Hello, Hello! I was playing the game earlier and this hit me. I've always liked this pairing-its soo dynamic! But I'm doing my own twist to it!

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"Hello, Hello! I am, Miss E. Toad! I am currently working on the Mystery on WHY that awful Koopa Stoopa King ALWAYS kidnaps our Dear and Fair Princess Peach Toadstool!" the purple caped toadette said to her fellow-albeit Older-toad, a microphone in her hand.

"Now, Toads worth, how long has this been going on?" She asked him.

"Hmm…my…I'd have to say for a long time." Toad's worth said to the girl

"How long exactly, Toads worth?"

"Maybe since her 14th birthday? The day she was properly crowned as our fair princess-"

"How did it happen?" The Toadette asked him.

"He had a troop of Ba Bombs come in and blow a hole through the eastern wall of the hall, I can say it was a shock but after a while it made sense that time." The old toad said.

"How so?" Miss E. asked.

"Well, he was the only Royal from the Lands we know of to Not be invited…" He murmured

"WHAT!" she exclaimed. "You mean to tell me that if we had invited the Dark Lander, than he probably wouldn't be kidnapping our fair princess every other week or so?"

"Now don't go jumping to rash conclusions! We cannot trust-"

"Do you mean to say that we cannot trust the Dark landers because of one?" her tone was suspicious, and the camera that was closing in on his face was nerve wracking

"We-well… er-No, we…oh blast it all…" The Toad sighed.

Miss E. smirked and turned to the camera.

"Well, there's just one view-" Miss E. began

"Wait-I'm not finished-i-" Toadsworth interrupted.

"Cut it out Gramps!" Miss E. yelled at him as he tried to yank the microphone away from her.

"I am Not your Grandfather!" he yelled back

"Thank the Stars!" she called back.

The Camera girl sighed and turned the camera onto herself.

"Till next time folks." And with that-the Camera was turned off.

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