Chapter 19 is here and this will be the conclusion of the fights from the last chapter. We are now one chapter away from the end my friends and I cannot wait for it to happen. I have been waiting for this story to end for a long time now ever since I started writing it I believe a year ago. Weird huh, I hope this chapter ends well and hope you all like it. Here it is chapter 19 enjoy.

The End: Black wolf vs. White wolf

Soul society 20 years ago

In the soul society 20 years ago there was a meeting the soul reaper captains were having. Ronin Suzuki ran into the meeting interrupting the captains meeting. Genryusai the head captain looked over and saw Ronin coming in.

"Ronin Suzuki we did not call for you" said Genryusai.

"Sorry old man but I just heard what happened. Is it true what I heard? Please tell me it's all a lie" said Ronin as he entered the room.

"I'm afraid it's true my old friend it appears Talsein Yamamoto has betrayed us. He killed three soul reapers during a mission in the human world" said Genryusai.

"That can't be it must be a mistake" said Ronin refusing to believe that his former apprentice and his friend would do such a thing.

"We have a survivor who told us what happened. Talsein killed a bunch of humans who were had earlier killed some civilians near a local village" said Captain Soi Fon of squad two. "Talsein hunted them down and killed them all without any leaving one alive. When three of his squad members tried to stop him he killed them all and left the fourth one alive."

Ronin was shocked by what he just heard. He never believed that Talsein would do such a thing. He knew Talsein was troubled by the humans but not enough to do this. He still couldn't believe Talsein would do this. "Where is he then? What are you planning on doing? And have you told Hayami about this?" asked Ronin.

"We don't know, he disappeared but we think he is here in the soul society. Captain Genryusai has order us all to find him and bring him in. And no we didn't tell Hayami we have several of our men keeping an eye on her in case Talsein shows up" said Captain Unohana.

"Good I'll go see her and make sure she is safe" said Ronin as he was about to leave Genryusai stopped him.

"No Ronin you are staying here while we deal with this ourselves" said Genryusai as he stood up. "This is a matter for the soul reapers to deal with, you are retired this is not any of your business."

"Not my business? He is my friend I must stop him if these accusations are true" said Ronin as he turned back to the other captains. "Hayami is my daughter and Hanako is my granddaughter I refuse to let them get hurt if they find out the truth."

"Hanako is also my granddaughter Ronin and I see Hayami as a daughter as well. But I cannot allow your feelings to get in the way of this mission" said Genryusai. "If you refuse to stay then we will have no choice but to stop you then."

As the other soul reaper captains minus Retsu Unohana, Shunsui Kyoraku, and Jushiro Ukitake prepared their swords. "If any of you draw your swords or even you old man, then I swear to you it will be the last thing you ever do" said Ronin as threaten the other captains by showing off his spiritual energy. Everyone seemed nervous by Ronin's power except for Genryusai. "Let me try to turn him in please that is all I am asking."

"Very well you have one hour but if you do not bring him in then we will have no choice but to step in" said Genryusai as he ordered everyone to stand down. Ronin nodded and used his flash step to leave the room and head towards Hayami's house.

Talsein what have you done my friend.


Ronin woke up and saw he was in a crater. He got up and saw he had some wounds on his right shoulder. He looked up and saw Deathstar looking down on him. Ronin soon remembered what happened. During his fight with Tetsip as Ronin was about to end the fight Deathstar snuck up from behind and stabbed him in the right shoulder. Ronin tried to hit Deathstar but he dodged it and kicked him in the face sending him towards the ground.

"Hey old man get up I ain't done with you yet" said Deathstar.

"Old man' why you little punk no one calls me old?" said Ronin angry that Deathstar called him old.

"Deathstar back off he's mine" said Tetsip as he got up and wanted to continue fighting Ronin.

"No way he's mine I'll be the one to fight him" said Deathstar refusing to back down from Tetsip.

"Why don't you two come and fight me at the same time instead of bickering on who should fight me?" said Ronin as he decided he would fight both of them at the same time.

Both men looked at each other and nodded in agreement. "Very well prepare yourself Ronin Suzuki" said Tetsip as he and Deathstar surrounded Ronin. "Take this Jigoku no hi no taihō (inferno fire cannon)!" said Tetsip as he launched a massive fire ball towards Ronin.

Ronin dodged the attack as Deathstar appeared behind him and tried to pierce him with his blade. Ronin blocked the blade attack and pushed Deathstar off. Tetsip charged at Ronin and tried to hit him with one of his fire attacks but Ronin blocked it as well. Ronin soon went on the offense as he shoulder blocked Tetsip and began to attack Deathstar with some blade strikes and thrusts. Ronin manage to connect with his attacks but they were only flesh wounds. Deathstar stopped the last attack and Tetsip appeared from behind. Ronin held his sword with one hand as he stopped the other attack with his claw gloves. Tetsip's fire sword was soon causing the gloves to lose its resiliency against the fire so Ronin headbutted Deathstar and punched Tetsip in the face backing him off. Ronin put his sword away and began to lay some punches on Tetsip.

Ronin hit some jabs on the gut and the face both hard. Ronin then punched Tetsip hard enough to send him towards a nearby wall. Deathstar tried to stab Ronin but Ronin stopped the blade and punched Deathstar across the face. Ronin took out his sword and hit Deathstar with one of his attacks. "O tora no hoko (king tiger roar)" Ronin shouted as a white faced tiger roar hit Deathstar towards another wall. Ronin used his flash step and cut the support beams of the building causing it to crumble on top of Deathstar.

Ronin backed away from the building as he tried to regain his breath. Damn it's been too long since I had to face two youngsters at the same time. Thought Ronin as he looked over where Tetsip hit and back to where Deathstar was. I'm getting too old for this shit. Ronin then heard some noises coming near where he threw his opponents.

Tetsip and Deathstar emerged from the rubble and turned to Ronin. "Well you two ready for round two?" asked Ronin.

"Let's do this?" said Tetsip as he spat out blood and attacked him.


Raven and terra had helped most of the soul reapers out of the mansion while the others who had some strength helped round up the followers of Talsein. Raven was healing one of the captains of the soul society captain Soi Fon.

"Is she going to be okay?" asked Terra as she walked towards her friend.

"She's going to be fine Talsein injected them all with somekind of paralyzing drug. It has weakened them and has weakened their powers" said raven as she finished healing Soi Fon.

"So they won't be able to help Ronin or Isamu?" said terra who seemed worried for both Isamu and Ronin.

"They'll be fine Isamu told me that Ronin is one of the last few soul reapers who was born when the soul society was born. So he should be able to handle Tetsip and Deathstar with the moves he has up his sleeve" said raven who didn't seemed worried for Ronin.

"As for Isamu…before I would be worried about him fighting Talsein. I worry he would be killed ever since Hikari showed me that vision of Isamu being killed" said Raven as she remembered the vision Hikari had about Isamu being killed by Talsein. "But now…I don't know why but when I saw him the look in his eyes. The look he had showed me he was ready to face Talsein and maybe that new bound confidence he has will help him beat Talsein."

Terra could tell even by what raven said she was still worried about Isamu. But she knew she couldn't let herself say it or show it. She needed to believe in Isamu, all of them do. If they don't then how can Isamu believe in himself if his friends and love ones don't? "Raven he'll come back and he will win" said terra as she tried to cheer raven up by giving her a hug.

"Thank you terra" said raven as she returned the hug.


Meanwhile in the meadow slade and Misa were fighting in the meadow. Slade had tried to hit Misa with several fireballs but Misa dodged them all. Misa threw several exploding shurikens towards Slade who dodged them. Last time he shield himself with the shurikens using his firewall the explosions broke the firewall and send slade out of the mansion into a lake.

Slade suffered some wounds where Misa threw some kunai knifes to both his shoulders and one on his leg. Slade's armor made sure the knifes didn't go all the way through but they did made him bleed when he took them out.

Misa then took out her sword which was electrical She tried to hit slade with some quick thrusts and strikes but slade was able to dodge them all. Slade then attempted to use his powers against her but Misa was able to dodge them all and use her quickness to get away from slade.

Slade launched a massive fireball towards Misa who cut the fire in half with her sword. Slade was surprise by this and knew this was taking a lot out of him. "Not so easy using those powers when you're alive huh?" said Misa as she noticed slade was getting exhausted. "When you were dead you didn't need to worry about losing energy or stamina. But alive your body becomes weak especially at your age slade."

"True but this old body still has some tricks up his sleeve" said slade as he took out a staff and ignited it on fire. Misa knew where slade was going with this as she approached slade and got ready for what slade had up to his sleeve.

Slade charged at Misa and tried to hit her with his fire staff. Misa blocked the attacks with her sword as it was able to resist the fire keeping it from melting or getting destroyed. Misa continued on the defense till slade missed with one of his attacks and Misa was able to strike slade's left side cutting him and electrocuting him a bit.

Slade backed off a bit as he clutched his left side. "Give up slade and I will give you a merciful death" said Misa.

"Not going to happen Misa like I said I still got some tricks up my sleeve that will help me defeat you" said slade as he refused to surrender.

"[Sigh] I tried to give you a way out but it seems you leave me no choice" said Misa as she threw more shurikens at slade who ducked out of the way and launched a fireball towards Misa. Misa dodged the attack and charged at slade who ran into a forest. Misa followed him and saw him hide behind a tree. Misa jumped on the three and came down on slade as he jumped out of the way. He then tried to hit Misa and some of his punches but Misa dodged them all and when slade missed one of his punches she saw her chance and cut off slade's right hand and kicked him.

Slade clutched his bleeding right hand and saw Misa near the tree slade hid behind taking out another sword and got ready to end this. "See what happens when you try to play the good guy slade. It always ends badly for scums like you" said Misa.

"Actually to tell you the truth I'm not such a nice guy myself" said slade as he took out a detonator and activated it. Misa looked behind her and saw a bomb slade had planted on the tree. Before she had a chance to duck out of the way the bomb exploded launching her across the snow till she hit a tree.

Slade got up slowly and took out a long cloth. He wrapped it around his wound to keep him from bleeding as he approached Misa. He saw she had her face covered in cuts and a burn mark. She also looked to be dead until slade checked her pulse and to his surprise she was alive but barley.

"Told you so" said Slade as he picked her up slowly on his shoulder and headed back to the mansion.

Sahara desert

Both Talsein and I have been continuing our fight through the desert. So far we have been going toe to toe with each other and have only suffered minimal damage. Some cuts on our chest, legs, arms, shoulders, and gut. But yet we didn't allow those wounds nor the pain to slow us down.

Luckily thanks to my training I have been able to maintain my hollowfication form for twenty minutes. So far it's been seven minutes and we have both pushed each other to our limits. I still got plenty left in me but I know that if I was going to win I needed to find that opening that Ronin told me about and take it.

"Arghhhh take this Kuro kiba ha (black fang blade)!" shouted Talsein as another one of his attacks aimed right towards me.

I dodged it and tried to counter attack. "My turnUrufufanguburēdo (wolf fang blade)!"I shouted as my attack aimed for Talsein but somehow he was able to swipe it away. I couldn't believe Talsein just swiped it away like it was child's play.

"What's the matter Isamu surprised? I know all of your attacks and what damage they can do. You think I send my followers against you to kill you? No I send them to test you and to see what you are capable of" said Talsein as he placed his mask over his head.

"Did they show you this move then?" I said as I concentrated and soon I made three other doppelgangers of me appear.

"Heh no but that is child's play to me" said Talsein as he concentrated and made six more doppelgangers. I couldn't believe he could make that many and he wasn't losing too much power when he did. "Now attack" ordered Talsein as his seven doppelgangers charged in and attacked my doppelgangers.

I saw how two of my doppelgangers teamed up to fight three of Talsein's while the other two took on the other three. So far both teams were working well together when Talsein's killed one of them making it a three on one. Fortunately my other two were able to beat three of the other group but one got killed by the last one. All four of Talsein's doppelgangers teamed up and charged at my last two who took out two of Talsein's but were killed by the other.

Now I was alone and had three Talsein's to deal with. The original and the two doppelgangers, the original stayed back while the other two charged at me. I dodged their attacks and ducked the last few slices that were aimed for my head and vital organs. As I dodged the last one, one of the doppelgangers came up from behind me and had his arms under my arms holding me in a full nelson. I couldn't move and tried to get out but the doppelganger held me tight.

The second one aimed his sword and tried to hit me. I headbutted the doppelganger behind him hitting him in the nose. Then I moved out of the way as the second doppelganger killed the first one. Then I swung around with my sword and sliced the doppelganger's head off. I know it wasn't the real Talsein but it did feel good what I did.

I turned to Talsein as he was clapping from my performance. "Well done Isamu well done. I am impress despite the situation you were in you still able to get yourself out of the situation."

"I didn't come here to impress you Talsein I came to defeat you and find out about some things" I said as I tried to catch my breath.

"Oh and what things are those then?" asked Talsein wondering what I wanted.

"Why me Talsein? Why did you choose me? Why did you kill my parents? Why did you betray everyone? Why did you betray everything everyone you cared about?" I asked wondering why he did all of these things.

Talsein kept quiet and knew that the time for him to answer Isamu has come. "I shall tell you your last two questions for now and if you defeat me I will answer the three first ones deal?" asked Talsein.

I shook my head and transformed back as did Talsein so we wouldn't waste our powers. "This began 20 years ago about a year before you were born and around the time your parents left two years earlier to live in the human world" said Talsein as he explained to me why he betrayed everyone.

Soul society 20 years ago

Talsein entered the soul society and made his way towards his home. He looked around and kept hidden making sure he wasn't spotted by anyone. Talsein saw several soul reapers nearby and it looked like they were looking for someone. Talsein knew who it was and why.

While in the human world doing a mission he killed several terrorist who massacred an entire because they believed they were supplying for their enemies. This made Talsein mad and he went after them and killed them all. Three of his squad members tried to stop him but he killed them all as well but spared the fourth one when he realized what he did and ran off.

Talsein knew the soul reaper he spared would tell the others which means they would be after him. He knew they would he just wished they wouldn't for just a bit more weeks. Talsein had planned to leave the soul society and take his wife and daughter as well. His plans began when he found a secret room containing spells and incantation that helped Talsein learned of a ritual that could change the world to the view of the users.

Talsein had plan to use this spell but needed help and needed to bring his wife and daughter along as well to keep them from being harmed. He needed time so he could convince his wife but now has no time. He ran towards his home and saw some guards keeping an eye out. He approached them and killed them all. Once they were out of the way he entered his home through the backyard and saw his wife standing outside worried.

Hayami saw Talsein and ran towards him. Talsein embraced Hayami as they kissed and hugged. "Oh Talsein I have been so worried where have you been?" asked Hayami.

"Ran into some trouble but I'm okay are you where is Hanako?" asked Talsein.

"She's inside sleeping Talsein what is going on? I have been hearing some things about you and something about what happened in the human world" said Hanako now sounding worried. "Talsein please tell me what is going on?"

"Hayami I did something bad I am not going to lie to you. But I want you to know that I am sorry for what I did, but I want you to know that it wasn't intentional" said Talsein as he tried to calm his wife down. "Honey I am planning something, something that will help our future. Help both our worlds future, for it to work though I may need to do some things that may seem wrong but in the end they will all seem right."

"Talsein what do you mean? What are you planning?" asked Hayami now worried for what her husband did and is planning.

"I am planning on changing our worlds and making it better for our children to live in. No longer will we have to worry about wars, crimes, or deaths. We will have peace for our worlds both the human and the soul societies" said Talsein.

"Talsein it's not possible what you saying is impossible for it to work" said Hayami.

"It is unless what you intend to do is against the laws of the world. Isn't that right my old apprentice?" said Ronin as he appeared from the house.

"Master Suzuki what are you doing here?" asked Talsein wondering what his former master was doing in his house.

"I heard what you did and I needed to find you so I know the truth. But it appears that what I heard is true" said Ronin as he approached his apprentice. Talsein moved Hayami away as he began to walk around his master. "Tell me why are you doing this Talsein? Why would you do this?" asked Ronin as he also began to walk around in circle.

"Why you ask? Why not? These humans are nothing but a bunch of heartless creatures that don't deserve our protection. They lie, steal, and kill their own and for what money, power, sex, and control" said Talsein as he explained his actions. "I look around and see children being used to work in factories that cause them death, children being forced into prostitution, and seeing children thrown into war."

"What the humans do in their world is of their own choices Talsein. It is not up to us to make those changes" said Ronin.

"Why not? We have the power to change their world but we're too selfish to do anything. We have the power and technology to do something but we are too selfish with our own pride to do anything about it" said Talsein.

"Talsein the humans have to learn of their mistakes and they must do things on their own. We can only help them deal with the hollows and other spiritual things that are beyond their power to stop" said Hayami. "Please don't make what you did any worse, please you promised."

"I'm sorry Hayami I did promise you, but I cannot let our daughter go through this. I will not let our daughter see this kind of violence and pain. Not while I am standing" said Talsein.

"Talsein please what would Ichiro and Mikazuki think of this. They both looked up to you and they both respect you. Don't do this please as the godfather of their future child shouldn't you try to not do this for them?" said Hayami.

"I know but I only hope if they respect me so much they will understand what I am going to do. If not maybe they're child will" said Talsein.

"Talsein if you're going to go through with this then you will leave me no choice but to stop you then. In the name of the soul society you're under arrest Talsein Yamamoto" said Ronin as he took out his sword.

"You dare threaten me in my house master?" said Talsein as he took out his sword.

"That depends are you coming in quietly or do I have to force you to surrender?" said Ronin who seemed more serious than before.

"So be it then" said Talsein as he used his flash step and tried to stab Ronin but Ronin blocked the blade and pushed Talsein back. Talsein tried to hit Ronin but Ronin dodged the attacks and grabbed his hand. He kicked him in the gut and threw Talsein over but Talsein grabbed Ronin's hand and flipped him over.

Talsein charged at Ronin but he got up and clotheslined Talsein causing him to drop his sword. Ronin tried to stab him but Talsein grabbed the blade and threw it away. Talsein tried several jabs to the gut but Ronin blocked them away. Ronin tried to hit Talsein with some of his huge punches but Talsein dodged them all and delivered a high jump kick knocking Ronin down on one knee. Then Talsein tried to punch him but Ronin grabbed his hand and threw him towards one of the trees. Ronin grabbed his sword and tried to stab Talsein who charged at Ronin's knee hitting both his feet on Ronin's right knee causing him to fall. Talsein jumped over and grabbed his sword as Ronin staggered to get up on his feet. Talsein saw his chance and tried to stab Ronin. But as he did Hayami stood in front of the attack as the blade pierced her through the chest.

Talsein and Ronin were shocked by what happened as Hayami fell to the ground. Talsein lowered himself and held his wife. He pulled the sword out and tried to keep her alive. But it was no use, Talsein had pierced her heart and she was losing blood fast. "Hayami I am so sorry why did you…why did…why did you do that?" asked Talsein.

"Be-bec-because I couldn't let you make another mistake that you would regret. Tasl-Talsein pl-please don-don't do bec-beco-become who you're not" said Hayami as she tried to stay alive. "I l-lov-love you Talsein and pl-please don't be who yo-your…not" Hayami soon took her last breath before she closed her eyes and died in Talsein's arms.

Talsein was in shock as he slowly lowered his wife's head down. He son backed away still in shock by what he did. Ronin approached his daughter and lifted her dead body into his arms. "My Hayami, my daughter I'm sorry" said Ronin as he placed his head on hers.

Talsein stood up and looked down on his master and his dead wife who he killed. Talsein looked down on his hands and saw the blood of his own wife's blood. Ronin looked at his former apprentice and saw the look on his face. Both men didn't say anything but Talsein could sense more soul reapers coming. He looked back at his master and his wife one more time before leaving.

Ronin held his daughter tight wishing she was still alive and not him. "Mommy?" Ronin turned to the house where he saw Hanako standing. "Grandpa Ronin what happened to mommy and why did daddy run away?" asked Hanako.

Ronin laid Hayami down and walked towards Hanako. He lifted her up and held her close for a hug. "Mommy is sleeping right now and daddy…is going to get some help everything will be all right okay?" said Ronin as he tried to keep Hanako from finding out what happened.

"Okay" said Hanako as she closed her eyes and drifted back to sleep.


I was surprised by what Talsein told me on how he turned away from the soul society and what happened to his wife. I never knew the full truth of why Talsein turned on the soul society and how his wife died. It made me feel bad for him he wanted to change the world for his wife only to kill her by accident.

"So now you know the truth Isamu. Hayami died because of me and now I want to make up for that sin by recreating the world in the way she would have wanted it" said Talsein.

"But you killed her by accident and she didn't want the world to change. She wanted you Talsein, not this utopia. Besides from what you said it wasn't your fault she died it was an accident" I said.

"No it was my fault, I killed her with my own sword and I regret for what I did everyday" said Talsein as he felt bad for what he did to his wife. "I know she would not want me to go through with this but I have to. Not just for her but for the innocents that have suffered the evil that they have been through."

"I wish to give the ones who are innocent a chance for peace and hope. So that they don't have to worry about war, famine, or corruption" said Talsein. "Isn't that what you want Isamu? For your friends, family, future wife and child? Don't you want your child to grow up in a peaceful world instead of a corrupted one?"

"Your right that does sound like a dream come true for many like myself. But I know that forcing people into this new world when they are not ready will not give your new world peace" I said.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Talsein.

"Forcing people to change will only cause trouble giving them a chance to change will help make your dream come true Talsein. Give these people a chance to change, I have seen it and I know they can Talsein if you give them a chance" I said.

"I have waited too long for them to change Isamu and they're time to change is up. If they won't change now then all you have hoped for will be dashed away" said Talsein refusing to give the humans anymore time.

"Then I will have no choice but to stop you here and now Talsein" I said knowing there was no other way to end this fight but to end it by fighting.

"Show me Isamu" said Talsein as he placed his mask back down on his face and his spiritual pressure went off. "Show me the power Ronin helped you gain. Because if you hold back on me then I will have no choice but to kill you."

"Before we fight you still need to answer me my first three questions" I said as my hollow mask appeared over my head.

"Like I said Isamu you must defeat me first before I can tell you now let's begin" said Talsein as he got ready to fight.

"Fine just don't blame me when I beat you" I said as I pulled my mask back over my face and my power erupted. "Let's end this."


Back in the in the abandon city Ronin was able to hold off Tetsip by blocking some of his attacks. But every time he was able to push Tetsip off and nearly defeat him, Deathstar got involve and stabs him in the back. Ronin was able to hold off Deathstar despite his speed and agility. Deathstar tried to stab Ronin again but Ronin caught him and threw him off. He grabbed his swords and broke them as he tried to stab Deathstar. But Deathstar moved out of the way and Ronin's sword got stuck to the boulder. Deathstar got on Ronin and applied a sleeper hold on him.

Ronin tried to grab Deathstar and tried to get him off him. But Deathstar had a tight grip around his neck which made it hard to breathe and concentrate. Ronin was soon losing oxygen as he was on one knee. Soon he fell on his other knees then was on his hands and feet. Deathstar got off him and jumped off Ronin and landed his knees over Ronin's head crashing Ronin's face to the ground hard.

Deathstar walked over and grabbed a piece from his sword. Once he had it in his hand he saw Ronin struggling to get up. Ronin was bleeding from his forehead and looked like he was done.

"Such a shame, I really expected more from the man who trained our master" said Deathstar as he was now in front of Ronin. "I guess it's up to me to put this old tiger out of his misery" said Deathstar as he got ready to bring down his blade on Ronin.

Ronin tried to move but his body didn't respond. He closed his eyes and tried to muster up any strength he had left till he turned his head over and saw someone. He looked over and saw a woman wearing a white dress. She had a long brown hair which was tied in a ponytail and her eyes were blue. Ronin knew she looked like his wife Azami as she said something to him. "Live" said Azami.

Ronin opened his eyes and quickly grabbed the sword with one hand and punched Deathstar with the other sending him towards where Ronin's sword was. Before Deathstar knew it he was pierced through the chest by the sword. Deathstar bleed from the mouth before he closed his eyes and died.

Ronin got up and walked over to Deathstar when Tetsip appeared in front of him. Ronin sighed and knew he wasn't done yet. "All right bring it on" said Ronin as he waited for Tetsip to make his move.

Tetsip instead put his sword away and returned to normal. He walked over to his friend and removed the sword from him slowly. He then placed his friend down on the ground and threw the sword back to Ronin.

"Why?" asked Ronin confused on why Tetsip gave him back his weapon.

"I can tell you don't have a lot left and neither do I. It would be pointless to fight when we're not at our best" said Tetsip as he lifted his friend's dead body.

"Agree so what happens now? You going to continue serving your master?" asked Ronin.

"If he survives yes if he loses I don't know. I do know one thing though, he knew this would happen and left me with one last task to complete should he lose" said Tetsip.

"And that task would be what?" asked Ronin.

"You'll know in time, goodbye Ronin Suzuki I hope we meet again in the future and I hope your apprentice does win. Since I still got an old score to settle" said Tetsip as he bowed his head in respect before disappearing.

Ronin sighed in relief and walked over towards a nearby rock and sat down. "Damn glad that ended well, I really hate being old" said Ronin as he looked up into the sky. "Thank you Azami I hope to see you soon."

Sahara Desert

Talsein and Isamu continued their fight all around the desert causing the sands, clouds, and dust to break away. Both men continued their battle even launching their best attacks at each other. Isamu had tried to hit Talsein with his wolf fang blade attack but Talsein swiped them away with his sword or countered them with a kido spell.

Talsein charged at Isamu and was able to tackle him to the ground causing Isamu to lose his sword. Talsein then attempted to stab Isamu but he blocked the sword and threw it away. Both men were now going fist to fist with each other. Isamu tried several jabs but Talsein dodged them then countered with some of his own jabs to the face causing Isamu's mask to crack. Talsein then tried to punch Isamu again but Isamu ducked and delivered an upper cut. He then began to hit some kicks to Talsein to the gut then a jump high swift kick across the face sending him to the ground. Isamu grabbed his sword and tried to hit his attack. Talsein jumped up and shot out a zero blast at Isamu. Isamu not having enough time to counter with his swords attack waited till the zero blast was shot off then he used his flash step and appeared on the ground near Talsein. He then shot off his own zero blast towards Talsein who flipped back as the blast just barley passed over him.

Once it passed Talsein got up Isamu came at him with a punch but Talsein grabbed his arm and flipped him over. Talsein then tried to stomp Isamu but Isamu rolled over then used his legs to trip Talsein. Isamu got up and tried to attack Talsein but Talsein got both his feet up and kicked Isamu away from him. Talsein grabbed his sword and soon the two were fighting sword with sword.

Talsein tried to hit Isamu with some quick thrusts but Isamu blocked them all. However one got through and hit his right face causing his mask to crack some more. Isamu stopped the last attack and then moved Talsein's sword away. Allowing him to try to hit some of his quick thrusts and strikes from all different directions, he managed to hit some but Talsein was quick enough to make sure those hits were minimal.

Both their swords clashed and both men were trying to push the other off. But neither one showed any signs of giving in. Both men's spiritual pressure began to shake the area around them and cause a crater to form beneath them by the power from both men. Talsein's mask soon began to crack but slowly unlike Isamu's which was beginning to crack quickly. Isamu decided to stop this so he whipped his head back and brought it back hard hitting Talsein in the head. Once both men staggered back they came back shooting each other off with a zero blast sending both men across the desert.

I got up slowly groaning in pain as I slowly got up. I looked down on my chest and saw the burn mark from the zero blast. I tried to heal it but noticed my mask was cracking. I didn't have enough time I needed to end this fight soon. I levitated up and flew where I saw Talsein getting up as well. I saw his mask was almost gone as well. Both of us didn't have enough energy left which means our next attack would be our last.

"I think it's time we end this don't you?" asked Talsein. "One more big attack."

"That's fine with me let's do this here I come" I said as I gathered up enough of my spiritual energy for one last attack. I could sense Talsein was doing the same, we both knew that our next attack could be our last but we didn't care we needed to end this once and for all and we didn't care how we just needed it to end.

"Here we go take this" shouted Talsein as he charged towards me in his black aura.

I soon did the same as a white aura covered me as well. We soon charged towards each other with both our powers at our maximum. Both of us let out a loud battle cry before our swords clashed one more time engulfing us in a bright black and white light blinding the entire desert and our faith.


I return to Alcatraz thanks to Harold when he transported us to Alcatraz where we saw everyone rounding up the destroyed robots. I saw Master Hanako speaking with Captain Unohana while I was greeted by the other titans.

"Friend Hikari we are so glad to see your okay" said starfire as she gave her friend a massive hug.

"Good to [gasp] see you guys [gasp] are okay too [gasp] can't breathe though star" I said as starfire released me.

"Hikari how did it go? Did you catch Mark?" asked robin.

"No sorry guys he got away before I had a chance to catch him. I did though manage to defeat the four arm robot guy and took these two as souvenirs" I said as I showed them the two weapons Grievous used on me he called them lightsabers.

"Wow those look like the same weapons shown on "Clash of the Planets." said beastboy remembering the movie he saw.

"Except unlike that movie beastboy this was real and the guy using them was more dangerous than the ones in the movie" I said.

"Anyways did you hear anything from Isamu?" asked cyborg deciding to change the subject.

"No not yet but I did sense two powerful energies coming from across the world" I said remembering the power I sensed before I left Nevada.

"Do you think that one of these powers came from Isamu?" asked starfire.

"It's got to be and I bet he's kicking Talsein's butt all over Russia" said beastboy.

"No question about it Isamu is going to beat Talsein. We just have to have faith in him and hope he will win" said robin.

"He'll be fine Hikari" said cyborg as he placed his hand on my shoulder.

"Thanks guys I really hope he's all right" I said looking out into the sky hoping Isamu was okay.

Sahara Desert

Back in the desert the light finally died down and the dust began to clear up. In the middle of the desert were Talsein and Isamu who both stood across from each other. Both men didn't move nor did they say a word. Suddenly Isamu fell on his knees but stopped falling thanks to his sword. Isamu gasped for air as he had a gash on his upper right shoulder and was bleeding a lot.

Talsein looked back at Isamu then smiled. "Damn kid you did good" said Talsein as his sword broke in half before falling. "You did good" said Talsein as he fell face first to the floor.

I looked back and saw Talsein was on the ground. I smiled and was glad that I won before falling as well and losing consciousness.


Meanwhile deep in a dark cave were several men outside the cave wearing police uniforms. Tetsip appeared and the guards bowed to him. Then a man wearing a white coat and a surgical mask came out of the cave bowing his head to Tetsip.

"Master Tetsip I take it you being here means that" said the man in white coat.

"Yes Dr. Zane our master's plan has failed. I no longer sense his spiritual energy which means we can assume the worst has happened" said Tetsip as he entered the cave with the doctor. "By the way how is she?" asked Tetsip.

"She went into labor a few minutes ago and it took me a while but it all went as Master Yamamoto said it would" said Dr. Zane as he led Tetsip towards a curtain.

"So this means that?" asked Tetsip guessing what Dr. Zane meant.

Zane pulled the curtain away and in the middle of the cave was a woman in her 20's. She had long black hair, blue eyes, and was holding a small sleeping baby in her arms. Tetsip approached the woman who saw Tetsip as he bowed to her.

"Lady Kisara are you all right?" asked Tetsip.

"I'm tired but all right. Thank you for coming….I take it since you're here that the plan failed?" asked Kisara.

"Yes I'm sorry ma'am for what happened" said Tetsip as he bowed to Kisara.

"It's not your fault you cannot blame yourself for what happened. These things happen for a reason. All that matters is that we're all right…and that my son is all right" said Kisara as she held her son close.

"He looks like his father…have you given him a name yet lady Kisara?" asked Tetsip as he looked over the boy.

"Yes his name will be the name his father gave told me to give him. His name will be Ryu…Ryu Yamamoto" said Kisara.

Chapter 19 is done and I hope the ending was good for all of you and how it all ended. I really hope the fight between Isamu and Talsein was good for all of you readers. Also hope you liked the way I ended it was well.

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