LoneStar: "So I know I'm supposed to be working on my other story, but this idea's been flowing in my mind for far too long to be ignored any longer. So here it is. I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's or any of the characters created by Kazuki Takahashi-san. I also don't own the awesomeness that is Masaaki Endoh's song "Road to Tomorrow (Going My Way)". Thanks for reading!


A young man, about 21 years old, races down the highway on his motorcycle at about 130 miles an hour. His wild, spiky, black hair, though mostly covered by his helmet, is still flowing in the wind as he smiles to himself, at one with the speed. His motorbike, shaped almost like a rocket with a crescent-shaped back-rest, is red with white stripes along the sides, and an armature on either side that keeps him locked in safely. One has to wonder, though; why can he drive his motorcycle at such high speeds without getting pulled over? Who does he think he is?

Well, there are a couple of things that you, as the reader, must consider. For one, this is no ordinary young man; this is Yusei Fudo. Second, you must also consider that this is no ordinary motorcycle; this is a D-Wheel. Third, you must also take into account that this is Neo Domino City, and the highway is built for people just like Yusei to ride their D-Wheels at these high speeds in Riding Duels, in which people battle with speed and power. Yusei Fudo, he's not your average Riding Duelist, either; he's the King of Riding Duels and co-champion of the World Riding Grand Prix 3 years running.

So now that you know all this, think you're ready for his story?


The Riding Duel. That's the duel that evolved in the world of speed. There are those who risk their lives and bear legendary birthmarks who people started calling the 5D's!

Just run off, the path of evolution aimed for tomorrow

Lies with a new, legendary duel.

You gotta shake off all these unbearable feelings just tearing you up.

Your potential's just so infinite, so you gotta let it all out.

It's always up to you to give things a starting push

Since everyone's chasing after the light that's wandering about.

See, it seems like they've lost sight of their fleeting dreams

But if we link our bonds, you can bet that we'll never lose.

Growing, go my way.

Be on with the wind, dance on forward, and tear that darkness apart!

Even if you can't see where you're trying to get to right now

Just go and run off, using your two feet, not even fearing anything.

Keep heading down this path aimed for the future.

Going my way, cut a path wide open and go!