My very first fanfic. I hope it's not a complete flop. I got this idea while I was talking to my friend at school. a few weeks ago. She expressed her dislike towards facial hair and declared that it made men look like monsters. I thought of Tangled and how Rapunzel had thought that men were horrible monsters out to get her hair. It also occurred to me that Flynn had facial hair, thus this story was born.

DISCLAIMER: As much as I would like to, I do not own Tangled or its characters


Rapunzel ducked behind a nearby mannequin with a little shriek. She peered over the top of it at the figure lying on the floor. It wasn't moving. What is it? Rapunzel wondered as she studied it closely. It was obviously a human. It had a head, two arms, two hands, two legs, and two feet. It had hair on its head, though it was cut short. Even shorter than Mother's. It must be a man!

Mother had told her about men. They were similar to Rapunzel and her mother, but they were big, ugly, vicious creatures with pointy teeth that were out to get her and her hair. The figure on the floor had to be a man.

Upon realizing this, Rapunzel's first instinct was to run and hide and hope he went away, but her curiosity overrode her fear and she found herself moving closer to the unconscious man. What are you doing, Rapunzel? He's probably here for your hair! But she couldn't keep herself from scooting closer.

She cautiously crept out from behind the mannequin, frying pan outstretched just in case the man decided to wake up and attack her. No, he can't wake up! What would I do? I can't hold him off forever with a cooking utensil. Rapunzel prodded the man's head with the frying pan and immediately recoiled. He didn't stir.

Rapunzel glanced at Pascal on the ground, nearby. What do I do? she asked him silently. Pascal shrugged, this must have been the first time he had seen a man too. Rapunzel looked back at the man. She couldn't keep her eyes off him for very long, just in case he woke up.

He was lying flat on the floor, his face pressed into the tiles, so Rapunzel could not see what it looked like. Her curiosity was piqued again. What did a man look like? Were they ugly and brutish like Mother had said? Based off of her Mother's descriptions, Rapunzel had pictured a hulking beast with fangs, beffy arms that could snap her in half without effort, glowing red eyes filled with hate, wrinkly gray skin, and a face covered with hair. Rapunzel shuddered at the picture. Maybe she didn't want to see the man's face after all. She again felt the urge to run and hide, but she held her ground.

Come on, Rapunzel. Be brave! She would probably never have another opportunity to see what a man looked like. This was her only chance. She used the frying pan to gently push his head so that it fell to the side, the man's cheek resting on the ground rather than his nose. A lock of his short, chestnut-brown hair fell over his eyes, covering most of his face. Rapunzel drew back again. All she could tell from the slight change of position was that the man did not have gray, wrinkly skin. Well that's a relief. At least one part of her imagination had been wrong.

She looked back at Pascal, who trotted over to Mother's rough painting of a man bearing his fangs. Pascal turned red and imitated the painting. Good idea. I should check his teeth. Using the frying pan's handle, Rapunzel carefully pushed aside the man's upper lip, exposing his teeth.

She was surprised to see that they were straight, pearly-white, and most definitely not pointy. More of the image of man she had always pictured had been proven wrong. Maybe they weren't as terrible as she imagined them to be.

Encouraged by the new discovery, Rapunzel used the pan to flick the hair out of the man's face. She cringed, expecting the horrible red eyes, and hairy face, but was again surprised. Although his eyes were closed, she could tell that they were not much different from her own. They were smaller than her's, but they were round and framed with thick, dark lashes. His eyebrows curved in the same way her's did, but they were at least twice as thick as her's. His nose was straight and in perfect proportion with the rest of his face. His skin was smooth and a soft tan color, a hint of pink lingered over his high cheek bones.

Rapunzel felt her shoulders relax. She had been wrong the whole time. A man- at least this man- was not threatening or scary looking at all. Not in the slightest. In fact- dare she think it- he was almost sort of... nice looking.

Whilst in the middle of her muse and observation, her eyes fell to his chin and her heart just about stopped. There was hair on the tip of it! There was hair on his face, just like she imagined! It didn't cover his face like she had originally pictured, but it was still there. He's a monster, just like Mother said! Oh my gosh! What do I do? He's got hair on his chin! He's got hair on his chin! Only something horrible would have that! What do I DO!

The man's eyes suddenly shot open. In wild panic, Rapunzel bashed him over the head with the frying pan again. His eyes closed once more. Rapunzel waited until her heart rate slowed. Now what would she do with the hairy-faced man?


Will continue. Chapter 2 should be up soon. For those of you who enjoy Rapunzel/Eugene fluff, there is some to come in later chapters so be patient. Reviews are welcome... don't be too harsh. I'm sensitive ;P