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Chapter II: Team 5D's

"Yusei Fudo!" A voice crackles over Yusei's D-Wheel's radio. "Where are you?"

"Oh boy. I'm gonna get it..." Yusei clicks on his radio. "Oy."

"Don't 'oy' me, Yusei. Why are you and your D-Wheel not at your house like you should be at this early time of the morning?"

"You know I like to ride around and think sometimes. Why are you at my house this early anyway?"

A face appears on the screen above the radio transceiver. It's a young woman, not much older than Yusei, with long crimson hair and a roundish, warm face. Her eyebrows are creased with worry and annoyance as she berates Yusei.

"Well, excuse me for wanting to surprise my boyfriend with breakfast!" Her face changes to a mock pout.

"Sorry, Aki, I didn't mean it like that."

A smile replaces the pout almost immediately. "Oh, I know; I just wanted to hear it from you. Now get your butt home now! You need to eat!"

Yusei smirks and mockingly says, "OK, OK, I'm coming, Mom!"

"Don't make me hurt you when you get back here, Yusei! My psychic powers aren't entirely gone, you know!"

Yusei sweatdrops and responds tentatively. "Yes ma'am, I'll be home right away."

Aki smiles sweetly. "That's my boy. See you, Yusei."

"See you, Aki." He clicks off the radio and screen. "Sheesh, she acts so much like Martha sometimes; I gotta stop bringing her over there." He revs the D-Wheel's engine. "I guess I probably should head home, though. Don't want Aki's breakfast to go to waste!"

Yusei takes off for his house, located in the Tops district of Neo Domino City (one of the perks of being the Riding Duel King and co-WRGP winner three years running). Of course, he really only uses his house to sleep and shower, most of the time, anyway. More of his time is spent working with his friends Jack, Crow, Leo, and Luna, and his girlfriend Aki in the garage apartment they shared as a team two years prior. It would always be more of a home to him, just like the former Satellite was for most of his life.

By the time Yusei pulls into his driveway, the Sun is already well on its daily trip across the sky and the grass is already quite dry. Yusei sees the deep crimson D-Whel he constructed 3 years ago, Aki's D-Wheel, along with a second black, brown, and yellow one, Blackbird.

"So Crow's here too, huh? Aki's probably got him eating me outta house and home already. I'd better get in there or I won't get to eat!" He shuts off his D-Wheel, takes out the key, and runs up the path to his front door, rapping thrice on the wooden entrance.

"Who is it?" A voice, coming from one sounding as if the owner's mouth is full of food, is followed by a gray eye in the peephole.

"Open up my door, Crow, and stop talking with your mouth full!" Yusei laughs at his best friend.

"No need for insults, man! Your girlfriend cooks good food! Mmm, mmm, good!" Crow opens the door and the pair bump fists as Crow swallows the last of whatever was in his mouth. "Mornin', champ."

"Mornin', Crow. I hope you didn't eat all the food!"

"Would have! But Aki wouldn't let me."

"Of course not!" Aki walks into the corridor, wearing a yellow tank top and red sweatpants. "If you ate everything, Yusei wouldn't have any breakfast, Crow!" She taps crow on the head with her knuckle before drawing Yusei into a hug. "Good morning."

"Morning, Aki. I see you're dressed comfortably."

She comes out of the hug and does a small twirl. "Thought I'd give the ol' dress a rest for the day; can't really cook while wearing it anyway. You like?"

"I always like what you wear, Aki, you know that." Yusei smiles at her.

"Always the charmer, Mr. Fudo." She bops him on the nose. "It's a wonder I don't have to have a fly swatter to chase all the floozies from you."

Crow chimes in. "Trust me, Aki, they're afraid of you, scared you might hit 'em with a psychic blast or something; everyone knows Yusei here's off limits."

"As well they should! It took him a year and a half to ask me out and I'm not lettin' any dime-a-dozen take him from me, not without a fight."

"And I wouldn't let any dime-a-dozen take me from you. You're my one-of-a-kind psychic-powered Black rose and that's how it'll stay." Yusei gives Aki a peck on the lips.

"Not that this isn't cute and all, you two," Crow starts as he scratches the back of his head, "but we've got work to do, Yusei. Those packages don't deliver themselves, you know!"

"Got it, Crow, but first, I'm gonna get some breakfast, courtesy of the best girlfriend this side of the Pacific!" Yusei starts walking to the kitchen/dining room, hanging up his jacket on the way.

"Well, you won't be disappointed, man. Aki could give Martha a run for her money in the kitchen…don't tell Martha I said that, though."

Yusei and Aki start to laugh and Crow soon joins in as they all enter the kitchen/dining room.

Crow and Yusei take a seat as Aki brings over a plate stacked high with pancakes, eggs, and bacon with a hot cup of coffee on the side.

"Whoa! Aki, this breakfast looks amazing! I'm glad I didn't stop for a snack on the way home!" Yusei takes a big whiff of the mountain of food in front of him.

Aki blushes, her face's color threatening to rival that of her hair. "I was just taking Martha's advice to get reacquainted with the kitchen."

Yusei takes a bite of the eggs. "It was great advice. This tastes – mmm – so good!"

"Didn't I tell you, Aki? Your cooking is awesome! Did you cook while you lived with the Arcadia Movement?"

"At first I did, but Divine stopped me. He thought it was a 'waste of my time and talents'." Aki's brow furrows as she mimics the words from her past.

"He obviously didn't taste any of what you cooked then!" Yusei continues to eat his breakfast with gusto. "How wrong he was!"

Aki sits down next to Yusei. "So why were you at the Kaiba Dome? Practice run that early in the morning?"

Yusei puts his fork down for a while to address them both. "At first I was just blowing off some steam. Dreamt about Bruno again." He sighs. "But, like I was saying, I was just riding around, clearing my head. Then, all of a sudden, this guy showed up outta nowhere. It was weird; it was like he knew I would be there."

"What'd he look like, Yusei?" Crow looks intrigued. "Is he from Satellite or the High Town?"

"I don't really know; his helmet covered his face. All I know about him is that he calls himself LoneStar and he has a Cyber Dragon deck."

"CYBER DRAGON DECK?" Aki and Crow look dumbfounded as they react simultaneously.

"That's what I said, a Cyber Dragon deck."

"Who has a Cyber Dragon anymore?" Crow is the first to respond. "That card is ridiculously old; no one's seen it since the Marufuji Kaisers!"

"Caught me off guard too!"

"And you're saying this guy LoneStar has them?" Aki's speechlessness ends as well.

"Not only does he have them..." Yusei takes another bite of the pancakes. "He uses them quite well, took me out without cracking a sweat."

"You dueled him?"

"And he beat you?"


"You guys act as if I've never list a duel before."

"Lose a duel, sure, but not against some guy you just met." Aki looks concerned.

"Is there any footage of this little battle we could watch? I'm itchin' to check out that Cyber Dragon in action."

"Crow, you nerd! We're talking about Yusei losing a duel to some stranger and all you're worried about is looking at some tape?"

"What? That card is historic; not many people, if any, get to see it in action these days and I want to."

"Well, Crow, I'm sure there's a tape of it at the Kaiba Dome. They're really meticulous about keeping records and all that."

"So what are we sitting around here for?" Crow gets up from the table. "We've got a tape to watch!"

"Uhh, Crow, don't you two have to work today?" Aki questions.

"That's a solid point; we can't have Jack and Leo making all the deliveries, man."

Crow drops back into his chair. "Oh yeah...what time is it?" He looks up at the clock. "Dang! We're late! It's after 9 already?"

Aki gets up. "Jack's gonna kill you two! You better hurry over to the garage; I'll meet you there later."

Yusei grabs his plate and goes over to the fridge. "I'm saving this for later." He opens the fridge and puts the plate down in it. "Come on, Crow. Time to head out."

Crow gets up again and starts to the door. "Back to the old grind! I really wanna watch those tapes after work though."

The trio walk out to the front door, grabbing their jackets on the way. Yusei locks the door as they walk to their D-Wheels.

"I'll be at the garage by 11, OK? I'm gonna grab a shower first." Aki mounts her D-Wheel and puts on her helmet.

"Got it. You know where we are if we're not at the garage." Yusei gets on his D-Wheel and starts the engine.

"Make sure you two wear your helmets while you're out there working. People drive crazy out there."

"Yes, Onee-chan!" Crow pokes his tongue out at Aki as he gets on his own D-Wheel, starts the engine, and dons his helmet.

The friends laugh as they take off in their separate directions, each with thoughts of what may lie ahead.


LoneStar: "I know this one's kinda short, but I feel like it's worth ending this chapter here. A little fluff for one of my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! Pairings since the show doesn't give it enough credit while on the air."

Yusei: "You just really wanted me and Aki together, didn't you?"

LoneStar: "As if you didn't, Fudo!"

Yusei: "I have nothing to say on the subject."

LoneStar: "Caught ya!"

Yusei: "Did not!"

LoneStar: "Did too! You love Aki; Aki loves you. What's the issue?"

Yusei: "...shut up, LoneStar."

LoneStar: "I win, Mr. Over Top Clear Mind."

Yusei: "No spoilers!"

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Yusei: "You'll think of something, man. Think of the readers!"

LoneStar: "You're right. Anyways, thanks for reading, guys. Hopefully I'll be able to bring out another chapter soon to make up for the shortness of this one. Riding Duel, Acceleration!"