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City Trouble

Hi i'm am Hikari Ishida nice to meet all of you. I am the sister of Isamu Ishida and we are both soul reapers. I know normally my brother does this introduction but I decided its my turn to do it. Now before I begin I should explain to all what a soul reaper is and what they do, so listen up because I don't intend to repeat myself. Soul reapers are departed human souls that have gained supernatural powers. Soul Reapers can only be seen by other spiritually aware entities, which exclude most humans. Additionally, they can be injured and die like regular humans, though it takes considerably greater injuries for the latter to occur than it would in regular humans. It is our job as soul reapers to protect souls from monsters called hollows.

Hollows are departed soul being corrupted into a malevolent incarnation of itself. When a Whole has many regrets or a strong emotional connection to a location or person, their Chain of Fate, which links their soul to their body, becomes attached to the emotionally important object or person. It is our duty to destroy the hollows and keep the soul safe. When we can we help these souls move on so they don't remain behind and risk being attacked again or become hollows themselves. Its a lot of hard work I know but after defeating these hollows, saving souls, and helping them move on is worth all the trouble. Anyways being soul reaper is hard work but try having another job which is harder than it looks. I suppose your wondering what that job is well I'll tell you it's being a super hero and being part of a team called the Teen titans. If you don't know who they are then let me tell you who they are. Jump city is protected by a group of heroes called the Teen Titans. They have protected the city for years now and live on an island with their base of command in the shape of a giant T. There are other titans in different parts of the world protecting their cities like the other adult heroes do except while most do it solo we do it as a team. But the titans of Jump City were the first titans.

The first member of the titans is the leader Robin. He used to be Batman's sidekick and apprentice till he decided to go solo., but that all changed when he met starfire and the others. Not sure on his real name because he is sooo secretive. He may be a regular human being, but that doesn't mean he can't go toe to toe with some tough guys. His martial arts skills, his little toys, and his toughness makes him a tough guy to beat and he has proven that despite not having powers. It doesn't stop him from risking his life to protect the city and his friends.

The second member of the team is Starfire. Yeah she's orange, talks weird, flys, has superhuman strenght, and has a strange traditional foods. Think she's foreign well your close she's actually an alien from a planet called Tamara. She came to earth when she escaped an enemy ship that captured her and were going to sell her. She landed on earth and with the help or robin and the others they defeated the bad guys and saved the city. Though her hugs can be very painful to get used to. She may act nice and happy, but when her friends are in trouble or there is a fight she can become serious and show everyone her power.

The third member is Cyborg. Just hearing his name makes you think he is a robot man right? Well your almost correct he is part machine but the other part is actually human. Cyborg was once human like everyone else but an accident changed that and his father had to save him by using machine parts. He likes to clean his car which he considers his baby and he loves kicking beastboy's butt in video games. Despite him not being human that doesn't mean he can't fight. Cyborg is strong and is a tough guy to beat. He doesn't give up and would do anything to save them.

The fourth member is Beastboy. Now before you make fun of him just because he is green, has elf ears, eats tofu, and makes bad jokes all the time. He is a tough little dude, he can morph into anykind of animal. From dinosaurs, mammals, reptiles, sea animals, you name it he can morp into it. Heck I head he can even morph into a alien animal. He may not be the smartest member of the team but he does have the biggest heart of the team. He joined the group after leaving the Doom Patrol (another hero team) and helped the others beat the bad guys that were after starfire. So watch out because if you don't like that watch out because the beast in him will be unleashed and send you crashing down.

The fifth member of the team is I believe my favorite member, her name is raven. She is an empath, sorcerer, and is a half-demon. She is the silent one of the team. The reason she is my favorite member is because she is dating my brother Isamu. Yep she and my brother started dating back months ago and they have been together ever since. She has helped him lower his anger against the man who killed our parents and helped him become a better man. And my brother did the same for raven helping her become less goth and more open to everyone. Raven is a good person and a good friend...wouldn't mind having her as a sister in law...who knows it could happen.

The sixth member of the team is Terra. She around the same age as beastboy but don't let her age and looks fool you she is one tough blonde chick. Her powers are she can control any earth material items and can use them in any way. Before my brother and I arrived she was once a titan member, till she betrayed them to a one eye loser name Slade. From what beastboy told me and my brother she worked for slade because she couldn't control her powers and thought the titans rejected her because of it (even though they didn't but in her mind she thought they did). Anyways in the end however she redeemed herself and helped defeat slade but with a price. She used all of her powers to stop a volcano that she accidently triggered and was turned to stone. Talsein freed her in exchange she serves him. We made sure he didn't get her and she became a titan again. Terra is a good friend and is nice as well. She still feels bad for what she did and hopes helping the titans will make up for her past sins. I think she has made it up after all she did by helping the titans again and helping us.

The last two members are myself Hikari Ishida and Isamu Ishida. I already told you guys what we can do but not where we're from and why we joined the titans. My brother and I were born in Japan. We became soul reapers after our parents were murdered by Talsein Yamamoto a former soul reaper and now a wanted man from both our and the soul society world. Isamu joined the titans first to protect raven from her brothers who were seeking revenge from their sister, but failed against my brother. I joined later after helping my brother and his friends against some of Talsein's elemental reapers who were Talsein's original generals till they died. Two from my brother and one from me. We have been doing well with the titans even helping fend off another attack from Talsein when he tried to destroy the titans. Well that's everyone, now I know what your thinking how can eight kids defend an entire city from a bunch of bad guys...I could tell you but better show you instead.

Jump City

It has been four months since Talsein attacked and so far it has been quiet in Jump City. There has been some crimes but nothing the titans couldn't handle. But on this fine day in Jump city it was about to change. In the afternoon the citizens were relaxing and going about their day like normal. That is if you don't mind a giant rock monster attacking the city. He was throwing cars, lightposts, and anything he could get his giant rock hands on. But he wasn't alone he was with two more who were also causing trouble. One was Adonis a lanky young man in an oversized, strength-enhancing suit of armor built from car parts. Another is Atlas a large and arrogant robot that enjoys video games and is obsessed with winning. The three of them were causing trouble and wrecking much of the city. The citizens began to run away from the criminals as they cause much chaos in the city.

"This is way too easy, and since the titans are out visiting their friends at titans east we got the whole city to ourselves" said Adonis as he lifted up a pickup truck and smashed it.

"Indeed it was a good thing we were told they had left. I guess those rumors of some of the titans staying behind was false after al. Still without anyone to stop us doing this seems boring. Boring enough I wouldn't mind fighting at least one of those titan brats" said Atlas as he lifted up a car and threw it at a nearby building. But before the building hit the building it was stopped by some sort of black aura. The three looked at what happened and knew who did that. They looked up at the building and saw four of the teen titans looking down on them.

"Aww I am glad we were missed, especially from three no brain losers like you guys" I said in a sarcastic tone pretending to wipe a fake tear from her eye. Oh by the way that's me Hikari Ishida the cute girl wearing the black pants, black t-shirt with no sleeves, I am also wearing some black fighting gloves, and some black shoes.

"You guys actually thought we would leave the city alone with guys like you? We wouldn't be much heroes if we did that now would we?" said cyborg as he stood next to Hikari.

Adonis and Atlas knew their destruction and mayhem was too good to be true. Cinderblock on the other hand didn't seem to care as he just let out a roar and threw a nearby car at the titans but was stopped by raven using her powers to set the car back down.

"Now that was rude of your friend to do. I would figure he waits til we all finish talking" said Isamu as he was next to raven wearing his black pants, white t-shirt, white shoes, and black gloves. "Anyone else wants to say anything before we get started with the butt whupping?" asked Isamu as he turned to his teamates.

"I'm good just leave Atlas to me" said cyborg as he looks to go another round with Atlas.

"No fair cyborg I wanted to fight Atlas you already fought him in the past" I said to cyborg.

"Just let her fight Atlas cyborg. Otherwise she will finish off her other opponent quickly and then get involved in yours" said Isamu.

"Fine but I get Adonis then" said Cyborg.

"Good that leaves rocky there to me and raven...unless you want me to hanlde them?" asked Isamu as he turned ot raven.

Raven turned to Isamu and smiled at him. "Let's fight him together. The last thing I want to do is sit on the sideline while everyone fights" said raven.

"All right let's go and kick the three stooges butts Titans Go!" I shouted as I jumped off the roof and disappeared. I reappeared behind Atlas and I grabbed Atlas by the arm, whipped him over me and threw him across the street.

"Um wasn't I suppose to say that?" asked Isamu as they saw Hikari already started fighting.

"Does it really matter let's go" said raven as she headed down towards cinderblock with Isamu and cyborg right behind her.

Adonis and Cinderblock were surprise by what they saw but soon were attacked as well. Cyborg tackled adonis while Isamu and raven took down cinderblock.

Cyborg and Adonis were fighting on the otherside of where the other fights were. Adonis try to hit cyborg with his punches but he was too slow for any to hit cyborg. Cyborg would dodge most of them and when Adonis missed he would lay a couple of punches of his own to Adonis sides and some to his face. He would duck and throw some punches like a boxer would do. Except one of his punches was caught and Adonis used his power to throw cyborg on the ground back and forth tossing him to the ground and throwing him towards the buildings near them before letting go by throwing him to a nearby bus.

"That the best you can do cyborg? You can't beat me I am Adonis and your just a little pu..." before Adonis could continue cyborg hit him with his sonic blaster sending Adonis toward a building and hitting a fire hydrant. The water began to mess up with his suit and soon cyborg was right in front of him.

"What was that you were going to say Adonis? I can't beat you and I'm a what?" said cyborg with a confident look on his face as he raised his sonic blaster and aimed it at Adonis.

"Your a punk you can't beat me. I will defeat you because I am Adonis" Adonis got off the floor and charged at cyborg. Cyborg ducked the punch and punch through Adonis's armor causing it to crack open. Cyborg saw his chance and used his sonic blaster to break through the armor breaking it and sending Adonis to the wall again hard enough to knock him out.

Hikari was having little trouble fighting Atlas thanks to her size and speed. Atlas has tried to lay some of his punches on her but she has counter every single one of them as if she was toying with him. This made Atlas mad and it has caused him to make several mistakes. Some of those mistakes were because of him getting frustrated and got him even more angrier. "Darn it child fight me right now" said Atlas.

I jumped away from another one of his punches and landed on a lamp post. I looked down on Atlas with a confident look on my face. "What's the matter Atlas I thought you were suppose to be this tough robot guy?" I said. I knew I was making him mad which I knew its what I wanted. Atlas was strong no question but all the strenght in the world is nothing if you can't hit your opponent. And making him angry will make him make mistakes that would end good for me. All I had to do was keep it up and soon I would win this fight.

"I'll show you, you little brat" said Atlas as he grabbed the lightpost and began to take it out. This caused Hikari to jump out of the way and land away from Atlas. Atlast used the lamp post to try and hit Hikari. Hikari however dodged all of his attacks and ducking from all of his swinging as well. Atlas then tried to hit her again when Hikari grabbed it. Atlas tried to use his strenght to lift Hikari but she wasn't budging. Hikari held on and waited for Atlas to make his last mistake. Atlas tried to pull the lamp post back to him as hard as he could while Hikari held her ground as if both were fighting a tug of war for the lamp post. Hikari saw her chance at let go of the lamp post causing Atlas to lose his balance and was sent across the street into a bus. Atlas got out of the bus and began to move when Hikari grabbed the lamp post and used it to tie up Atlas. When Atlas couldn't move Hikari grabbed the bus and lifted it with her strenght and crushed Atlas with it. She then lifted it up and saw Atlas was on the ground knocked out.

"That's it? Damn how did the others and cyborg have a tough time beating you" I was a bit disappointed that the others had trouble fighting the guy. Maybe it would have been better if I fought that rock guy at least he would have been more fun.

Cinderblock tried to hit raven with his punches but she used her shield to block his attacks. Isamu would appear behind cinderblock and used some of his hand to hand combat moves to bring down the giant rock monster. But when he did cinderblock would try and hit him but with Isamu's speed it made it hard for cinderblock to lay a punch. Isamu dodge one of his attacks and moved away for raven to use her powers to lift some of the destroyed cars and use them against cinderblock. She tossed some of them towards him slowing him down. Enough for Isamu to deliever a swift kick to the back of the head sending the monster to his knees. When he did Isamu appeared infront of him and then superkicked him. Raven then used her powers to lift a damage truck near her and then threw it on cinderblock crushing him.

"Well that was easy" said Isamu as he walked towards where raven was. Just then cinderblock began to move when two bodies landed on him knocking him out. Both were Atlas and Adonis were knocked out and were tied up. The two looked over where they were thrown and saw Hikari and cyborg walking towards them. "Which one of you two did that?" asked Isamu.

"That was me so what?" I said as I walked towads Isamu and raven.

"Hikari we had the situation under control there was no need to use those two as weapons" said raven who didn't seem happy with what Hikari did.

"Relax I threw Atlas first so Adonis wouldn't get crushed what's the big problem?" I asked.

"Relax you two just next time Hikari be careful two may not be human but their still living beings. Now then who's turn is it to take them in?" askedd Isamu.

"I'll take them I need to buy some new equipment for my car" said cyborg as he volunteered to take the criminals to jail.

"I'll go too I need to pick up a new book I had reserved weeks ago" said raven as she also volunteered to help cyborg with the criminals.

"Okay well don't be out long. We'll meet up back at the tower" said Isamu. Raven and cyborg nodded and went over to pick up the criminals and take them to jail.

As they took off Isamu and I decided to fix up the streets and buildings from our fights. Since the attack from Talsein we caused some buildings and streets to be destroyed. With the economy the way it is we decided to help the city by fixing some of the things we broke. I started working on the street while Isamu worked on the buidlings.

"You know if we used our soul reaper powers to beat the criminals up fast we wouldn't have to keep rebuilding everything we break" I said as I started fixing the street I caused damage to.

"True but then again where's the fun in that Hikari. I know our powers can help us end fights quickly but if we did that then it would be boring. I want to have some fun when I fight a opponent, using my powers on a weak opponents like those three wouldn't be as much fun" said Isamu as he started fixing the building near him.

"I guess so, still I would like to end these fights soon so I can spend some time with my friends and Nicki. She's so lonley when we leave her at the tower...why did robin and the others have to go see the titans east and leave us alone with you in charge" I said. When robin left he put Isamu in charge. Raven and cyborg were okay with it and so was I mostly because he let's us sleep when we want and doesn't make us train early in the morning like bird boy does.

"Because robin said they needed some help looking for some of the criminals that escaped from the city. They needed help so robin volunteer, so did starfire, beastboy, and terra. Robin put me in charge and told the others to stay incase there is trouble. I guess he thinks if we all leave Slade or some other criminal will try and take the city" said Isamu as he finished fixing the buildings.

"I guess so, still you didn't need our help with these guys you could have taken them on your own so I can be with Nicki" I said missing my poor dog already.

"I know look let's finish up here, buy some food, and then head back" said Isamu.

"Okay, oh before I forget Master Hanako wants to see us in New york tomorrow. She say's there is something important she wants to tell us" I said.

"Tomorrow? Can't go raven's birthday is in a few days and I need to find a gift for her. She doesn't like parties mostly her birthday so I need to find something to get her and try and get her in the birthday mood" said Isamu reminding Hikari of raven's birthday.

"Oh right well you could come and find a gift in the city. There's got to be something to get her in New york. Come on Isamu please we haven't seen Master Hanako in months and I miss her please" I said pleading to my brother to come with my puppy eye look and my lips quivering.

"All right I'll come just stop with the look" said Isamu as he tired to turn away from the look.

"Yay" I said as I finished fixing the street and putting some of the not destroyed cars back where they are.

"We'll head there tomorrow, robin said they will be back in the afternoon so hopefully we will get the tower cleaned up, explain to them we need to go to New york, have some lunch, and then take off" said Isamu.

"Before or after you and raven have sex" I said. I was walking to the bathroom one night when I heard some moaning coming from raven's room. I listen in and I found out my brother and raven were doing it.

"Shut up about that already. Raven doesn't want the others to know what were doing. So you keep your mouth shut or I will tell everyone about your little secrets" said Isamu. When he returned to his room after he and raven had sex he found his sister in his room. It was there when he found out she knew about him and raven doing it. She promised not to say a word around the others or to their masters.

"Calm down I know I gave you my word and I will keep it. Now then let's get something to eat I am starving" I said as I headed off to the supermarket.

Isamu stayed behind sighting. He knew his sister wouldn't tell anyone about their privacy between him and raven. But does worry she might acciently say a word and that would not turn out good for him and raven. He looked around to make sure everything was fixed. When he did he took off after his sister to buy some food for when the others returned.

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