This is during fisher king, when Reid confessed to Garcia about his mother's schizophrenia, and how it is hereditary. It is a little different than the actual episode. More Reid-centric. Implied JJ/Reid and Garcia/Morgan

"Depends on why I write them," said Reid. Garcia looked confused, and tilted her head a little. "I write them so I don't feel so guilty about not visiting."

Garcia felt confused. "Reid, she probably doesn't think any less of you. You have a demanding job, you can't just leave. She must know that," said Garcia, trying to comfort him.

Reid shook his head. "That's not why I don't go. And she knows that. She's so smart, she knows." He smiled, and shook his head sadly. "He calls it a mother's intuition. She knows I don't visit her because it reminds me that I could end up in a sanitarium just like her. That someday I could go crazy." He looked down at the pen he was fiddling with, and didn't say anymore.

Garcia felt a tug at her heart. The baby of the team, Reid, had more history than any of them knew. "Reid, you can't think like that, ok? Just, be positive, like jolly, sweet me. It works, trust me. And you're already cutely adorable, like me, so you got the looks part down. Just be more optimistic, then you'll be just like me." she said, smiling, trying to lighten him up. She didn't know much about the genetic backround of schizophrenia, so she couldn't comfort him there. But she could do what she knew best. And that was to cheer up and lighten people's moods.

Reid laughed. "Really? You think I could be like you?"

Garcia also laughed, and replied. "Well, maybe not quite. But of course, perfection can't be replicated," she said, gesturing to herself.

Reid gave a small smile, and stood. "Thanks, Garcia. I'm uh, gonna go get some coffee," he said, and began walking away. He stopped, and turned around. "Garcia? You really are something, you know that? And, uh, I think Morgan knows that."

Garcia smiled and blushed. "Well, thank you, my little junior G-Man. You're quite something yourself. And I think JJ knows it too," she replied knowingly. Reid blushed and mumbled something and walked towards the coffee station.