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Delilah has always wanted to be like her mother, fighting crime as a police officer. What happens when she gets her powers? How can it happen when both her parents are human? When she finds the darker side of her powers, will she use them for good... or evil? And what Drama will unfold when she meets Lash and Warren? Warren XOC Lash XOC

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"And here we are in Maine Street where The Commander and Jetstream has just captured the villains that have been robbing banks for weeks, using their powers 'shape shifting' and 'controlling air'. Officer Julie Addison was asked-" the TV blared from the lounge room where my older brother, Tank, was watching the morning news.

"Delilah. Dee, come here. Quick!" he said, frantically. I hurried from the kitchen to the lounge to find Tank pointing at the screen. "It's mom!" I grinned at my mom being questioned by the reporter.

"Commander and Jetstream were amazing!" She said, "We were doing okay, I guess but then they showed up and helped us finish them off," she grinned, probably identical to the one I wore on my face now.

"Now, Ms Addison," the reporter said, "I heard that you are the best police officer in town. Is this true?"

"Yes!" both my brother and I yelled at the same time. Mom stuttered. "Uh... um... I don't really think I am."

"Bull shit," Tank and I muttered at the same time... Again. Can you say freaky?

Tank's actual name is Tom (or Thomas). His friends gave him the nickname 'Tank' because he's... Tank. He's really tall, coming at six foot seven and he's really buff. Anybody can tell Tank and I are siblings. I'm tallish (five foot eight – the same height as mom) and we both have the same brownish-blonde hair colour, off our mom. We also got our eye shape off our mom, too. Although, I have green eyes and mom, dad and Tank have blue. No one knows where I got my green eyes from, but other than that I look a lot like my mom.

Whereas my father, looks next to nothing like me. But I still love him. Mom and dad have been happily married for eighteen years. Tank only just turned seventeen last month. And I'm turning fourteen... tomorrow.

"I just give it my best every time, and help others out," she said, grinning again. The reporter smiled, "well, thanks for helping catch the most wanted villains. Back to you, Stan" He said, to the main reporter.

"Wow. She's amazing," I sighed.

"Well..." Tank said loudly, dragging out the word. "She didn't really catch them, if you were listening. That was Commander and Jetstream!" he put a huge sarcastic grin on his face.

I glared playfully at him. "Yeah, whatever," I muttered, getting up off the couch and walked back into the kitchen where I left my breakfast. I absolutely adore mom, because she's always out fighting crime and doing good in the world, yet, she can still manage to be my favourite-est person in the world. Just because she's not a super hero doesn't mean she gets to miss out on all the fun. I actually don't mind that I'm not a super hero. Because then I can be a normal person.

I brought my bowl over to the sink and tipped out the last bit of remaining milk and sat the bowl and spoon in it. I turned on the tap, not expecting it to go full blast. The tap water hit the spoon making it rebound up to my face. Instinctively, I reached up to shield my face palms-out closing my eyes tightly. I waited for the water to start drenching me from head to toe. Very slowly, I opened my eyes and gasped at what I saw.

Hundreds of tiny little droplets of water hovered in front of my hands. I slowly moved my right hand to the side and gaped as half of the water moved with it.

"Hey, Delilah, are you okay?" Tank walked into the kitchen looking through cupboards for food. "You didn't do what you did yesterday morning with the spoon and the si- Holy shit," he said, finally glancing my way. He was just as shocked as I was, as I slowly lowered the water back down into the sink.

I just stood there my mouth a gape, looking back and forth between the water in the sink and my hands, not knowing which one I should look at. After about ten seconds I settled my stare on my hands before I opened my mouth and screamed.

"Dee!" Tank shouted. "Delilah, stop!" He put his hand over my mouth, muffling my screams. "Dee," he said, softly. My breathing became heavy as I pulled away from his hands, knowing that he isn't big on contact. I walked over to a chair at the table, sat down and stared at my hands.

"T-Tank. Call mom," my voice quivered as I spoke.

"Yep," he stared at me wide-eyed.

"Thomas," I said firmly. "Now."

He left without a word. Half an hour later, mom arrived wondering what the big 'emergency' was. She found me sitting in the exact same position as Tank left me in.

"Delilah. Delilah, honey what's wrong?" She asked softly, kneeling in front of me and taking my hands in hers.

"Is there something you need to tell me?" My voice sounded harsh and cold. Sounding like something I'd never use with mom.

Mom's eyes widened as she looked at me in shock. "Delilah, tell me what happened," she ordered.

"I can control water. With my hands."

"Sweetie, are you sure that's what you saw? I mean-"

I jumped up from my seat. "That's exactly what I saw mom!"

"I'll second that," Tank said, leaning against the door frame. Mom sighed before getting up from her crouching position and walked into the lounge room, me and Tank following close behind.

She took a deep shaky breath before saying "I don't want to explain it twice. Call your father."

Twenty minutes later, all of us were sprawled out in various parts of the lounge room. Mom and dad were sitting on the couch, Tank was sitting in one of the recliners and I was sitting on the floor, staring at my hands again.

Mom took another huge deep breath and started her story.

"Over fourteen years ago, I was working late and got called in for a check up around Maine Street at the Turners' house. My car was slowly driving around the block, me watching out for anything unnatural.

"After about ten minutes I pulled up outside the turners' on the opposite side of the road. Then suddenly, I saw a flash of white in my rear-vision mirror. "Me being the stupid person I was back then, decided that I shouldn't stay put and think it over, and lunged out of the door to the back of the car to see what it was.

"A guy, not one with super powers – I suspected at first –, grabbed me and spun me around so I couldn't see him, pinned my arms and held a knife at my throat." My eyes widened. Mom has never told me any stories of her out fighting crime that threatened her life before. Mom kept going as though it didn't matter about her life being on the line.

"He reeked of alcohol and kept telling me to undress, still with the knife at my throat. Then he was yanked off. I spun around to see why and found him being pinned against the boot of my car by... no one." A very faint amused smile crossed her lips before continuing.

"I looked around to see if any cables or ropes or anything were being used to tie him down but when I looked back he was standing there. Blasting Blaze." I've heard of 'Blasting Blaze' before. He had the power to turn invisible and use 'force fields' (A/N: Yeah I know, 'The incredibles' sorry, not very imaginative at the moment and my little sister has it playing).

"Or his normal name, Blake Reed." That name sounds so familiar, I thought. "Of course, not many people knew about his secret identity, but being a cop has its advantages. He had the guy pinned down with his hands behind his back and face on the boot.

"I had no idea how it happened really, but next thing I know, I was kissing him. And he was kissing me back, letting go of the man on the car." I felt my eyes widen and check dad's reaction. Other than a clenched jaw, he showed no sign of emotion. Mom and dad had been married for four years when this happened... With a two year old baby!

"In the back of my mind, I realised that the guy was a super and that he could control emotions." She closed her eyes and sighed, heavily. "Then he got away. And the passion left with him. But... we didn't stop. We kept going and may have done something in the back of the car..." She trailed off. I was too shocked to say anything. Once again, I checked dad's expression to see how he was taking this. He had his head in his hands. I wondered how Tank was taking this. He wasn't doing anything, just staring at nothing. I was the first one to speak.

"So... let me get this straight," my voice trembled. "Blasting Blaze is my father." We all looked at mom, dad's face was flustered, Tank's was blank and I had absolutely no idea what mine looked like. "Yes." Mom whispered.

"What happened to him?" Tank's voice sounded... calm. Almost sounding bored.

"Well after that night, about a week later, I ran into Blake at that small coffee shop down on Burt Street. We agreed that it shouldn't have happened and that it was wrong, because we were both married, and his wife became pregnant a few weeks after that. But we became friends."

My voice sounded really hurt when I spoke next. "So... I wasn't meant to happen. After so many years of believing you and dad were trying to have me when you became pregnant. I wasn't actually dad's child. And you became friends? How fucked up is that!" Somehow, in the middle of that, I stood up and was standing in front of mom, yelling.

Mom didn't do anything, just looked at me with a pained expression. "Dee, you have to understand –"

"Why don't you understand?" I yelled. "If you understand, you would have actually told me that I have a different father! I still would have treated him the same as any daughter would do, a dad!" By the time I finished yelling, mom and I had tears in our eyes.

"Delilah," Tank murmured, "let her finish... Maybe she has something good to say." I sighed and returned to my seat on the floor, not looking at mom.

"So we decided to be friends," she repeated. Her voice wasn't quite back to normal, a bit firmer. "We got to know each other a bit more. And then we found out I was pregnant. At the time, we didn't know who the father was so just in case he was, he said he wanted to be in your life, but not as your father.

"So when you were born, we made Blake your godfather," That's where I heard that name. Mom told me my godfather died when I was young – "He's dead?" I interrupted. Of course! Blasting Blaze died when he was trying to Defeat Barron Battle.

"Yeah, he was murdered by Barron Battle," mom said, bluntly. It's not like I can get any revenge or anything – not that I'd want to – because the Commander and Jet Stream put him in jail, not long after my godfath – fathers – death.

"Julie," Dad's voice sounded pained. "Why didn't you tell me that Blake was Delilah's father?" It was then, I realised, that dad hadn't said anything at all ever since mom's 'confession'.

"I'm so, so sorry David. I regret it so much," mom said hiding her face in her hands. Of course, that was enough to set me off again. "You regret it? Well, obviously, because here I am!" I shouted.

"No Delilah, that's not what I meant. I regret not telling your father-"

"What about telling me! Or Tank!" I pointed at him, still emotionless on the recliner.

"Yes. And that too."

I realised that this was going nowhere. "I'll be in my room if you need me – actually no, I need time to think. I'll come down when I'm ready."

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