innocent. I shall walk in last and I bet a Galleon that there shall be some gasps. Then we all get sorted and then we strike a few weeks in. We shall set the First Years on the Great Hall with silly string, followed by the Totties with there skills, then the Emos are up and scaring the Hufflepuffs, Rude Girls to get the Gryffindors in on the mischief and the rest of the tribes will follow in that pattern." She explained,

"I bet a four Knuts that you get sorted into Gryffindor," Andrea said,

"I bet a Sickle that 'Belle will be either a Hufflepuff or a Gryffindor," Kelly said,

"Two Sickles say that Kelly gets put into Slytherin," Polly said confidently with a sideways glance at the head girl,

"Five Knuts say tha' Chelsea gets put in Ravenclaw," Was Taylor's bet. They all nodded to each other and shook hands. Hogwarts would never be the same after this visit.

If you've been looking on my profile then you'd know that this was coming. I've already got a story where Death Eaters go to St Trinians so it only seems right to have St Trinians go to Hogwarts. Those who are reading Death Eater vs St Trinian, there's that gasp moment in this as well. Sadly there's not going to be a rainbow Bellatrix, but how about a rainbow Snape?

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