Adelheid/Tsuna - domination and/or retribution


Pulling harshly on Tsuna's collar, Adelheid watches as he submissively gets on all fours. The brunet shuts his eyes tightly, mouth opening and taking in Aoba's length. He spreads his legs widely, and Enma takes him from behind, gripping his hips hard enough to bruise. Adelheid can tell that from his rapidly darkening skin, as Enma shifts his position every now and then. Koyo, seemingly fed-up with Tsuna's ministrations, grips his head and keeps him stationary, pulling out and thrusting back in roughly at a rapid pace.

It's silent in the room, save for Tsuna's occasional gagging noises, and hitched breath of the other two males. With a quiet moan, the only bespectacled person bucks his hips into the hot mouth, keeping still for a long moment before drawing away. He cleans himself up with a tissue Adelheid offers him, then tucks himself into his pants and leaves.

Not too long afterwards, Enma finishes too, and Adelheid escorts him out. She comes back to see the petite boy collapsed facedown on the floor. Raising her right leg, she kicked him over, taking stock of his condition. Puffy eyes, red and glassy with unshed tears, trails of white semen dribbling down the corner of his mouth and leaking out of his ass, a stiff erection twitching, along with darkening marks on his torso. Her lips curl in satisfaction.

Chaining his leash to the bedpost, she moves over, kicking his legs apart and grinding down hard on his penis with her slippered feet. Tsuna whimpers just once, softly, and ejaculates, staining his chest and stomach with his own fluids.

"Slut," Adelheid hisses. The brown-eyed boy blinks and cowers. "Being used as entertainment by your enemy in exchange for the life of your family and enjoying it... How shameless you are, Vongola." He makes a soft noise of protest, but a hard slap from Adelheid makes him shut up, biting his lip.

"Clean yourself up. Tomorrow, you're entertaining the rest." With those ominous words, Adelheid exits the room, leaving Tsuna to wipe up the cum with a box of tissues. Done with it, he crawls into the bed, slipping under the covers and burying his head in his arms. He thinks of his mum, Lambo, Gokudera, Ryohei-nii-san, Yamamoto, Hibari and Chrome.

Up against these unknown elements, they had suffered a crushing defeat, and the Shimon had offered him a deal - to exchange himself for their safety. Of course he agreed to it; he didn't want them to die! But right now, imprisoned in this bare room and being violated everyday, Tsuna felt his sanity slipping away bit by bit.

The quiet, hot tears dripping down his face ask him, how long can you last?

8059 - you're supposed to /drizzle/ the icing onto the cake!


Covered in white cream, both Gokudera and Yamamoto were frozen. Gokudera, in shock; Yamamoto, in surprise.

Somehow, that stupid jock had squeezed the plastic hard enough to make everything spray out. It left Gokudera speechless for a good minute, then he regained his senses and blew up.

"Now how am I gonna present the best cake to Jyuudaime? Huh? You damned wrecker! I shouldn't have agreed to let you help me!" The enraged bomber fumed and ranted.

Ignoring Gokudera's temper, Yamamoto leaned forward and licked a blob of icing off his cheek. "Mm, it's sweet. I'm sure Tsuna would like this," the swordsman said, grinning.

A bright pink exploded across the green-eyed teen's face, and he aimed a punch at the other. "Don't make fun of me! And get back to work! Get it through your thick skull that you're supposed to drizzle the icing, not splatter it everywhere!"

D18 – we speak with our fists, and our hearts bleed

The cracking of a whip whistles in the air. Tonfa gleam brightly, reflecting the sunlight. The weapons connect, and the combatants spring away from each other after a moment. Hibari's eyes lock onto Dino's, both shining and glittering madly with the excitement of the challenge. It feels like they're in a private world of their own, without anybody to pester them.

The moment abruptly comes to an end, with a phone call and Romario politely asking for his boss to answer. The spar is over, and Cavallone attends to the call. His tone is business-like, but it eases into a gentle and friendly one.

Hibari flicks the specks of blood off his tonfa, keen ears picking up on a female voice bidding Cavallone goodbye as he flips his phone shut. "Haha, sorry, Kyouya! I have to go meet my wife now," the blond apologetically says.

"Hn," the prefect grunts. Striding over to the door, he stalks away from the rooftop. Dino busies himself putting away his whip, and Romario, who's standing behind his boss, doesn't see the wistful glance that follows Hibari's retreating back.

Two months earlier, the Vongola Decimo and his guardians attended Dino's wedding. It's meant to be a show of support, and surprisingly, Hibari came along with less resistance than expected. The bride and groom walk down the aisle, looking like supermodels that just came out of a magazine.

Hibari slips out after the couple said their vows, taking the first flight back to Namimori. Seething on the plane, he gnashes his teeth, gritting his hands tightly. As a fighting maniac, he could tell from the fights he had with the Bucking Horse, that the dumb blond had developed feelings for him. Of course he hadn't been that presumptuous to assume that immediately - he'd slowly collected evidence. Every fleeting touch, every single glance sent his way, the prefect had analyzed carefully.

He hadn't been wrong. But now, so what if he knew that Cavallone bore feelings for him? So what if he himself, had those same feelings? The Bucking Bronco was the boss of the Chiavarone family, and he had responsibilities to his famiglia. That included choosing a suitable wife to bear his children, and to carry on his lineage.

Hibari, despite popular belief, was a human and had feelings too. He just pushed them deep down in his soul. He understood that Cavallone was a person dedicated to his family... and he had no choice but to accept that he could never have a happy ending with the blond.

He was the Cloud guardian after all, an aloof person that hated being tied down. He too, had his responsibilites to the Vongola. He was not allowed to de-stabilize the inter-famiglia alliances, he knew.

And he absolutely refused to become the third party.

So while the wedding bells tolled for Dino Cavallone, it's the sound of shattering glass that resonates within the chests of two different men, wanting to but knowing of the boundaries that they cannot cross.

The only thing they have left, are the fights and teacher/student relationship that tie them together.

8018 – first time

The first time he's tempted to seriously bite Yamamoto Takeshi to death, is when he finds out the grinning fool has cheated on him.

Then Hibari mentally bites himself, wondering why he's so pissed. This relationship he's in, is merely for convenience, for whenever he has pent-up energy that needs a different kind of outlet.

That's right, that's what he'd decided from the start.

Wasn't that so?

His mind is spinning and he's reeling, unable to comprehend what those emotions flooding his body are. Unable to take it anymore, he goes for the supply of sake in his kitchen, drinking himself unconscious at the kitchen table. Through the hazy buzz of his mind, Hibari vaguely registers the presence of another person sitting down across from him, but dismisses it.

The next morning, the Cloud Guardian wakes up with a throbbing headache, in an unfamiliar room, on an unfamiliar bed, with a warm body curled up next to him. He takes stock of the situation, and the marks on the other male.

He comes to the conclusion that he'd violated this herbivore in his drunken stupor. It fuels his ire for Yamamoto Takeshi even further, and he feels equally frustrated at himself for succumbing to such ridiculous feelings. Then the brunet suddenly tightens his grip around his waist and mumbles, "Don't leave me, Hibari-san..."

The black-haired man glances down, startled and wondering if his bed partner is awake. He comes to the conclusion that Sawada Tsunayoshi is still asleep. A wry smirk quirks his lips.

He wonders, how might Yamamoto Takeshi feel when he finds out that he's not been the only one cheating in their relationship? As he runs his fingers through the sleeping man's hair, he muses, would this herbivore dare to instigate this flurry of feelings in me as well?

Iris Hepburn + Death Stalk Uni – dilute the soul with absolute perfection, and then blow it up because we'll all end up dead in the end.


Just one single word, can evoke a whole array of feelings.

Longing, because, who doesn't want to be perfect? Total, absolute, flawless, without any imperfections, unrivalled by anyone else.

For a woman like Iris Hepburn, who strives to be the best, perfection is something she desires. To be unparalleled... With the Death Stalk Unit, she reached the peak of perfection in human experimentation.

However, humans are never satisfied. With perfection, nothing else can be improved. Nothing else can be worked on, or taken apart to study. It truly is a desolate stage for any scientist.

Which is why Iris invented the Cloud Whip, and made use of her Cloud element's Propogation characteristics. Somewhere, deep down in her mind, she has this small hope that the Death Stalk Unit might explode one day. That would give her something new to work on.

The Vongola Decimo truly was something else. He was such a small kid, yet contained such power. He made the stagnant scientist blood in Iris burn, especially when he forced Iris to use up a lot of her Flames on her Unit, even going so far as to use a technique she rarely needed to.

Facing down the bright Sky flames, Iris shields her eyes and basks in the warmth, watching as her Death Stalk Unit melt in the heat. Her last conscious thought is that, finally, something new to work on, and her lips curl slightly. It might have been her loss, but she had gained data and destroyed perfection, filling up that void within her.

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