The janitor's closet was deemed more spacious than the last school Dean attended. The last one had been cluttered and smelt of bleach and mildew and had not in the least been romantic. It had been a wee bit more difficult to maneuver a make out session with the head cheerleader let alone talk her into making a trip there, but this closet at Shallow River High was quite nice. Theresa Harper seemed to think so, too. She had been more than willing to accompany Dean to said closet for the past week.

Theresa Harper was running low on oxygen in the janitor's closet but couldn't find the strength to pull away. Dean Winchester was a very good kisser. She wrapped her arms tighter around his neck and leaned into him more, so there was no space in between them. She smiled when she felt his strong arms wrap around her middle a little tighter than before.

The two broke apart panting when they heard the bell ring for lunch. Theresa appeared to have a harder time catching her breath than Dean. She laughed at the idea of him probably have more experience at it than her when it came to making out. Sure, she had her share of fun but she was still sixteen and a sophomore.

"What's so funny?" He asked that low dangerous voice that got her in the janitor's closet to begin with.

"Nothing." She said breathlessly while shaking her head and smiled shyly. She shifted onto her toes and back down to her heels nervously.

"We should go get some lunch." Dean suggested with a smirk. Theresa nodded her head in agreement and had to hold back from taking his hand in hers so they could walk down the hallway hand in hand like a happy high school couple. Badly, she wanted to, but technically, she was already on happy high school couple terms with Taylor Jackson, captain and quarterback of the football team and the baseball team. And she was captain of the cheerleading squad. It was expected of everyone: student body, student faculty, and family members that she date him and hang on his shoulder like an ornament. She wished she didn't care about what people thought. If she didn't, she wouldn't pretend to be study buddies with Dean Winchester and just tell the world whom she was in love with. Ahem. In like with. Theresa blushed and thanked her lucky stars that she and Dean were standing in the dark. She hated how her blushes were so easily activated.

"Do you want to sit by me at lunch?" She asked as she smoothed the wrinkles of her white, blue, and yellow cheerleading skirt and top. There was going to be a game after school, so she had to wear it that day while the baseball players wore their garb.

"I usually sit with my little brother. 'Sides, what would Taylor think?" Dean smirked at the idea. Who in the hell cared what that douche thought? He didn't deserve to have this fine piece. His fingers stroked the smooth slight roundness of her cheek fondly. No one did. Dean swallowed. He'd miss this one. Truth was she wouldn't be the first. Rarely, but occasionally, Dean let himself in a little too deep. His fingers traveled to her hair and playfully tugged on a curl. Rarely and occasionally had arrived. He pecked her chastely on the lips.

"I can sit by my friends without Taylor's consent." She snapped with her nose in the air and put her hands on her cocked hips. She really hated Taylor. Every time he wrapped his arms around her shoulder and pulled her to him possessively, she wanted to vomit. He was so rude. The way he treated people was so uncalled for. The mean things he has said about Dean and his little brother was…grrrr….so…stupid! So what if their jeans were ripped at the knee and their shoes had scuff marks and little Sammy's clothes were too big for him. All it showed was that not everyone came from money that attended this school. She certainly didn't. Not many people knew but her cheerleading uniform had been her older sister's who had graduated the year earlier. Her highlights, she did herself in the bathroom she shared with four younger siblings. She shared a bedroom with her ten year old sister. She didn't have a car, so she usually hitched a ride with a friend to avoid riding the bus. Her dad did construction, and her mom was the best homemaker ever. In high school, they were the happy high school couple. Her dad had been quarterback as well as the captain, and her mom had been captain of the cheerleading squad. He was going to get a full ride to college due to his grades and talent but chose a different path when he found out her mom was expecting Cindy Anne, Theresa's older sister. From then on, it's like they couldn't stop. Her mom was eight months pregnant with her seventh child.

"No it's okay." Dean said, tearing Theresa out of her thoughts. "I'll just sit by my brother." He opened the door to let the light of the school hallway shine in.

"Your brother can sit with us." Theresa stepped into the hallway and began to walk with Dean towards the cafeteria. "I don't mind." And she really didn't. Little Sammy was just too cute for words. Big puppy dog eyes and round cheeks with a mop of brown curls. Mmmm. She could eat him up!

Dean shrugged and the two continued down the hall. As they approached closer to the cafeteria, a rant or some sort of chime could be heard. Theresa and Dean looked at each other with confusion and walked in to the deafening room. All of the student body were standing by or sitting on tables with a beating fist in the air shouting 'fight' in repetition at the two boys wrestling on the linoleum in the middle of the room. Or rather, one boy was wrestling as the other there attempted to block punches and kicks as best but was failing tremendously.

Theresa caught glimpses of the boys' faces and felt sick to her stomach. She turned her attention to Dean so she could ask that he stop the madness, but he was already going towards them with a pissed and determined glint in his hazel eyes. His fists were clenched tightly as he snaked between ranting students.

The bigger boy of the two was mid punch when literally picked up from straddling his victim and thrown as easily as a Frisbee into a crowd of howling students. He and the shocked students stumbled backwards from the force. Dean glared menacingly at the boy and promised to deal with him in a moment. He looked back down at the boy clenched up into the fetal position. His eyes were closed tight and his hands were pressing into his stomach as though he were nursing a wound. When Dean spotted the blood trickling down his baby brother's nose and the small gash on his swollen lip, he knew 'in a moment' had arrived. He let Sam lay there and turned back towards the kid who made the worst mistake in history. The fat kid's eyes were wide with fear as Dean stalked towards him and grabbed him by his lapels and hoisted him into the air, so they met eye to eye. Fearing to determined. Dean heard gasps and 'whoas' and 'he must have some muscles underneath that leather jacket'.

"If you so much as look at him again, I will rip you lungs out, I swear!" Dean hissed through clenched teeth. "I will end you!"

If possible, Billy's eyes widened even more, closely resembling flying saucers. His toes weren't even touching the ground anymore.

"Do you understand?" Dean shook the boy roughly. Billy nodded shakily and trembles began to wrack his entire body. "Good!" Dean dropped the boy ungracefully onto his plump behind who then shook uncontrollably and sobs wracked his thick body.

The whole cafeteria was silent now and avoiding eye contact with Dean. The same thought coursing between their ears. No one messes with the Winchesters.

Before Dean turned his attention back to Sammy, he circled in his spot eyeing anyone who would dare come near him and his brother.

Sam was still huddled on the floor with his hands to his side. Without a word Dean, picked him and tossed him over his shoulders. Sam grimaced as he felt pressure on his stomach from his big brother's shoulder and from the embarrassment of it all. He refused to speak; however, he thought it would be best if he let his brother calm down. They left the cafeteria and headed down the hallway towards what Sam understood as the front office. As he ignored the uncomfortable position, he heard the pitter patter of someone running towards them. Dean turned to see Theresa running after them with a worried expression marring her delicate features.

"Where are you taking him?" Sam heard the girl that had his brother all up in a funk for the past four weeks.

"To the nurse and then home." He stated.

"I'll go with you." She walked to the side Sam wasn't occupying and took a hold of Dean's hand. To hell with happy high school coupling with Taylor. She smiled at him assuredly as they walked towards the office together. Dean smiled back but inside he knew he was in trouble. Theresa was getting into touchy feely in public. He usually knew where that ended up and he would have to put a stop to it. He would have to ignore her big brown eyes, cute impish grin, freckled nose, and long curly brown hair. He would have to ignore how sweet she was and how cute she giggled. And man, she was innocent. Really, really innocent. Theresa was chaste all the way and Dean was not going to be the one to corrupt her. But he would ignore all the adorable qualities later, he thought himself as she tightened her tiny hands around his larger ones.

In the nurse's office, Sam sat awkwardly on the sick bed with his legs dangling off the edge as the nurse fussed and mussed over him. The moment Dean burst through the office doors with him slung over his shoulder and the pretty girl clinging to him resembling a cliché' action movie poster, the nurse nearly went into shock. She had the softest spot for the youngest Winchester and seeing him there, limply draped over his older brother nearly brought tears to the middle aged woman's eyes. Once Dean put his feet solidly on, she ignored the secretary's widened eyes and questions, gently but firmly grasped young Samuel's hand to guide him in the nurse's room. She attended to his wounds carefully and with love. She even hummed a happy tune while cleaning up the cut on his naturally pouty bottom lip.

"Tsk, tsk," she shook her head as she applied a tad of bactine around a scratch on his forehead. "I heard what happened from your brother. He gave the principal the story and Mr. Jackson will be dealt with."

Sam stayed silent but felt warm heat sting his cheeks. He was so incredibly embarrassed. Not just about the nurses babying but everything in general. He couldn't win that fight, and he had years of training, and Dean had to save him. Again! He dreaded the weekend when his dad would return because like a good toy soldier, Dean would tell him everything, and Dad would be disappointed. Again! Grrrr! Why did he have to be so weak? So small? So…babyish? If only he could be tough and invincible like Dean, Dad would for sure be proud.

"Oh darlin'." The nurse took notice of Sam's red cheeks and watery eyes. "What's the matter? Did the bactine sting too much? Gosh darn it, they said it shouldn't. Those darn-"

"No." Sam shook his head. "I'm okay, Nurse Annie. Really."

"Really?" She gazed skeptically. "Then what about those tears running down your face?"

Sam sniffed and speedily wiped away his tears with his plaid sleeve. "Nothin'." He mumbled.

"Ohhh." She cooed. "Tell Nurse Annie all about it." Her plump fingers came up to pet his dark head relatively similar like she would a wounded puppy.

Sam gazed up Nurse Annie and thought of her as what a good grandmother should be like: older and short with plump hips from too many children. Curly gray hair and petite spectacles perched on the slender bridge of her nose leading up to kind blue eyes with crow's feet flaring at the sides.

"I can't wait to be a grown up." He sighed heavily and slumped his shoulders.

"Now why can't you wait?" She huffed and turned around to bustle over to the trashcan to chuck the spattered red cotton balls.

"Everything would be different." Sam crossed his arms, slightly uncomfortable about the company and the personal thoughts he was sharing to someone he hardly knew.

"Well, you are turning thirteen tomorrow." She beamed. "That will make you a step closer."

"Yeah, I guess." Sam nodded but knew that he would still look the same the next as he did that day. He wanted to be a ma- Wait! "How did you know tomorrow is my birthday?"

"I know all of my favorite patients' birthdays, Sammy." The nurse said over her shoulder as she tidied up her first aid kit.


"So." She said excitedly and shuffled towards him with a wide and warming smile. "What do you wish for your birthday? Hmmm?"

Sam shrugged.

"Oh c'mon. There's gotta be somethin', munchkin."

Sam frowned at the nickname. The nurse meant well but it hit close to home. He was so short! He scoffed and shrugged again, but then it clicked. Like a light bulb.

"I wanna be grown up." He smiled and had to admit how childish it sounded to say 'grown up'.

"Grown up?' She scrunched her nose in fake disapproval. "You don't want a bike or roller blades or whatever it is that you crazy kids want these days. You just want to be grown up?"

"More than anything." He grumbled and swung his dangling legs back and forth

"Don't worry. You'll get there one day. And believe me, youngen, you'll miss the good ole' days of seventh grade English and locker combinations."

"I doubt it." Sam snorted. "If I were grown up, it would be awesome. My dad and brother wouldn't baby me any more 'cause I'd be just as big and as tough as them."

"Well, I guess I can't change your mind." Nurse Annie chuckled and patted Sam on the head. "Now, you are all cleaned up and ready to go. Your brother should be out in the front office waiting to take you home. Now when you get there, get some rest. You'll need it tomorrow."

Sam gave the nurse a funny look and hopped off sick bed. He exited the room and walked up to the front office and saw Dean there in one of the waiting chairs with a knee bouncing impatiently. When he saw his younger brother, he smirked and stood up.

"Aren't you a sight for sore eyes, little dude." He chuckled at Sam's glare. "Don't worry. Chicks dig wounds."

"Where's your arm ornament?" Sam sneered. He wasn't really mad at Dean, but he really needed a punching bag, and his brother was always in his line of vision.

"Sent her onto class." He wrapped a hand around his brother's shoulders and guided him out of the office. Sam shrugged it off when they left the building and started stomping away from Dean.

"Hey, Sammy, what's up with the whole Speedy Gonzales?"

"I just want to get home." Sam grumbled and folded his arms. "Without you calling me Sammy! It's Sam! And without you treating me like a baby! I'm practically thirteen, you know."

Dean merely rolled his light hazel eyes and caught up to Sam. "I know, dude, I know. But you will always be Sammy to me." He patted his younger brother's head with masculine affection and smiled when the shorter tried to swat the hand away.