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He looked up at Tyler and Nora who was looking at her husband gaging his reaction as Moose stood up straight with his hands unfolded and clinched at his side and he eyed up Tyler man to man.

Moose took a deep breathe and said "I love your sister and your niece very much. I will have you know and believe me I know I don't deserve a medal for it regardless of her not being my child but when your niece was sick last night as in physically sick everywhere I didn't run away. I stayed calm. I helped as best I could while Camille went and got a remedy that we got off my mum and I sat there and held your niece, Camille's beautiful little girl as if she was my own. Hell now she does feel like mine. I would never intentionally hurt Camille or Isabella again. I didn't mean to do that to Camille the first time around. I was gutless kid but Tyler I am not a kid anymore and yes I freaked in the hall. So would you if you thought you had hurt someone so small and vulnerable indirectly or otherwise. It would break your heart too. I never ever want to hurt either of them ever again and if anyone else tries too I will do whatever is in my power to hurt them. I or no one else is going to hurt them ever again or they will have me to deal with never mind you! Are you okay with that? They are now my family too whether you like it or not and by the way your kids are really cute and I would do my utmost to protect them too for the record the way you have protected Camille and her family all these years. Now I am going to apologise to them and tell them how sorry I am and how much they mean to me". With that he left the kitchen and headed down the hallway towards Camille and a confused Isabella.

The gall of him though Tyler to himself. What was he saying about his niece and sister? Was he really that thick and did he think he could see it through or was Tyler the one who was thick. He was now as confused as Moose was he thought to himself as he looked at his wife.

Nora said to him "Let's go check on our own children and leave them to talk". She then smiled and touched his arm and said "You can listen through the door though if it makes you feel better". He took her hand and walked through to the playroom via the kitchen and Tyler did listen at the door as John asked him "what are you at?" and then did exactly the same and Tyler could hardly correct him. Sure he was doing it himself! Nora distracted Helena in the meantime with her dolls.

Moose came to where Camille and Isabella were. He bent down and sat on the floor beside them and pulled Isabella onto his knees. He put his arm around her and pulled Camille from her knees to sit into his other arm and as he started to speak he looked at his Isa and then his Camille and back to Isa.

"Firstly Isabella, my beautiful Isa I want you to know your mummy truly has been happy with you. She is much happier with you than she ever was with me" as he looked at Isa who asked "Really" and then he replied "Really really Isa".

He then looked at Camille and winked at her and she squeezed his hand and she whispered "thank you".

He continued "Secondly Isabella, I want you to know that I love you very much and I am so truly sorry if you ever felt that your mother was sad when she looked at those old photos of us because we really had some good times till I messed up".

Isabella looked up at him as he said "Thirdly I promise to try never to hurt you or your mother ever again or leave you both and if anyone else tries too they will be very sorry.

Lastly, Isa I love you so much like I never thought possible before. I only ever loved one person before and that was your mother and I still love your mother very very much. I promise to try to make up to you both for everything that has happened in the past and to try and be the best Moosey head ever" he said as the three of them laughed. Isa gave him a big hug and as he looked at Camille as Isa hugged him he whispered to her as he squeezed her hand "I love you".

Isa said "I'm sorry for upsetting everyone".

Camille and Moose both replied at same time "you didn't do anything it was my fault" as they looked at one another and then she asked "can I go play with my cousins now and can I keep your hat a bit longer to make sure you come back for it?"

Moose choked out "Yes" and as she walked down the hall to find her cousins he knew he still had a long way to go to convince them both that he was here to stay.

Camille said "Yes off you go but be good for their granny".

As Camille went to get up Moose held her into his chest even more as they watched Isabella go into the kitchen to look for her cousins.

Moose asked "Will she be okay?" and Camille replied "yes, she will be fine don't worry children bounce back easier than adults once they know and feel safe and now she does again".

Moose said to Camille "I truly am sorry that both of you got hurt. I never realised the effect it would have on Isabella with me turning up looking to come back into your life. It must have confused her".

Camille said "She's happy and so am I and now she understands everything is better. I feel guilty myself that she thought like that I thought I hid it so well but I think we sorted it out today and thanks for .."

"Not running away" said Moose.

"Yes" said Camille.

Tyler opened the door to head out into the hall as he did his wife pulled at him to come back. He could now see and hear what was being said.

Moose said "I promise to try my best never to hurt you or Isabella ever again. I love you both so much. Her like a daughter and you Camille I never stopped loving you and I want you back so much. I want to be with you both. Please give me a proper second chance and I will make it all up to you. I love you".

"Do you?" asked Camille. "Do you really really love me?" she said as she smiled. Moose replied "My Chameleon yes I do very much".

"Well then just let's just take it slow" said Camille "and see what happens and I missed you too" as she moved closer to his face but with that Helena, John and Isabella came bounding out the door and they were interrupted.

Isabella introduced Moose properly "my bestest friend ever and mummy's best friend" and they all shook hands with Moose.

Nora came out the door just as the doorbell rang and she answered it. It was her mother to babysit. They were going to be late if they didn't get a move on.

She told all the adults "get a move on if they we are to make it on time!"

As they all headed to his parents Tyler thought to himself did Moose mean what he said. He bloody well better have but only time would tell if he would mess up again and given his track record it wasn't so good when it came to letting Camille down. It would take a long time for him to trust Moose again not to hurt his sister or his niece.

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