Bel and Siel : the thing they both loved

Their royalty. It was undeniable, with the red, bloody proof running in their veins. None of those peasants would be able to understand, being the lower-class mongrels that they were.

With as much passion as they loved their royalty, they hated each other. Siblings were nothing more than obstacles in their goal - the throne. Where only the best, the strongest, the most royal sat.

It was an exhilarating moment when Belphegor killed Rasiel.

The only pity about it was that he wouldn't be able to gloat and rub the loss in his brother's face.

UgetsuKnuckle || demons

"I - the demons won't leave me alone," face downcast and hands brought up to cover his head, Knuckle retreats into himself.

It worried Ugetsu. The swordsman had decided to drop by his friend's place on a whim, and this was what he faced. The man had tried to maintain an upbeat facade, but Asari saw through it quickly and managed to coax him into a confession.

The flute-player hums thoughtfully. "Might I be so bold as to suggest something?"

Knuckle raises his head, and glumly replies, "Go ahead."

"Have you tried religion? I hear that it is good for the soul, de gozaru."

The former boxer blinks and shrugs, giving a half-hearted smile. "I suppose it wouldn't hurt to give it a try."

TYL27/anyone : The animal I have become.

It started with a sensation. The heat that slowly builds higher, the slight shiver that climbs up his spine from seeing that beautifully sculpted body. Unknown to the rest of the world, his wet dreams do not comprise of Kyoko-chan, but of teary heterochromatic eyes.

Over the years, he made several trips to Mukuro's jail cell without Reborn's knowledge. Each time, he stayed for as long as he could, burning the image of a motionless Mukuro into his memory. Those nights, when Tsuna has returned to his residence, he remembers that moment when Mukuro was collared and dragged away by the Vendice - and instead of the horror and dread he had felt back at the age of 14, his blood rushes south and he ends up masturbating.

At the age of 19, Reborn demanded him to 'stop being so wishy-washy and choose'. Would it be Kyoko or Haru? To everyone's surprise, he chose Chrome. His female Mist guardian is stunned, but she doesn't raise any objections.

The first night they spent together, Tsuna isn't gentle. He only sees her for who she offers - Mukuro. Marking her fair skin, he feels wretched.

The person he is obsessed with, so close and yet so far.

He receives a visitor in his dreams that night. It's none other than Mukuro. The male Mist smiles indulgently and says, "I didn't expect for you to choose my Chrome. But even I could see, from your touches, that she wasn't on your mind at all. Would you mind not defiling my possession, then, Tsunayoshi-kun?"

His throat suddenly feels dry, and his heartbeat seems to thunder in his ears. An opportunity. He would be a huge fool to miss it.

"You'll have to offer me something else to take her place, Mukuro," Tsuna answers. An amused glint enters the bi-coloured eyes. "Oh? How demanding, Tsunayoshi-kun. I'll bite; what would you like?"

Eyes locking firmly onto the other's, the brunet states, "You."

The illusionist laughs. "Kuhahaha! I see! How rich! The best I can offer you are illusions and dreams, Tsunayoshi-kun. Would that suffice?"

Reaching out to caress Mukuro's face, Tsuna breathily murmurs, "Yes, your presence will do." Then he proceeds to ravish the illusion of a convict.

He doesn't touch Chrome any more afterwards, and she doesn't question it.

Four years later, with the Millefiore on the rise and Arcobaleno dead as doornails, Tsuna destroys the Vongola Rings in a last bid for time. As usual, Mukuro shows up in his dreams.

"Kufufu, I'd have to say that wasn't wise, Tsunayoshi-kun."

The brunet gazes at him adoringly and replies, "I'm only human, Mukuro." For once, he doesn't jump the illusionist straight away. "Ne, Mukuro? Do you love me?" His hands slide across the pale skin of his guardian's chest, unmarred from their previous encounters.

"Of course not, Vongola Decimo. Do you?" The navy-haired man scathingly retorts, a long moment later.

"I don't know," he honestly answers. "But I can't get enough of you." Something unreadable flits across Mukuro's eyes, gone in an instant, and that Cheshire Cat smile slips onto his face. "A mutually beneficial relationship for both of us," he purrs.

Tsuna shrugs, mutters, "Enough talking," and they fall back into their usual pattern. The odd conversation was all but forgotten. If either of them might think back on it, it would be attributed to the stress and tension in the air from the unending attacks of the Millefiore.

One year later, the Vongola are on the brink of complete wipe out. Finished with his meeting with Shouichi and Hibari, Tsuna collapses into bed, feeling drained. Falling into a fitful slumber, Mukuro shows up almost immediately.

"I heard that you attended a meeting concerning a marriage alliance," the illusionist stated. Tsuna nods, thinking of the cover he had come up with. "Yes, I wanted to see if there were any families that might be able to aid the Vongola."

"If you had the time to hold such frivolous meetings, you should have spent it on planning a counter-attack," Mukuro argues. The Vongola Decimo blinks, then breaks out into a coy grin. "Were you jealous?"

"I was not, Tsunayoshi-kun," bristling, he denies the accusation and turns his back on the Mafia boss. What Tsuna misses is the flash of emotion in Mukuro's eyes, and the unhappy scowl that took over the man's face for just an instant before the poker face returns.

The grin morphs into a smirk on Tsuna's face, and he thinks, liar. That night, for the first time, he makes love to his Mist guardian. Watching the beautifully flushed face of Mukuro as he reaches his peak, Tsuna wonders, Would you grieve for me when the operation starts? Is it wrong of me to want you to feel heartbroken?

Tsunayoshi lowers his head to mark smooth skin thoroughly, and a thought crosses his mind.

You reduce me to an animal, Mukuro.

Fem!Giotto/Tsuna (I'm anything you want me to be)

She's a Will. She's a Flame. She's his teacher. She's his pillar of support. She's his ancestor. She's a woman. She's the person he trusts his heart to.

She's his first.

"I'm anything you want me to be," Giotto murmurs hotly into his ear.

Tsuna shivers, and draws her tighter to himself.

"I will always be here for you," she continues. With that passionate promise, they kiss to seal the deal.

Alaude/Giotto: First kisses

Yet again, Alaude catches sight of Giotto, being swarmed by ladies offering him boxes of chocolate. The blond is sheepishly grinning and trying to charm his way out of the mob, to no avail.

It makes his blood boil. How dare that idiot encourage crowding. Stalking forward, he intended to take care of this matter, once and for all.

To do that, Alaude needed to get to the root of the matter - that dumb Giotto. Pushing roughly through the crowd, the blue-eyed man reaches his goal in a matter of minutes.

"Alaude! What brings you here?" Giotto cheerfully greets him.

"..." Grabbing the Italian's chin, Alaude tilts his face and swooped in for a quick kiss. The mob surrounding them quieten down, which pleases him. Letting go of Giotto, he whipped out his handcuffs and snapped them onto the dumbstruck blond's wrists.

Turning around, he addressed the crowd. "As you can all see, Giotto belongs to me. Now get lost, or I'll bite you all to death." The frightened girls scampered off, leaving Alaude to lead his prisoner back to headquarters.

Coming back to his senses about 5 minutes into the walk, Giotto hisses, "What was that for!"

"Crowding," Alaude impassively replied.

"That - that didn't mean you had to use such an unorthodox method! It was my first kiss too," Giotto mumbles dejectedly. The French man smirks. "Is that so? My apologies. I'll take responsibilty for you."

"U-uh, you don't really need to, Alaude," Giotto nervously stutters.

A sinister gleam enters the other's eyes, and he purrs, "I insist."

That was how Giotto was claimed as Alaude's.

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