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The sparkling me

Chapter 1

Harsh winds were blowing, as I ran through the woods. My friend Benny told me that a baby wolf needs my help. I ran and ran till I saw the baby wolf. The baby wolf has gray and black fur with a little bit of white around his muzzle. The weirdest thing was his eye. They were bright blue. ~That wolf can't be a baby. Man this is getting weird. ~ I thought to myself. I start to work on his bleeding leg. After I bandage it, the wolf turn his really cute head towards me. A flash of blue, and I found myself lying in the middle of a dessert. The world was so big all of a sudden. I felt raw nerves building up inside of me. I soon couldn't take it anymore, so I started to cry. I heard jets land like five minutes later. "Starscream we can't leave a sparkling here." Came a familiar voice. ~Thundercracker! ~ I thought. " Thundercracker your concern amuses me. We leave her at the Autobots's base" Screamer told the others.