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Chapter 4- Harry's p.o.v.

It was funny, Harry thought idly as he made his way back up to gryffindor tower. Despite being in an entirely different time period, people still looked at him as if he were on exhibit in some zoo or something. He must have screwed over the pope or someone in a past life because there was no way life could be this messed up.

Harry was released from the Infirmary in time for dinner much to his dismay. Madame Pomfrey had given him a clean bill of health, although he still received pains in his back and abdomin, and informed him that Dumbledore had informed the school during breakfast that he wasn't a threat and that the reason he fell through the ceiling was because of a mistake made with his Portkey that had the wrong coordinates. Since it was Dumbledore, nobody bothered to think further into it to see any problems in the story.

Harry's name was now Harry Smith. Harry was here as a transfer, and he was home schooled before by his uncle. Their house had been attacked, Harry's uncle died and he was to go to Hogwarts as a result. Or at least that's the cover story being told to everybody to hide his mysterious appearance. Dumbledore asked the students to not bother him as he was still probably mourning. Which meant that people won't approach, but they will definitely talk about him.

Dinner had been murder to get through, and he couldn't get through it which was why he was heading to bed early. Harry guessed that the fact he was in the past hadn't sunk in yet… not really. But as he entered the Great Hall for the start of term feast ( as yesterday's had been interrupted and Dumbledore can't pass up any opportunity for a feast) every head in there turned in one to look at him and he had just stood there shocked.

It was at that moment the fact that he was in the past had really registered. There staring at him were faces of people who were dead, tortured, traitors, death eaters, order members, or just your everyday normal wizards. Everybody looked so familiar to their kids that Harry felt sick. He had been mourning, and dinner was just an unpleasant reminder of just what had been lost to the war.

Harry had stood there staring back into the faces of those staring at him until he managed to get a hold of himself and head towards gryffindor table. His "sorting" had been done privately and he got into Gryffindor again. Harry would be sharing a dorm with the marauders (wouldn't that be fun). But he headed to a spot no one was sitting near. He would socialize later, right then he had to try and come to terms to the situation he landed in.

As time went by and people stopped staring as much , Harry had realized there was no way he could get used to this. If anything he'll have to get through it day-by-day.

So he left the great hall and to the dorms so he could place silencing wards on his bed, as there was no doubt in Harry's mind, he would be having nightmares tonight. Dumbledore had informed him that he had gotten a house-elf to purchase everything he would need, so supplies wouldn't be a problem.

Harry got into his bed that night, hoping against hope, that he could sleep through the night. And at once Everything hit him and he realized he had no idea at how to get back home, back to Ron and Hermione, back to Ginny, back to the Weasleys, back to the damaged version of Hogwarts, which was still his home despite the memories. He realized he didn't know how to get back to Teddy, his godson who was now an orphan just like him.

Others may have seen this as a reprieve, a getaway of the sorts from all that was wrong in his time. But Harry knew that until he fulfilled his duty to all those that had died and their families, he would be plagued with nightmares, anxiety, and depression. His duty being to pay respect to those that have fallen, attempt to help clean up the ministry, catch the Death Eaters still on the loose, help rebuild Hogwarts, and his Duty to his godson, to be there for Teddy and make sure that he grows up loved and knows what his parents stood for.

And it was with that last thought that Harry fell asleep to, not noticing the silent tears streaming down his face.

~Remus Pov~

Remus was … puzzled. The beginning of his seventh year came with an exciting start when a young man fell through the ceiling. Dumbledore assured everybody that he wasn't a threat, and that his name was Harry Smith.

He and his friends would be sharing a dorm with this Harry Smith fellow. Sirius and James were especially disgruntled by this fact as this meant that they would have to sneak around in what was their sanctuary. Remus had to admit, he wasn't to thrilled either, but he was better at hiding it. Peter… well Remus didn't really know how Peter felt about it, as he's been acting stranger than normal.

Harry Smith was the reason for his puzzlement however. Dumbledore told everybody that he had been attacked and his uncle died, so he would most probably be mourning. But that didn't explain Smith's reaction when he entered the Great Hall during dinner.

Okay yeah sure, Remus would be uncomfortable if a bunch a people just stared at him unrelentingly, but it didn't explain why Smith looked as if he had seen several ghosts. Or maybe a more accurate comparison would be why he looked as if he saw a bunch of rubber duck tapdancing, as if there was something fundamentally wrong with the universe.

Smith just stood in the doorway for several moments before he went to sit alone at gryffindor table, even though several people looked like they wouldn't mind if the mysterious new kid sat next to them.

But what confused Remus even more was the amount grief that he could plainly see in Smith's eyes and how all the heads of houses and Dumbledore looked at him pity and interest.

All that Remus could say with absolute certainty was that there was definitely something…. not right…. with that Smith kid. And unless he was mistaken, even James and Sirius could tell that much and weren't going to leave this mystery alone. Not now , not when he was encroaching on their territory. And Remus wasn't sure if any of this was going to end well.

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