By: Lizzy Reyes (nickicullenforlife)

Blood was rushing out of me

My throat was going dry

Every time I breathed

My heart felt like it was bleeding

I would breath and it would shatter

Pieces falling down 1 by 1

My immune system was giving out on me

My veins were shriveling up

My body was burning

As if I were surrounded by fire

The world was shutting down

My world at least

My sky turned gray

And the flowers wilted

I was no longer in a happy place

It was as if I had fallen

Into the deep dark depths

Of a black hole

The only thought that was racing through my mind was…

I was dying

Pain was rushing through me

My heart was broken

I was dying a slow, long, painful death

All because…

My lack of chocolate

I watched as little kids played around in the snow

Laughing and giggling

They threw the snow up in the air

Twirling around

And tasting it on their tongue

I chuckled to myself

Yes they were happy

But soon misery would consume them

Then they would choose the path

A path between fun and depression

A path leading to life's success