HELLO! BONJOUR! HALLO! CIAO! KONNICHIWA! Any other hellos that I did not mention!

THE SEQUAL TO ETERNITY IS UP (if you didn't already know that)! IT IS CALLED THE LIGHTING THIEF (And has already been up for at least a week, I just forgot to write this, oops)!

Warnings (Again, not many) & Other Knowledge:

~Possible cussing? No clue, do they cuss in Percy Jackson?

~FLUFF (As much as I hate it, I must write it)

~Greek Gods and Goddesses are (obviously) PJ style

~S-E-X (NO! NONE...I'm only 14, people!) Maybe mentions though.

~OOC (as always ;] )

~Was she Mary-Sue? Cause if she was, then that's her again.

~ALWAYS MOVIE VERSIONS! (Never read the PJ books, I like Logan *heart*)

~BRAD PITT LIVES (Lol!) Yes, if you were confused at the end, Achilles IS alive (my girl didn't leave him like bitch Breseis did! Yeah, I don't like her much...)

~LOVE MY STORY! I ORDER YOU! (Actually, I can't really do that according to my lawsuits *Cough* I mean my morals, of course... . . ) JUST KIDDING!

Well, bye! I hope you enjoyed my random spouts of sarcastically humorous comments...or not. SUGAR HIGH! *runs off into far distance straight into a wall*

Ivy (my bff #1)- She's insane... I'm coming with you! *runs into me getting up from being flattened by said wall*

Selena (my bff #2)- Ugh, how do I deal with them... I'm gonna go cut... *depressing aura, sighing and walking towards us*

….Yep, those are my buddies (although Lena doesn't really cut, everyone else at school just thinks she does because she's 'emo'. STEROTYPES! And no, Ivy is not Ivy's real name, it's Nicole; not a bad name but doesn't match her, so she changed it) It's better to just live with it than question it...