"Gimme them chocolate frogs, every flavour beans, got ma permission slip signed goin' to Hogsmead. The phoenix gives the orders down at platform nine and three quarters then after dinner we're getting sorted and I hope am Gryffindor." Taylor sang loudly as she walked into the Gryffindor common room,

"Sittin' on, sittin' on, Nimbus 200 with all the house elves clowning. Butterbeers flowin' 'cause we got all this money in Gringotts Bank!" Bianca joined in,

"Dark Mark in the sky! Death Eaters tryna harms us. Well they better come quick, with a flick of the stick and I'll drop 'em with ma Expelliarmus." They both sang together, "Aw yeah Ravenclaw know what's up. Putcha, putcha, putcha wands up. Putcha, putcha, putcha wands up. With these muggles all around me they be actin' like they drunk!"

"What are you singing now?" Fred asked, Taylor's eyes widened,

"Ya neva 'eard tha'?" She asked, every student in the Gryffindor common room shook their heads, "For reals?" Everyone nodded,

"Like it's quidditch?" Hermione asked, Taylor nodded, "Thought so,"

"Got Hermione's wand, she's the best witch. Watchin' Harry Potter feelin' fly like it's quidditch," Bianca sang, badly, again,

"Bet tha' you're favourite lyric, eh Granger," Taylor said, Hermione smiled and turned back to her book, the portrait door then swung open. Harry and Ron came in laughing,

"Wot's funny?" Taylor asked innocently,

"Someone gave Peeves a paint ball gun and told him to shoot the Slytherins," Harry grinned, all heads then turned to Taylor,

"Ops," She smirked, "He shot Kel or Caspa yet?" Ron nodded,

"Right in the head, a bloody good shot," Taylor laughed as she pictured one of her victims face's covered in paint, "Peeves got Zabini as well,"

"Bet that'll make Kel smile," Taylor said, still laughing,

"He was walking along with her, they both got hit," Taylor stopped laughing for a moment,

"Why would Kels be wiv 'im?" The chav put a finger to her chin and thought, her thinking didn't last long,

"Miss McKenzie," Mcgonagall greeted,

"Yeah?" The chav asked, rudeness leaked into her voice,

"Professor Dumbledore would like to see you in his office immediately regarding the incident involving Peeves and a muggle toy,"

"Dat want me doe, ya can't prove anyfink!" Taylor yelled,

"I trust you know how to get there?" Mcgonagall asked, ignoring Taylor's previous comment,

"Follow the yellow brick road righ'?" She smirked.

It took ten minutes for the news of the prank war to spread amongst every Slytherin student. Kelly decided to play it safe and call a house meeting in the Slytherin common room, she needed their help and loyalty in this upcoming battle of the pranks. Kelly had to get her Slytherin St Trinians to teach the rest of the house on how to pull a good prank, it would be vital. Gryffindor was known for having the best pranksters in the school, they had the Weasley twins in there house. Kelly could deal with Gryffindor if the best St Trinian pranksters weren't sorted into that house.

"Quiet!" Kelly yelled at the Slytherins, immediately silence fell upon the common room, "I trust you all know why I have called this house meeting?" Every head in the room nodded, "We need to come up with a plan and get you lot trained up," Pansy snorted,

"Trained up to be your little puppets?" She commented, Kelly sighed and pulled her wand out. With a thought and swish Pansy was silenced,

"Gryffindor has the best pranksters in Hogwarts, I know we could take them on without much effort but they now have St Trinian pranksters. Now St Trinian pranks are deadly," If Pansy could make any noise she would have snorted again, "You must watch out for Taylor, she'll be the one to lead the Gryffindors with the Weasley twins. Tania and Tara are also good at pranks, they like to use muggle explosives and darts filled with strong muggle alcohol. Before we get onto teaching you how to survive these pranks I would like to discuss some things,"

"Like what?" Draco yelled from the crowd, "We're only up against Gryffindor,"

"Like security of the common room, lookouts, password retrieving, uses of secret short cuts and dodging teachers," Kelly said sounding very bored,

"We can ask the Bloody Baron to guard the common room," Someone yelled from the crowd, "But why would we need to guard the common room? We've already got a password,"

"Do you know how easy it is to obtain a password? All the other houses would have to do is hide near our portrait and wait for one of us to say the password. Talking about passwords, Posh Tottie," Kelly looked to Chelsea, Peaches and Chloe, "Use your talents to get the passwords out of any unsuspecting boy, our first target is Gryffindor." Kelly smirked, she would get Taylor back for being paint balled by Peeves.

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