Taking It Too Far Chapter 1: Jealousy Leads to Action

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Summary: Suite Life series/Flashpoint crossover. The Suite Life gang joins London and her father on a trip to Toronto, and when a dangerous situation unfolds, the SRU is called in to resolve it

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING. Disney owns Suite Life and its characters; CBS & CTV owns Flashpoint and its characters.

A/N2: Flashpoint Fans – I know Lew's character was killed during the last season, but he will be in this story, as I just don't know much about Leah's character yet to write her, I really liked Lew's character, and I'm not setting this during a specific time, so just imagine this happened before he died.

The Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada had been set for a night of baseball between the Boston Red Sox and the hometown Toronto Blue Jays, but now it sat mostly empty, as out on the turf in center field stood five people; the victim, the subject, who was holding a gun to the victim's head, the victim's father, and two SRU officers.

"Valerie, put the gun down," one of the SRU officers said.

"No, not until I get what I want," the subject yelled back.

"Valerie, please, you are taking this too far, I will give you what you want just don't hurt my daughter," the victim's father said.

"No, the only way for me to get what I want is for you to lose everything, including the person that means the most to you," the subject said, pushing the gun even closer to the victim's head.

Just then another SRU officer came out towards them with a shield, and another person behind that shield. Once they got to the scene the person stepped out from behind the shield.

"Valerie, what are you doing," the new person said.

"Daddy," the subject said.

Rewind sequence

3 hours earlier

"In other news, billionaire Wilfred Tipton and his daughter London are in Toronto today to celebrate the grand opening of the new Tipton Hotel in downtown, here is a clip of the ribbon cutting ceremony from earlier this afternoon. Mr. Tipton will also be at tonight's Blue Jays game, as he will be throwing out a ceremonial first pitch to commemorate this special day," the local news reporter said.

Then the TV was turned off.

"Well, well, well, the Tipton's are in my town today, I think this would be a perfect time to officially "welcome" them to my city, and do something I have wanted to do for far too long," said seventeen year old Valerie Ramirez.

Valerie was the daughter of billionaire Richard Ramirez, one of the wealthiest men in all of Canada. Richard Ramirez and Wilfred Tipton were business rivals, but also great friends, as they were only competitors in a small number of fields. Valerie hated that her father was friends with a rival, and hated that her father just loved Wilfred's daughter London. Valerie always kept that inside though, never showing that hatred in front of anyone, and even pretending to be friends with London. Valerie also hated the Tipton's because no matter how well her father seemed to do, the Tipton's were somehow able to do just a little bit better, and that didn't bother her father one bit. She also felt like London could get away with anything, while she would get in trouble for the smallest things. Valerie had defiant anger issues, which started back when her parents divorced, and unlike Mr. Tipton, her father had never remarried.

Her anger had finally gotten to a breaking point, and with the Tipton's in her hometown on this day, she was ready to take some of that anger out on them. Valerie headed upstairs to her father's room and entered into his office which was adjacent to his room. Valerie then went into the closet in the room and walked up to her father's safe. Valerie entered the code and opened the safe door, finding what she expected to find, her father's gun.

"Just what I was looking, I think you're going to come in handy today," Valerie said with an evil smile as she hid the gun in her jeans.

SRU Headquarters

"And in sports tonight the Jays return home to start a three game series vs. Boston. Rickey Romero will take the hill for the Jays, and he'll be opposed by Clay Bucholz," the local sports anchor said.

"Oh great Boston is in town this week, just what we need all those New Englanders with their bad accents roaming around town," Officer Ed Lane said as he walked into the room where Officer Kevin "Wordy" Wordsworth was watching the local news.

"At least the Sox have been struggling this year, hopefully the Jays can make up some ground this week," Wordy said.

"Yeah we can only hope," Officer Sam Braddock said as he entered the room.

"It's going to be even crazier tonight, cause that billionaire Tipton guy is in town and he is throwing out the first pitch tonight, which makes me want to know who the hell allowed it for a guy from Boston to throw out a first pitch at a Jays game when Boston is in town," Officer Mike "Spike" Scarlatti said as the others couldn't help but laugh at this comment.

"It's the Jays Spike, it should be expected, they haven't done anything right since winning the series in 93," said the team's sergeant, Greg Parker.

"And that's why boss doesn't have any more hair, he pulled it all out because of how bad the Jays have been running things," Ed said with a laugh as the final two members of Team One, Lewis "Lew" Young and Jules Callaghan entered the room.

"Alright gentlemen and lady, it's been quiet so far today, let's just hope it stays that way, so why doesn't everyone either go hit the gym or shooting range for awhile, and maybe we'll do some patrol work later on," Greg said to his team.

"Oooooo, if we're good can we stop of ice cream on the way back," Spike said in his best child voice.

"Only if you're buying Spike," Lew said with a smile as the others just shoot their heads at their teammate and went off to keep themselves occupied.

The Rogers Centre

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the field Wilfred Tipton, who will be throwing out a ceremonial first pitch to commemorate the opening today of the new Tipton Hotel in downtown Toronto," the PA announcer said as Mr. Tipton made his way out to the pitcher's mound.

Meanwhile waiting on the field behind home plate was Mr. Tipton's daughter London and her friends Cody & Zack Martin, Marcus Little, Woody Fink, Bailey Pickett, Maddie Fitzpatrick, and Addison Reynolds.

"Yay Daddy," London said as her father made her way out to the mound.

"I still can't believe we are on the field before a Red Sox game," Cody said. Cody's brother Zack, Maddie, and Bailey, who had been converted into a Red Sox fan by her boyfriend Cody, felt the same way.

"You know technically it's a Blue Jay's game, they are the home team," Woody said.

"Enough with the details Woodchuck, that's beside the point," Zack said.

"Yeah, I mean how many people can say they have been on a major league field before a game starts who isn't a player," Maddie said.

Woody had to agree with that point, granted he still wished it was his Indians playing the Blue Jays today.

"I'm just surprised they let us four on the field with Sox gear on," Bailey said, as her, Maddie, Cody, and Zack each had on a Red Sox jersey t-shirt.

"They had too, otherwise London would have gotten her dad to make them "disappear," Marcus said, as the others knew exactly what he was talking about.

Mr. Tipton's pitch ended up being perfect, as it was right down the middle, and he received a nice round of applause from the crowd, especially those Boston fans that made the trip over the border.

"Yay Daddy," London said again once he returned over to them as she gave her father a hug.

"Great pitch sir," the other seven said.

"Why thank you all," Mr. Tipton said. "London I have some interviews to do now, so you can take your friends up to the suite now and I'll meet you all there once I finish up," Mr. Tipton said as his daughter hugged him one more time before her and the others made their way up towards the suite. Mr. Tipton had no idea under what conditions he would see her again.

The top of the second inning had just started when Valerie arrived at the stadium. She made sure the game had started before she arrived; as things would be less busy once the game had started, meaning she could find her way around easier without interference from stadium staff.

"Thank you Winston," Valerie said as the limo driver opened the door for her.

"My pleasure," Winston said. "I will be back once I know the game has been completed," he said to Valerie.

"I'll see you then," Valerie said as she walked to get a ticket, knowing full well she most likely wouldn't be leaving that stadium in the back of her limo.

Once Valerie got her ticket she entered the stadium. She knew they would check her purse before allowing her to enter, so that's why she hid the gun in her jeans. Once in Valerie went to the closest restroom and entered a stall, moving the gun into her purse. She then disregarded her ticket, as she wasn't going to that seat, she was headed to where the suites where.

Once she got to where the suites were she started looking for the one reserved for the Tipton's, as each had a sign on them saying who was using them that night. Once she found the Tipton's suite she was upset to see a security guard close by, so she would have to make this fast. Once she noticed the guard wasn't looking in her direction she reached in her purse and pulled the gun out. She was about to knock on the door when the guard looked in her direction.

"Hey stop," the guard shouted. Before he could react and get his gun out Valerie beat him to the punch, shooting him in the arm, as he fell to the ground.

Meanwhile in the suite

Maddie, Bailey, Zack, and Cody were very happy in the suite as the Red Sox had scored three times in the top of the second inning. A Dustin Pedroia double scored Kevin Youkilis and a David Ortiz two run home run brought Pedroia home as Boston led 3-0.

"BIG PAPI," Zack yelled while pointing to the back of his David Ortiz jersey t-shirt.

"YOUK," Maddie yelled back at him while pointing to the back of her Kevin Youkilis jersey t-shirt.

Cody and Bailey couldn't help but to laugh at the two as Marcus, Woody, and Addison just rolled their eyes at their friends.

"Will you two keep it down, man no fans in the ATL act as crazy as you Boston people," Marcus said.

"That's because no one goes to any games in the ATL," Zack said. Marcus tried to think of a comeback, but Zack was right, Atlanta was known for not having the most supporting fans when it came to attendance, no matter how good or bad the team was.

"Well at least we don't care all together, better than those fair weather Cleveland fans who only show up when a winner somehow shows up in that city," Marcus said with a smile as he turned towards Woody.

"What can I say, we Ohioans are fickle," Woody said.

"And that's why Chicago fans are better than Cleveland," Addison said teasing her boyfriend, who could only pout at that comment, which soon went away after Addison kissed him on the cheek.

"Well neither fans were good enough to get LeBron to come to or stay in your cities," Zack said, which drew a laugh from Marcus and a glare from both Woody and Addison.

"Well Mr. Martin, it appears that Boston scored three times, you know what that means," Bailey said with a smile to Cody.

"Oh yes I do," Cody said with a smile as he kissed his girlfriend three times for the three runs Boston had scored.

"Oh will you two please get a room," London said as she watched the couple.

Zack was about to add a comment when the eight heard a gunshot outside of the suite.

"What was that," Woody said.

"It sounded like someone shot a gun," Cody said.

"How could someone get a gun in here, the security at ballparks and arenas is insane nowadays," Maddie said as all eight started to creep towards the door so they could find out what happened.

Just then they heard a pounding on the door.

"London, London, help, it's me, Valerie Ramirez, there is a shooter loose out here, please let me in," the eight heard Valerie yell from outside the door.

"Oh my god Valerie, are you ok," London asked.

"Yes, for now, please just let me in before they shoot again," Valerie said.

"Ok I will," London said as she went over to the door and opened it.

Cody, Zack, Bailey, Maddie, Marcus, Woody, and Addison were stunned at what they saw when London opened the door, Valerie pointing a gun at London.

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