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Chapter 1

Defiance In The Face Of Death

"no! Cosmo…" Tails wept in despair clinging onto sonic like a lifeline Sonic gave the small seed to Tails and looked at Tails sadly as he cried.

"Ugh I don't feel so good" all eyes snapped to Chris in the tornado only to widen in horror at the large fiery explosion enveloping the Tornados rear engines and the large metal spike embedded there from the Meterex ship

Everyone snapped to attention and scrambled into action hoping against all hope to reach Chris in time not wanting to loose another friend so early "Chris hold on were coming" shouted Sonic on the verge of panic he did not want Chris to die he was the reason Chris was here in this dimension in the first place if he died Sonic knew he would never forgive himself.

Chris looked at his friends and even Eggman and Rouge as they tried futilely to save him smoke was filling the cockpit

He looked at Sonic as he tried desperately to pry the spike free from the engine

His eyes locked with Sonics "forget about me (cough) there's nothing you can (cough) do for me now, get away the blast will kill you run!" Sonic looked into Chris's eyes the eyes of someone who accepted his death, horrified he yelled "CHRIS! NO!"

Chris looked at sonic it was then they felt it the emeralds glowed ominously "RUN SONIC NOW!" Chris roared desperately coughing and choking in the smoke

he rammed against the wind shield startling sonic enough to make him let go

Chris looked into Sonics tear filled eyes and smiled loosing consciousness and slumping in the seat his fading sight glimpsing a red and green glow that faded into white.

It should be noted that chaos emeralds, extreme heat, a chaos charged hedgehog, extreme emotions and a human exposed to more chaos than was healthy did not mix well not forgetting that just five minutes ago a huge life energy charged rip in reality was still healing shut.

It was understandable that the reaction was explosive (Rumble)SHISSEEE

A red light shot across the stars like a laser its thunderous symphony heard and seen across the universe and dimensions bathing all in a ominous crimson haze CRASSKBOOOMTHWOOOMTH

Sonic and crew gazed on horrified from the blue typhoon as the damaged tornado along with the unconscious Chris were dragged and unceremoniously flung into the slowly vanishing void a green chaos emerald in Chris's hand as the other six scattered and in a flash of black and green he vanished along with the red haze

"NO!" Sonic slumped to his knees "I couldn't save him how am I going to tell his family its all my fault" Sonic was jerked out of his self pity party by a hand gripping his shoulder an yanking him violently to his feet and around to face Eggman who had a enraged look on his face

"don't you dare give up you damn hedgehog where's your fire you will listen to me Sonic that light was an incomplete form of chaos control the same kind that brought Chris to our world as it was Chris's version was focused only by sheer will alone and it was only by chance he came to our dimension in one piece albeit younger"

Sonic looked up at Eggman with hope filled eyes "you mean he's on earth"

Eggman shook Sonic again violently let go and looked on the verge of tearing his out his moustache

"no you idiot sheer will brought him hear I hardly think he did the same when unconscious, he could have ended up anywhere even another reality and that's not counting on him surviving when he was still trapped in the tornado"

"But we've got to try" both Sonic and Eggman swung around to the speaker a trembling Tails "we've lost Cosmo and Shadow I refuse to lose Chris when there still might be a chance to save him"

there was a note of steel in Tails voice

"How can we he could he could be any where" interjected Amy sounding hopeless

"Its not like you could track him" added Bokun sounded heart broken seeing as Chris was the only person to treat him seriously

"Wait a moment doesn't Chris have one of the emeralds" wondered Rouge aloud "it makes sense that if we find the emerald we find Chris"

A fire was lit in Sonics eyes "then what are we waiting for"

"Hold on sonic" Eggman stroked his moustache "if we do this we need to find the other emeralds first the emerald Chris has went with him so we only have six emeralds to find and even then the amount of power needed without the last emerald to follow Chris is massive…"

Eggman trailed of looking at there dejected looks "oh stop looking so glum I said massive not impossible but if we are going to do this we need to work together and need to give both our ships a serious over haul Dark Oak virtually trashed thrashed them I can rewire the egg drive to provide the power but you have to gather the emeralds" the looks of hope returned

"Wait a minute why are you helping us Eggman what's in it for you" knuckles sounded suspicious only to be slammed into the wall and held by his neck by Eggman who actually snarled stunning everyone

"I owe Christopher my very soul Echidna! do not question my honour as a human he is more alike than you or i had ever believed, Am I understood!"

Knuckles nodded quickly stunned at Eggman's adamant denial

Eggman released knuckles from his grasp and stalked off to the egg drive to repair it muttering obscenities' under his breath.

sonic looked at the retreating human in awe "even in our worst battles I cant get him that mad"

"LET'S GET TO WORK WE HAVE A FRIEND TO SAVE" roared Tails raw determination though he was sad about Cosmos she would not want him to wallow in grief it simply fuelled his desire to keep his friends safe

Earlier with Chris


Light, eye lids flutter






"Hurry we have to save him!"

"Call the United Humanity Leaders tell them what's happened"

"Who is he?"

Where am I?