Taking It Too Far Chapter 5: Let's Keep the Peace

A/N: Welcome to Super Bowl Sunday everyone, and its time for the final chapter of Taking It Too Far. At the end of last chapter we learned that Valerie may be on some pretty serious stuff, which may be affecting her mind and causing her to do what she is doing. Also Ed, Sam, and Wordy found Valerie & London, as they will now attempt to talk Valerie down and end this situation without anyone dying. They will eventually end up out on the playing field, bringing us back to the situation that started the story in chapter 1 before the flashback. Will the SRU able to keep the peace, or will death mar the day? I hope everyone enjoys this final chapter of Taking It Too Far.

Summary: The Suite Life gang joins London and her father on a trip to Toronto, and when a dangerous situation unfolds, the SRU is called in to resolve it

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING. Disney owns Suite Life and its characters; CBS & CTV owns Flashpoint and its characters, I only own my OC's Valerie and Richard Ramirez.

Last Time on Taking It Too Far:

"What is making you do this, we can get you help for it," London pleaded with Valerie.

"I don't need any help. My own mind is making me do this, plus some of my friends like Mary Ja….." Valerie was about to say before she was interrupted.


As soon as the words were out of Ed's mouth Valerie took off with London, again wildly firing off shots on her way, all of which missed Ed, Sam, and Wordy.

"Boss, we found Valerie and London and are in pursuit," Ed reported to Greg.

"Valerie may be in a very unstable mindset, Jules and Spike found sleeping pills, along with some other pills, a bunch of empty wine bottles, and a couple of plastic bags filled with marijuana and cocaine at Valerie's home in her room," Greg responded back as the trio continued to chase after the subject and victim.

"Mr. Ramirez, did you know your daughter was taking other pills besides sleeping pills, drinking a lot more than just the occasional glass of wine, and using drugs like marijuana and cocaine," Greg asked Mr. Ramirez.

"Never," a stunned Mr. Ramirez said. "I never bought her any other pills, and drugs, oh my god, I am such a terrible father," Richard continued on as he started to break down into tears.

"You are not a terrible father Richard," Mr. Tipton said consoling his friend. "The divorce and Christina's death were hard on her, and with you being busy with work, anything could happen, especially with how private of a person Valerie is. I feel the same way about London sometimes, it scares me that I never see her and what she may get into, but I know she has friends and guardians who I know make sure she doesn't do anything that could get her into trouble. Once this is all over Valerie will get the help she needs, and she will find a group of friends who will keep her out of trouble," Wilfred continued reassuring Richard.

"This is why you are one of my best friends Wilfred, you always know the right thing to say and always care deeply about the ones closest to you," Richard says with a smile as the two men shared a handshake before they embraced in a hug.

"Boss, take a look out the press box window," Wordy said to Greg as he watched the moment unfold. Greg then looked out the window and saw two female figures out on the Rodger's Centre playing surface.

"Well gentlemen it appears that we found your daughters," Greg said motioning over to Richard and Wilfred.

"VALERIE," Richard said

"LONDON," Wilfred said.

"We have to stop my daughter," Richard said with concern.

"And we will, and you two will help us with that," Greg said.

"How can we do that," Wilfred asked.

"You two will come down there with me and Lew to try and talk her down. I'll send out Wilfred first with myself, and if that doesn't work I'll call for Lew to bring you out Richard," Greg explained.

"I hope this works," Wilfred and Richard say to themselves as the two leave the press box with Greg.

Back in the basement of the stadium Ed, Sam, and Wordy watch as Valerie has taken London onto the field.

"Boss we are at the entrance to the field," Sam said.

"Alright Sam I want you to head back up into the stadium and into the stands to set up a sniper post. Wordy and Ed head out there and try and talk her down, myself and Lew will then bring out Mr. Tipton and Mr. Ramirez if needed," Greg explained.

"Roger that," Ed, Wordy, and Sam said as Sam headed back up into the stadium while Ed and Wordy followed Valerie out onto the field.

As Cody and Marcus continued getting help outside the stadium Lewis was in conversation with the kids.

"How did you end up with a job like this," Zack asked.

"A lot of times we deal with gangs, and having been involved with them when I was younger brought an experience no one else on the team has. I know what all the little ins and outs are when it comes to gangs, and which ones are which, what ground they cover, what their symbols are, and it comes in handy all the time. Plus I want to help people any way I can," Lew explained.

"So what is your guy's main job," Bailey asked.

"To keep the peace, and talk down the subject and prevent any lives from being taken. If talking doesn't work and the subject becomes more volatile we have to go lethal sometimes, but that is never the first option," Lew said.

"Lew you still out there with the kids," Greg asked.

"Yeah boss," Lew responded.

"Alright I need you to come inside. Valerie and London are on the field and currently Ed and Wordy are trying to talk her down. You and I will head out there with Mr. Tipton and Mr. Ramirez if needed," Greg explained.

"On my way in," Lew said as he got up to leave. "Duty calls kids," Lew said to the group.

"Did they find London," Maddie asked.

"Yeah her and Valerie are on the field, two other officers are trying to talk her down, and if that doesn't work me and our sergeant will go out with their fathers to see if that works," Lew explained.

"And if that doesn't," Woody asked.

"We have to hope it does, we don't want to go lethal, we don't want any lives lost today," Lew said.

"Good luck," Zack, Bailey, Maddie, Woody, and Addison say as Lew heads back into the stadium.

On the field Ed and Wordy are slowing make their way towards Valerie, who has stopped walking with London somewhere around centerfield, when Valerie takes the gun off London and points it at Ed and Wordy.

"Don't come any closer," Valerie yells at the two.

"That's fine we won't. Valerie I'm Officer Lane, this is Officer Wordsworth and we are with the Police Strategic Response Unit, we just want to talk and make sure everyone gets out of here ok, so Valerie could you please put the gun down" Ed says.

"Never, not until what needs to be done is done," Valerie says, again pointing the gun at London's head.

"Sam are you in position," Wordy asks.

"Almost, I'm heading to the upperdeck so there is less chance she can spot me," Sam explained.

"Good thinking Sam," Greg says as he hears that over the radio. "Alright Ed and Wordy I'm making my way out with Mr. Tipton," Greg tells them as he grabs a shield and leads Wilfred out with him.

Ed and Wordy are still talking with Valerie when Greg and Mr. Tipton start making their way out. Valerie finally notices this she turns her attention to them. She was ready to point her gun in their direction when she noticed the shield.

"Valerie Ramirez I'm Sergeant Greg Parker with the Police Strategic Response Unit, I'm here to make sure everyone walks away from this ok today," Greg started.

"Keep dreaming, London is leaving this building in a body bag," Valerie said coldly.

"No she isn't, and it's my job to make sure that neither of you leave this building in one of those, so if you could just put the gun I think we could talk better," Greg said.

"NEVER," Valerie screamed.

"Valerie I know what you're going through…." Greg started before he was interrupted.

"YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME," Valerie screamed.

"That's not true Valerie. I know that you are a shy but sweet and loving girl going through some tough times. Your parents got a divorce, and just when they were finally going to remarry your mom was taken from you because of a drunk driver, and that made you do some things that lead us to where we are here today. Valerie we don't want to hurt you, we want to help you, and get you the help you need to get over the death of your mother. Drugs and alcohol aren't the answer, and neither is killing London," Greg said.

"Yes it is, I am sick and tired of the Tipton's having everything and my family not having anything," Valerie said.

"Valerie we don't have everything," Wilfred said as he appeared from behind the shield. "While I try my best to be a loving father and give London a supporting family I just can't. Every single little petty issue with my wives leads to a quickie divorce and quickie new marriage with someone else. I try my best to be with my daughter, but my best isn't as good as your fathers, you are his life, he loves you so much, and shows you it in a better way than I do for London. Luckily London has a great support group around her, and we can get you that too, but you have to end this, you have to put the gun down and let me have my daughter," Wilfred said.

"Never," Valerie said as she now turned the gun on Wilfred. "Maybe I should end you first, make your daughter watch her own father die before I end her life," Valerie added.

"Sam are you in position," Ed asked over his radio.

"I am," Sam responded.

"Wait for my signal if needed," Greg told him. "Lew bring out Richard," Greg added.

"Valerie, put the gun down," Greg said.

"No, not until I get what I want," Valerie yelled back.

"Valerie, please, you are taking this too far, I will give you what you want just don't hurt my daughter," Mr. Tipton said.

"No, the only way for me to get what I want is for you to lose everything, including the person that means the most to you," Valerie says as she again points the gun at London's head.

Just then Lew came out towards them with a shield and Mr. Ramirez behind that shield. Once they got to the scene Mr. Ramirez stepped out from behind the shield.

"Valerie, what are you doing," Richard asked.

"Daddy," Valerie said.

"Why are you doing this baby," Richard asked.

"Because I'm tired of them having more than us, and I'm tired of you being friends with people who are more successful than us. I hate that you are friends with them" Valerie said.

"How can you say such things, Valerie, I raised you better than that. Mr. Tipton always saw you as like a second daughter, and London always mentioned that you are like the sister she never had," Richard said.

"That may be them, but I saw them as rivals, and I couldn't believe my own father would be friends with a rival, someone who was taking money away from him," Valerie said.

"Valerie it's never been about the money for me, and it wasn't about the money for your mother either. Both our families are worth billions, it shouldn't matter if the Tipton's have a few more than us. I love you and loved your mother more than all the money in the world, that's why I gave her and our family a second chance. Valerie, what would your mother think if she saw you right now," Richard asked.

"She would be disappointed in me," Valerie said sadly as she started to cry.

"That's right she would be, she loved you so much, and I know you did too, that's why you gave her a second chance, and I knew once you gave her one that I could give her one too. I know it still hurts that she is gone, but doing this isn't the answer. This is the cowards way out, and you aren't a coward, and neither was your mother, she fought through her problems and when she was ready she came back to us. Valerie I understand that her death has hurt you deeply, it has for me too, but taking someone else's life isn't the answer, having a loving support group is, and I will get you that, but you have to end this, you have to put the gun down and let London go," Richard said with much emotion.

Valerie was now crying after the words her father spoke, he was right, this wasn't the way to do things, and she had to end this. She lowered the gun from London's head and let it drop to the ground and then let go of London. London immediately ran to her father as Ed and Wordy lowered their weapons and Lew and Greg lowered their shields while in the stands Sam lowered the sniper rifle.

Mr. Ramirez slowly walked up to his daughter, and when he got to her he wrapped her up in a hug. It didn't last long though as Greg had to separate them as Ed had to handcuff Valerie so they could get her to a police car and down to a police station.

"You did an excellent job Mr. Ramirez," Greg said as he shook Richard's hand.

After London shared a hug with her father she shared one with Mr. Ramirez. After they broke apart London went over to Valerie.

"I'm so sorry," Valerie said, still crying.

"We'll get you the help you need Val, I promise, and just like you did with your mother, one day I will forgive you," London says as she hugs Valerie, who couldn't help but smile.

London and Wilfred are the first to leave the stadium, followed by Ed leading a handcuffed Valerie, her father right behind him, and lastly Greg, Lew, and Wordy. London immediately sees her group of friends and runs to them, hugging each and every one of them for as long as she possibly can, including Cody and Marcus, who are now all fixed up.

The group watches as Ed leads Valerie to a police car. Before entering the car Valerie turns to them and mouths the words I'm sorry. London just smiles and nods her head, Cody, Zack, Maddie, Bailey, Marcus, Woody, and Addison see London do this and they just nod their heads as well.

Once Valerie is in the car Ed makes his way over to Sam, Wordy, Lew, and Greg, who have been rejoined by Spike and Jules. Valerie looks from London and her group of friends to the group of SRU officers. Valerie hopes that she can have a support group as strong as either of those groups one day.

As the cop car with Valerie leaves London and her friends walk up to the SRU officers. London doesn't have to say anything, she just goes up and hugs each and every one of them for helping her through the experience, and each one gladly returns the hug and smile with London.

"We want to thank each of you as well, especially for having someone stay with us as things started to get intense," Maddie said speaking for the whole group.

"No need to thank us, it's our job," Jules said with a smile.

"Well you all are fantastic at your job," Addison said.

"Especially when it came to helping fix up Marcus, and of course my Cody," Bailey added with a smile as Cody leaned over and kissed her. The SRU officers couldn't but to smile at the young couple.

"Just all in a day's work," Spike added.

"Make sure you guys get in touch with your parents, they were informed of the situation by a Mr. Moseby, London's father said he could get the information out to them through him," Greg said. "And have a safe rest of a stay here in our fine city," Greg added before he and his team returned to their vehicles to leave.

"We will," all the kids responded.

"You know something Cody-Kitten, they may be a team, but they don't remind me of a team," Bailey said to her boyfriend, referring to the SRU officers.

"What do they remind you of my Bailey-Bunny," Cody asked.

"They remind me more of a family, kind of like us and our group of friends, we are a family, and so are they," Bailey said.

"And I hope we are all still a family like that when we are their age," Cody added.

"And I hope to have my own personal family with you Mr. Martin," Bailey said.

"As do I Miss Pickett," Cody said as he kissed his girlfriend.

"Welcome everyone to this addition of SportsCenter, and we start with a scary situation north of the boarder. Tonight's Red Sox/Blue Jays game in Toronto was called after three innings due to a hostage situation that occurred in the Rodger's Centre where the game was being played. Valerie Ramirez, daughter of Canadian billionaire Richard Ramirez took hostage London Tipton, the daughter of American billionaire Wilfred Tipton. We are happy to report that Toronto authorities have resolved the situation, and there were only minor injuries to report."

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