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Returns and Goodbyes

Titans tower

Isamu and I returned to the tower to talk about their trip to New york and were preparing to make some food for when the other titans return from their trip. When they got back Isamu and I entered the common room where Nicki was waiting for us as she pounced on Isamu and began to lick his face. "Damn it Nicki I told you to stop doing that" said Isamu.

"Awww it just shows she misses you Isamu. You can't blame her for missing us come here Nicki" I said as Nicki got off Isamu and began to lick my face. I laughed when she did that it tickled.

"I don't care if she does that again I am going to do something about it" said Isamu as he got up and walked over to the kitchen to drop off the bags filled with their food.

"No you won't you love dogs and you can't hurt them even if you say so" I said as I carried Nicki towards the kitchen to feed her.

"Although that may be true that doesn't mean I can't try right? Anyways I need to get the food started before the others arrive sooo put the dog away and help me cook" said Isamu as he put some of the food away and left the rest out to begin cooking.

"Sure so what are you planning on telling the others about us leaving?" I asked after I put some food and water for Nicki and put on an apron to cook.

"Wait why should I be the one to tell them? Your the one who wants to go you tell them?" said Isamu not wanting to be the one to tell his friends their leaving for a few days.

"Oh no I don't want to be the one to tell them it should be you since you were here first" I said refusing to tell the others they were leaving.

"I'm the one cooking you should be the one to tell them. Look here's the plan we feed them give them food and when their full you tell them" said Isamu.

"I don't know Isamu are you sure you don't want to tell raven first? She won't like it if you leave with...well you know" I said to Isamu. After few days after Talsein attacked Ronin told me to tell Isamu about the dream I had. Isamu seemed surprise by what I saw, and understood why raven seemed worried about him more than usual. He promised he wouldn't confront Talsein till he was ready, Ronin trained us a bit before leaving helping us grow stronger. But that didn't matter to raven she was still worried that Talsein would come after Isamu if he leaves somewhere else.

"Don't worry I know she will worry about me when I tell her. But she knows that our masters wouldn't call us somewhere if it wasn't important" said Isamu.

"Sooo are you going to tell her before lunch of after?" I asked wondering what Isamu will say.

"Hmmmm maybe before that way she can help us if the others don't like us leaving. I'll talk to her about it when she get's back. Now hurry up and help me with the food the faster we do this the faster we can get the place ready before the others get here" said Isamu as he started cooking.

"All right I just hope you know what your doing" I said as I started cooking helping her cook.


In San Diago, California there was a house build near the beach. Out in the balcony was a man who looked to be in his 50's. He was wearing a white sleevless muslce shirt with a blue shirt over it, he wore blue jeans, and was wearing some sandles. He was eating some lunch and reading the newspaper, when the door slide open and out came a women in her 30's. She was dressed in a long blue dress with high heels and had her hair tied in a pony tail that reacher her waist. "Are you packed yet?" asked the man as he continued reading the newspaper.

"Yes I did and I have my tickets and passport in my bag. I rechecked everything and my flight doesn't leave out till...well till I am ready" said the women as she sat down next to the man.

"Hanako just because you have a private jet doesn't mean you can make your pilots wait. They have other jobs to do and have families to get to. The last thing I want is for you to make them wait for three hours like you did last time" said the man.

"First of all I didn't make them wait three hours Ronin...it was two hours and fourty five minutes and I had an excuse. My client got hopped up on drugs and it took me hours for me to convince him his dog wasn't out to get him" said Hanako as she poured some orange juice into her cup.

"I really hate it when some of your clients are people who are nothing but trouble. The last one used you and Hikari as hostages during that bank hesit" said Ronin as he sat the newspaper down.

"Not his fault the owner of the bank took all of his money. Also we weren't hostages we were there to make sure he didn't do anything else stupid. Besides that situation turned out all right in the end, it always does" said Hanako.

"Just promise me your trip to New York isn't going to be like that situation again" said Ronin.

"Don't worry just meeting up with some old friends then I am going to spend the next two days with Isamu and Hikari" said Hanako.

"It has been a while since you've seen them. It will be nice for you three to hang out like before just don't take the boy shopping with you two. Last thing he wants is to carry all your bags like you two did to him last time" said Ronin remembering the last time they forced Isamu to carry their bags.

"Relax we're just going to hang out and have some fun. They deserve it after all they have been through its the least I can do for them" said Hanako as she took a piece of apple that was on the table and began to eat it.

"Do they know the real reason why you want to see them?" asked Ronin.

Hanako stopped eating the apple and paused for a moment before responding. "No they don't and I still think they shouldn't know at least not yet" said Hanako.

"I know you don't want to tell them Hanako but we have to. They need to know that something big will happen and they need to get themselves and their allies ready for when it happens" said Ronin.

"I know that but should we really get them involved in this. You and I can hanlde whatever comes our way, we don't need to get them involved in this" said Hanako.

"Their not kids anymore Hanako, we can't keep them out of this fight anymore. A war is coming and we will need all the help we can get in order for us to win this war. If we lose then everyone will lose, do you understand?" asked Ronin.

"I do grandpa and I will tell them...well I got to go I'll call you when I arrive take care grandpa" said Hanako as she got off the chair and gave Ronin a hug.

"You too little Hanako and be careful" said Ronin. Hanako nodded, she went over to pick up her bags and waved goodbye to her grandfather as she headed off to the airport.

Titans tower

"We're back" said cyborg as he and raven entered the room and saw the two siblings cooking.

"Welcome back did you guys have trouble dealing with the three stooges?" I asked as I put the lasagna in the oven along with the meat.

"Nothing we two couldn't hanlde. What are you two cooking?" asked raven as she saw down observing the two siblings as they finish making the food.

"Well my dear raven Hikari and I finished making several meals for everyone when they come back. Which shouldn't be long now" said Isamu as he began to clean up.

"Disappointed that your not going to be in charge anymore Isamu?" asked cyborg.

"Disappointed I am going to be relief once robin is in charge again" said Isamu.

"Don't like being in charge Isamu?" I said as I began to wash the dishes.

"Don't mind being in charge but I don't think being a leader is a job I want to have. Being a leader means alot of responsibility and proving yourself as the leader" said Isamu.

"You have Isamu, your a great leader and you have shown us that time and time again. I don't see why you wouldn't like being a leader. In fact if you ask I'm sure robin wouldn't mind giving you a team to lead with the other titans" said raven.

"If I did that then I wouldn't be here with you" said Isamu to his girlfriend. Raven slightly blush a little by what her boyfriend said to her. "Besides being leader is alot of hard work and you guys know I don't like doing hard work" said Isamu as he finished cleaning up and started putting some of the stuff away.

"That's true but what about cooking? Cooking takes time and it sometimes can be hard to do" said cyborg.

"True but only if you don't know what your doing. Besides cooking can be fun and in the end you get to eat what you cook" said Isamu.

"Awww now I'm hungry when will the meal be ready Isamu?" asked cyborg who sounded hungry.

"In a few hours, the lasagna will be ready before but that won't be for you it will be for raven. The meat will be yours, robin, starfire, and mine. The pasta will be Hikari's, terra, and beastboy's. But wait till everyone is here cyborg before we eat" said Isamu warning cyborg not to eat the food.

"Don't worry I'll keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't eat anything. In the meantime mind you and raven walk Nicki for me?" I asked Isamu.

"Fine just for a walk if she jumps me again she is spending the night outside" said Isamu as he put the leash around Nicki's collar and he and raven went out for a walk with the dog.

Isamu and raven were outside the tower where Isamu released Nicki from her leash allowing her to run around and do her buisness. While this happened Isamu and raven were near the door waiting for Nicki to finish. "So how are you feeling?" asked Isamu as he turned to raven.

"I'm fine still a little sore from last night but fine. What about you? You feeling better?" asked raven.

"I'm fine, our fight with overload left me a little tired but I'm all right. It's you I was worried, you took a big shock blast from him last night you sure your okay?" asked Isamu again concern for raven after their fight with overload last night.

"I'm fine Isamu it didn't hurt that much, it just left me a bit sore but other than that I'm okay" said raven reassuring Isamu that she was all right.

"Just wanted to be sure...by the way listen Master Hanako contacted Hikari and asked us to come to New york tomorrow. And before you say anything about not telling you sooner about this let me first say I just found out today after our fight. Hikari forgot to tell me and says we should go see her" said Isamu.

"When do you get back?" asked raven.

"We come back in two days...you okay with it?" asked Isamu.

"Of course why wouldn't I be okay with it?" asked raven.

Isamu didn't expect that answer from raven, he would figure she would want to come with them and make sure he would be all right. "Well I figure you would ask to come or at least give me a lecture on you don't think it's a good idea with Talsein out there and everything" said Isamu.

"Isamu it's okay I know I have been worrying about you with the whole Talsein thing. But I know you will be okay, I trust you will keep yourself out of trouble and stay out of danger" said raven.

"Thanks Rachel, so are you going to be okay without me and Hikari being here?" asked Isamu.

"We'll be fine Isamu, it's only for two days. Just be careful while your over there and stay out of trouble" said raven.

Isamu turned to raven and put his arms around raven to her waste and kissed her on the forhead. "I promise" said Isamu.

Raven put her arms around his neck and pulled him close for a kiss. "Thank you" said raven as the two stayed that way for a minute till Nicki came back braking.

"All right Nicki were going back inside let's go...by the way your birthday is coming up any ideas on what you want?" asked Isamu as he, raven, and Nicki walked back inside the tower.

"Nothing really I have what I need with you and the others. But I wish we didn't celebrate my birthday" said raven not wanting to celebrate her birthday after what happened last time.

"Come on Rachel it can't be that bad. I know what happened last time on your birthday but this year will be different I promise" said Isamu.

"Isamu I know you and the others are going to try and make that day a special day. But all I want to do is not celebrate my birthday and do nothing" said raven.

"Yeah not going to happen. The others have plan for your birthday, but so do I. I am going to give you a great birthday dinner and I will not take no for a answer. Come on Rachel have a little fun it's not everyday a beautiful girl like you turns 18 and celebrates it the way we do" said Isamu.

Raven blushed a little when Isamu called her beautiful. Raven knew Isamu was right, as much as she doesn't want to celebrate her birthday she knew her friends would even if she didn't want to. And she knew Isamu would make sure her birthday turned out well like all the dates they have both been out on. "All right fine just nothing too big Isamu and don't worry about the gift the only thing I want is for you to be here in one piece" said raven.

"Don't worry I will be...as long as Hanako and Hikari don't make me go with them to the mall and carry all their stuff like last time" said Isamu. Raven laughed a bit remembering the story Isamu told her about his mall experiences with Hikari and their master Hanako.

An hour later

"We're back!" said beastboy as he entered the common room where he saw the others waiting for them with the food ready.

"Welcome back y'all how was East city?" asked cyborg as he saw starfire, robin, and terra coming into the room with all their bags.

"It was fine, cold but still fine. How were thing's here?" asked terra.

"It's been quiet, granted there has been some crimes but nothing the four of us couldn't handle" said Hikari.

"Good to hear you guys didn't have any trouble" said robin.

"By the way what is that delicious smell?" asked starfire as she smelled the food coming from the kitchen.

"Isamu and Hikari made some lunch for when you guys got back" said raven.

"We made some lasagna, pasta, ribs, and some tofu for beastboy. Go ahead and dig in" said Isamu as he showed the other titans the food.

"Thanks Isamu and Hikari it looks delicious" said terra as she and the others walked towards the table and each took a piece of the food that is laid out before them.

After finishing their food Isamu and I decided now would be a good time to tell the others. We knew raven and cyborg would back us up if the others didn't want us to leave. My brother and I played rock, paper, scissors to find out who would tell the others. Unfortunately I lost so I had to be the one to tell them. "Um guys can I get your attention for a second please. There is something I need to tell you guys" I said. The other titans looked towards me wondering what I had to say.

"What is it Hikari?" asked terra.

"Okay well the thing is I got a call from Master Hanako a few days ago. She said she was going to New York and wanted us to come over to see her. We said yes and so tomorrow we are leaving to see her" I said waiting to hear what the others had to say.

"But we just go back together, can't your master come over and see you guys?" asked beastboy not wanting Isamu and Hikari to go.

"Yes like your other master Ronin did when he came to see you" said starfire remebering when Ronin came to meet them.

"She's meeting someone there and afterwards she is going to spend the next three days in New York before leaving. It won't be long it will only be for two days" said Isamu.

Before the others responded robin spoke. "Your right go see your master" said robin. The others looked at him with a surprise look at what he said. "From what you have told us Hanako has been there when your parents died. It's not right for us to ask you to stay when she wants to see you. Go and have fun we'll be here when you guys come back" said robin.

Isamu and I looked at each other surprise that robin said it was okay. Granted we knew he would but we didn't think he would be okay with it that fast. "Thanks robin, are the rest of you okay with it?" I asked.

"Not really but he's right. After all you guys have done for us you two deseve a little time off" said terra.

"I also agree with robin go and have fun" said starfire.

"Enjoy yourselves and bring us back some souvenir if you can" said beastboy as he revieved as slap in the back of the head from raven.

"Just be careful guys and come back safe and sound" said raven.

"And don't do anything we wouldn't do while your there" said cyborg.

"Thanks guys we're glad your taking this well and we promise we'll be fine" said Isamu.

"All right then now that we got that out of the way let's clean up this mess and have some fun before you two leave" said robin. The others agreed and began to help clean the mess and spend the rest of the day together before Isamu and Hikari leave.

Washington, D.C.

There is a park in Washington, D.C. where many of it's citizens hang out to enjoy the warm sunny day with their friends or families. Some are walking their dogs, some are jogging, and there are some having a pinic enjoying themselves on this fine day. Near some trees there are several people playing chess one particular group have their game farther away from the rest of the chess players. One was a young man wearing blue jeans, a white t-shirt, white shoes, and was wearing a black jacket with a hood covering his face. While the other man who appeared to be in his 40's playing chess with him was wearing blue jeans as well, black t-shirt, and had black shoes.

"Did everything go according to plan in East City?" said the older man as he moved his piece.

"It did, we now have all the information we need on the titans east" said the younger man as he also moved his piece.

"Good to hear, your assassin is proving to be most useful when it comes to infiltrating bases like the titans tower" said the older man as he moved his chess piece again.

"She has proven herself indeed, though I wish you would have let her kill one of the titans so we don't have to deal with them when our plan is moved foward" said the younger man as he moved his rook foward.

"Although they will cause problems in the future I have decided not to kill any of the younger heroes my friend. I need them alive for when I bring our little feather friend to our cause" said the older man as he took the younger man's bishop with his knight.

"You still think she will join us. I'm sure your old master will now keep an eye on her and make sure we don't try and take her" said the younger man.

"My old master doesn't pose a threat to me. It's true his powers are great but now I have surpass him and soon he will know it. Once he is out of the way I will move foward with my half of the plan and when that's done you move on to yours" said the older man.

"I am ready on our part we just need the girl and rid ourselves of anyone who looks to get in our way" said the younger man.

"Just make sure we do it the way we planned it. The last thing we need is the rest of the humans getting involved in our plan and assisting the heroes" said the older man.

"Not to worry once my part of the plan works the humans will not be a problem" said the younger man.

"Good to hear...are you ready for your next move in our plan?" asked the older man.

"I am and so is everyone else. You sure the titans will be fooled by what happens" said the younger man.

"The titans let their guard down once when they believed their friend Terra was on their side. She showed them she was good, could control her powers, and showed her loyalty to her friends. But behind those eyes she was preparing to betray them and destroy them. I have no doubt once they see what happens to you, they will trust you. The same kind of trust all of these humans have shown towards you" said the older man.

"Good to hear and by the time the titans figure out what's really going on it will be too late" said the younger man.

"The world will soon change my friend, and soon no one not the teen titans, justice league...or the soul society will stop us from changing this world for the good" said the older man, he made his final move by moving his chess piece and then spoke. "Checkmate" said the older man.

The younger man smiled and nodded in agreement."Well done I suppose this ends out meeting?" asked the younger man.

"For now till next time, good bye" said the older man.

The younger man put the chess pieces away into their box. "Good bye to you too Talsein Yamamoto" said the younger man as he began to walk away and headed off to make his next move with Talsein preparing his next move as well.

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