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-Mary-sue type female (I guess)

-Goes with movie plot (not much change)

-There will be a squeal (not much warning)

-The Gods And Goddesses Look Like The Ones On Percy Jackson Movie! (there is a reason for two Sean Beans (lol))


Chapter 1: The Ships

My father and I watched the Greek warships sail above our heads. I frowned and shared a look with my father before grabbing the fin of a dolphin and allowing it to quickly pull me to Troy's shores. The light of the setting moon covered my body as I climbed onto the shores, completely dry.

"Arianna, go to Hector," my mother whispered into my ears with the moon's light, giving me advice. "The Greeks are soon to arrive." I nodded my head and quickly fled to the city of Troy, ready to warn the royals.

"It's her!" "Momma, momma, look!" "She's back!" "She's pwitty, mommy." I heard the citizens of Troy say around me as I hurried to the castle gates, where the royals had gathered. Most gods or goddesses do not show themselves to many mortals, only a few chosen. I, personally, had no problems with them, only that they get into too many wars.

"Gather your men, the Greeks are arriving at your shore," I spoke immediately, not allowing them to speak. Their eyes widened and Prince Hector, the greatest warrior of Troy, stepped forward. "Are you positive, my lady?" Hector questioned suspiciously, he never really believed a goddess would help him so willingly. "Hector," King Priam said in warning as my eyes narrowed.

"My father and I watched the ships sail over our own heads. Go look at the sea from your highest tower, then tell me I am lying," I hissed at him. Hector and his brother, Prince Paris, turned to go look but their father grasped them by their shoulders to hold them there.

"We will trust the words of a goddess. Go gather your men and prepare for battle," Priam ordered Hector sternly. I smirked at the young Prince's frown. "Farewell, but heed my warning: The temple near the sea is in danger. The ship with black sails shall land first," I warned. They all look confused for a moment before Andromache, the wife of Hector who held a baby boy, gasped in understanding.

"The temple of Apollo! Briseis is still there!" She cried out. I smirked and teleported back to the sea shore, waiting only a few minutes before Hector rode past on a horse, shouting for the priests and priestesses.

They wouldn't listen, as usual, and they will be killed, believing that the god they honored would save them. Even Hector's own cousin wouldn't go with him. Those foolish mortals. The gods rarely care for anyone other than themselves. I am one of those very rare exceptions.

I stepped into the sea, rising up until I was walking on top of the water. I watched the black ship that sailed faster than the others closely. I trained my eyes on the mightiest warrior then smirked when he saw me, letting the water swallow me up, making him believe he was only seeing things.

"Daughter, Zeus would like to speak with you," Father told me with a scowl. He always hated that his two brothers liked me so much (at times). I rolled my eyes and teleported to Mount Olympus to speak with the king of the gods and goddesses.

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