Chapter 3 of Chaos Reality Runner

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Morning Sonic Archie-verse

With Chris

"Ahh I see your up and dressed already Christopher excited are you, anyways I've got to go to work today I left a data pad in the kitchen containing my research theory's and general stuff ask me later if your curious.

Don't leave the living quarters today or you'll get lost"

Juana looked at Chris seriously.

"Frankly this is against the rules if the higher ups find out about you being here we will both be in serious trouble.

I was able to spirit you away from the High Council through sheer chance before any irregularities were noticed. This place is hidden from the United Humanity Task Forces and Mega Central Command."

Juana strode towards the door and left locking the door behind him

Chris barely glanced up from the data pad he had retrieved from the kitchen while munching on a energy bar

The screen itself glowed green and responded to touch and voice

I should search recent events and news not to mention history I don't want to stick out like a sore thumb.

Chris laid back on the couch and began searching the database.

Lets see, should start on seeing where our worlds diverge…

Oh dear the Eggman in Sonics world isn't nearly this evil…

Turning people into robotic slaves, pollution, genocide, murder, extortion…

This is monstrous the Eggman in my world would never do this…

Chris's eyes narrowed in thought

Although this Robotnik's tactics are much more well planned, dare I say it, more human it has that serious edge to it usually ending in the opponents death.

But it seems his tactics are becoming more brawn than brain or more arrogance…

Chris began humming thoughtfully

He's been loosing territory for a while now and he's focusing too much attention on one area allowing for guerrilla tactics to wear down his regime.

His armies are spread far to thin and the resistance are constantly adapting whereas his robots are left outdated.

Chris tugged his hair, a new habit and resisted the urge to bash his head in.

I just don't understand it!

It would be easier for Robotnik to just build hundreds of those Metal Sonic robots.

Sonic is only one hedgehog, the average Mobian would be overwhelmed in seconds.

So why?

Chris got to his feet and began pacing the soft carpet only to stop a moment later.

Hmm, wait a moment every time he faces Sonic in battle he gets more distracted

The Eggman in my world fights Sonic but he's does it more out of amusement I think.

He's never had the stress of maintaining a conquered world.

Eggman abhors the very idea of killing…

His next brainwave almost sent Chris to his knees forcing him to sit down.

That's it!

Robotnik's slipping!

Here was the ruler of the world a master of strategy a genius and suddenly out of nowhere a barely teenage hedgehog threatens his entire empire using nothing but his speed blasting Robotnik's ego to pieces, trashing his most ingenious schemes with ease.

His next thoughts stunned him.

With each defeat Robotnik grew stronger at first but his mental stability has taken a massive nose dive losing again and again feelings of crushing defeat almost daily

If he recovers from that he could do something terrifying…

And even if he really has a mental breakdown his sub-bosses are in great positions to pull a coup'd etat with minimal effort and that would be a disaster…

Regina Ferrum comes to mind and her background

Chris shuddered

Mega Central are idiots, if you put a child's family to death of course the child will seek vengeance, morons!


At this Chris was contemplative

I could build a way home in mere months instead of years like I did on earth and the possibilities Magitek from what I can tell allows the user to manipulate electrical signals in technologies' but robots aren't the only thing that gives off electrical signals the chemical reactions in living creatures it would be akin to mind control or silent assassination…

These thoughts did not deter Chris he knew the dangers of such a skill and thought it a skill worth learning.

At this point Chris began hacking Mega Central computers.

A nifty skill taught to him by a secretive Nelson Thorndike and Chuck Thorndike.

This did not bother Chris as he knew his father had secrets in Thorndike Technologies Industries along with various government defence contracts.

Earth had made massive leaps in technological advances by deconstructing the Eggman robots Sonic trashed.

Chris was surprised Tails and the others hadn't noticed how lenient the army was when Sonic and Eggman caused mass property damage.

As long as there was a robot to learn from Sonic could get away with virtual murder.

Prison island was the first test run.

The higher ups knew Sonic was innocent but needed a beta test.

So they imprisoned Sonic without a trial knowing Sonic would never agree to help but also knowing that the emeralds would lure Sonics enemies close and forcing Sonic without his knowledge to advance their technologies by several years in combat tests.

After that all evidence of Earths advances had been hidden and developed in secret and unleashed when Sonic returned to Mobius even the S.O.N.I.C.X Sonic clone prototypes and Professor Gerald's research had been unearthed and refined to perfection curing hundreds of diseases.

Chris hoped Sonic never returned to Earth, such an extreme betrayal of trust would be unforgivable even Chris had been horrified when he'd found out, he had thrown himself into his studies and asked his father about everything to do with T.T.I and had been the overseer for several experiments into curing diseases insuring their experiments stayed ethical.

He took up martial arts and obtained a black belt in karate to protect the knowledge he had obtained.

Gone was the dream of being a zoologist and in its place a desire to find out how deep the trail of treachery led him.

Hacking into government databases, draining slush funds or redirecting them into worthy causes.

In most cases it became the lure of forbidden knowledge, cover ups and state secrets.

Not like he'd told anyone that

Ahah, found it

No government worth its budget throws away potential super weapons, no matter how dangerous it could be!

I'll copy this to a spare file… they have everything here…

A Beginners Guide To Magitek

Understanding The Language Of Machines

Magitek Machine Crafting

Evolutions Of Magitek Encyclopaedias

Magitek A History

The Intermediate Guide To Magitek

Magitek And The World

Magitek How To Tell Truth From Myth

Magitek Machine Animation

The Truth About Chaos Emeralds, Magic Rings, The Ancient Walkers And Magitek

Magitek Three Basic Rules And Harsh Truths

Magitek Tragic Accidents We Could Have Avoided

The Path To Magitek Mastery

Magitek Machine Maintenance

Magitek Ghost Of The Machine

Magitek Where When How Why

Magitek Guide To Hijacking Possession And Reprogramming

Magitek Interpretations Of Light And Darkness

Magitek Path Of The Forbidden: Lightning Point

Magitek Path Of The Forbidden: Thunder Wake

Magitek Path Of The Forbidden: Pressure Dance

Time to cover up my tracks and there done now onto recent events… hmm…

Robotnik Destroys Knothole

Nano machines under control of A.I Nicole build New Mobotropolis

Sonics been busy I see.

What's this?

Chris scrolled back a few pages and gazed upon the old newspaper article

King Maxamillian Acorn cured of crystallisation from the zone of silence

I wonder if the method the Mobians used would work on me, my legs have shown no sign of crystallising the rest of me so its slightly different

I wonder…

Chris looked at the screen and brought up a separate window with a map of Mobius he began to plot the fastest way to New Mobotropolis and inputting weather patterns, areas of interest or conflict, events areas to avoid, native wildlife edible plants.

He then began to input his own skill sets and goals and watched the computer plot the best path Chris's current goals being to first learn Magitek find a suitable training area.

I need somewhere hidden my original guess was Angel Island but the island is heavily populated in this world

Bringing up a map of Mobius on the data pad Chris scanned it lightly.

This place shows promise

Flicky Island

It was partly destroyed a while ago in a confrontation between Sonic and the original Robotnik

How do I get there though, land, sea or air..?

Not land I'd be prey for any Mobian, robot and mutant out there

Same for sea add to that I get seasick after that one summer break…

I'll have to salvage the X Tornado and probably have to rebuild it from scratch..

Note to self rename plane and completely overhaul it.

It's been shot down so much it's just not funny anymore.

Chris worked the whole long week beside Juana into research helping improve the healing tank to become a portable hand held healing device the size of a mobile phone

The X Tornado had been salvaged and modified to integrate the advanced data pad

Its new exterior dark red and gold its interior blue and silver it was faster and infinitely more lethal with a larger weapons arsenal Chris had the idea of naming it the Firestorm

Chris had also begun studying Magitek and could cause small surges in delicate machinery not doubting for a moment that the only reason he had progressed so fast was because of the chaos emerald in his legs.

Chris wondered when he could leave and explore Mobius Prime mainly because he had barely glimpsed Mobius before following Sonic to help stop the Meterex he had been very curious and excited to see a new world in the first place

if the others noticed Chris had fought the Meterex harder than he should have or fell asleep in the lab when creating Sonics modified shoes in exhaustion they didn't say anything.

Rouge had commented to Chris in private that he seemed rather irritated with the Meterex, his reasoning that he wanted to explore Mobius and was dieing of curiosity had sent the bat into a uncharacteristic hysterical giggling fit.

The two had since been going over the things that had been sent along from Earth, he even let her browse his stolen information records, to that she declared he was just like her a thief of a different kind.

A claxon sounded loudly, Chris was snapped out of his daydreaming abruptly both Chris and Juana shared a horrified look mixed with fear, Mega Central had found them.

Both leapt to their feet Chris grabbed his new rucksack and helped Juana fill it with things needed for survival

Voices heard beyond the door

"Chris I'm going to cause a distraction! In that time I want you to take the Firestorm and fly away"

Chris looked ready to object.

Juana growled "Just do it boy! I'm to old to be of any help in your quest the least I can do is help you in this, go now!"

Chris nodded in remorse with tears in his eyes he knew that Juana was not going to live past that night, Mega Central was ruthless like that.

"Thank you Juana and… goodbye!"

Chris wrenched open the hidden escape chute and slid down the dark tunnel he was deposited in a large underground workshop next to a large green tarp he pulled it down to reveal the newly completed Firestorm aircraft, storing the tarp and supplies in the Firestorm.

Chris activated the launch procedures and the workshops automatic self destruct sequence.

The Mega Central soldiers were in for a shock when the building they were searching went up in a massive explosion the smoke and falling debris insured that none saw the crimson and gold Firestorm hurtling away from Mega Central at top speed, Chris's Magitek blocking all scanners.

Chris didn't know how long he flew silent tears falling but knew he had to land soon or risk falling asleep and crashing.

He had just flown out of Overlander Territory rather hurriedly and was on the verge of falling asleep and resigned himself to landing at the edge of the Mobian Badlands.

He managed the Firestorm into landing on a small outcropping of rock at the edge of the border.

Using both the radar and his limited Magitek skills looked for any people satisfied he was alone Chris slumped in exhaustion and settled into a light dose eventually getting up and covering the Firestorm with the tarp when the rain started.

Chris sat in the comfy seat and ate some food while going over the fairly large map of Mobius

I need to get to Flicky Island it's isolated and fairly deserted it's within flying distance of both the Floating island and Robotropolis.

At some point I need to find the sonic of this world and go to New Mobotropolis to have his emerald legs looked at

Path decided Chris stowed the map in the back of the ship pulled out a warm blanket and a bundled his white trench coat / lab coat into a pillow and turned off the lights in the Firestorm letting the sound of the rain lull him into uneasy sleep.


Sonic X verse

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, Amy, Eggman, Decoe, Bocoe, Bokkun the Chaotix Cream and Cheese were leaving Planet Secco orbit heading to Mobius.

Eggman was sitting in Chris's lab surrounded by blueprints and staring into the computer screen, surrounded by the others apart from Decoe and Bocoe who were piloting the ship.

"This is completely wrong! The scanner says that there are only two chaos emeralds in this reality! That blast scattered the emerald far further than should be possible"

"How are we going to find Chris then" asked Cream timidly.

Eggman looks at the blue prints taped to the walls of Chris's workshop one in particular catches his eye he pulls it down.

It takes a while to understand what he's looking at, a prototype artificial teleporter the same Chris used to come to Mobius but more advanced.

"Hmmm.. I've got it! Chaos Control!"

"What?" asked Amy, confused.

"Shadow could do chaos control with only one emerald to teleport virtually anything, anywhere"

Says Rouge in dawning realization

Tails turns to Sonic

"If you and Shadow can move a satellite the size of a small moon it should be far easier to teleport the Blue Typhoon"

Eggman cuts in "However we would be going for the emeralds first and get more accurate coordinates along the way eventually finding Chris"

Sonic looks irritated and slightly annoyed.

"You make it sound easy Eggman! When I first consciously used chaos control I nearly tore myself apart it was incredibly painful"

Tails barely looks up from the portal blueprints passed to him by Eggman and says calmly

"Yes Sonic but the emerald you used was a imperfect phony and this time we'll be using two real emerald and the master emerald"

"Like hell you will!" Knuckles roars

"Knuckles we have no choice!" Interrupts Espio calmly

"Damn right you don't, if you haven't forgotten the Master Emerald is still in pieces from when it SMASHED INTO PIECES!"

Knuckles looks infuriated simply remembering the incident

Tails tries to calm him and says

"Relax we don't need it that much we can easily create a machine to compensate but that means it would have to be done on Mobius"

Eggman is almost buried in blueprints impressed with Chris's ingenuity and adds "I have the material there to modify the egg drive into a portal and I'm sure we all feel a bit homesick we can spend a while there to decide who is leaving and who is staying on Mobius"


Sonic inhales deeply and smiles happily

"Home sweet Mobius I've missed it, I'm going to run for a while I'll meet you all later at the emerald shrine"

"I'm going to my workshop to pack up the stuff I left behind and re-supply"

"Same here Tails, Cream, Cheese and I are heading over to Vanillas house"

"I'm heading to base I dread to think about the condition of it.

I'd bet that the fridge has learned to walk by now and I need to organize my robots to transport the parts ..something tells me I'm not getting much sleep tonight"

"I'll come with you"

"And steal anything of value ouch don't hit me woman!"

The last part shouted when Rouge kicked him

"You coming knucklehead"


one weeks later

Crackle BOOM

"cough cough"

Tails and Eggman stumble away from the emerald shrine covered in soot and both glare at the hysterically laughing Sonic the hedgehog

"HAHAHAAA you guy's cause more explosions in a week than I do in a year, five hundred IQ my tail OUCH!"

Sonic was silenced by the introduction of two spanners hitting his head

Tails and Eggman look at the downed hedgehog then at each other

"Killer robots, spiked pits, chaos creatures, molten magma, piranha filled water and all manner of death traps and he gets knocked out by a spanner my brilliance is utterly wasted on that hedgehog"

Eggman deadpanned

"I know the feeling Doctor

Another week later

"At last its finished ok everyone gather round"

Eggman called loudly to the gathered crowd

"The portal is complete! When the portal is activated a large gateway is projected above the emerald shrine for as long as Sonic stands in the engine room of the Blue Typhoon 2 and is channeling chaos control

the portal generator on the typhoon works in conjunction with the one here to provide a beacon for a starting point

Sonic's been practicing chaos control skills with Knuckles and after much trial and error can now flawlessly pull off a perfect teleportation

the Blue Typhoon's engine and computer will provide our destination and the control and Sonic the chaos to get there

Lastly you've had two weeks to decide weather your coming or staying so make up your mind"

Sonic looked at Eggman and spoke

"Was there any doubt Eggman we're all going"

"Well then let's get going"

They all board the ship Sonic in the engine room with Knuckles and the master emerald

A voice is heard over the speaker "are you ready Sonic? The portal is activated begin channelling chaos.. Now!"

The Blue Typhoon rises slowly into the sky the portal somehow glowing a sinister black.

And with a flash of light the ship enters the gateway vanishing to new worlds, if the had stayed a second longer they might have noticed a small sparking wire but they hadn't.

There search for the Chris and the Emeralds just became very interesting and infinitely more dangerous.