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That's right, rape. Werehog is really gonna go that far. Mostly because he's a cruel bastard, and to him, it's one more way to "punish" Shadow.

If you can't stomach reading something like this, then stop and go read something else. Simple as that.

On a side note, this story will be in a normal POV, so we also get to see what's going through Werehog's mind.

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*~*~*~You belong to me
My snow white queen
There's nowhere to run
So let's just get it over
Soon I know you'll see
You're just like me
Don't scream anymore my love
'Cause all I want is you

"Snow White Queen"-Evanescence

Chapter 1

Werehog smirked to himself as he led Shadow into the forest, far away from any humans. Finally he had the little brat all to himself. He could whatever he liked to the runt without any interference from Sonic.

'If all goes well, the runt will probably be broken in a month,' Werehog thought, glancing at said runt.

Shadow had his head hanging, thus hiding his face. His ears and tail were lowered. There was also the salty scent of tears.

That would have to be discussed later.

It was near midnight by the time they stopped.

Sitting down, Shadow tried to discreetly wipe away any remaining tears.

Needless to say, it didn't work.

If there was one thing Werehog despised, it was crying. It was pathetic that someone would bawl like a newborn whale for any reason. So he pounced on the pup and pinned him on his stomach, making his displeasure known by slashing Shadow's back from his left hip to his right shoulder, the wounds deep enough to expose raw muscle, and even a bit of his spine. Shadow screamed.

"You stupid piece of shit! How many times do I have to say it! Don't cry!" Werehog practically shouted into Shadow's ear.

Shivering, Shadow stammered an apology. "I-I'm s-s-sorry…"

As Werehog looked over the shivering form, he felt a tightness between his legs. He smirked and rubbed his semi-hard member, which quickly unsheathed, against Shadow's ass, searching for the small entrance under the tail.

Shadow froze, unsure of what was happening.

Werehog leaned in close to the brat's ear and whispered, "This will be the only time I will let you scream, runt."

Shadow shuddered when he felt Werehog's hot breath in ear, then screamed at the searing pain as Werehog slammed into him, inner muscles forcibly stretched and torn.

Werehog was reveling in the screams. He was literally pounding into the runt's tight entrance with all his might, blood coating his rock hard member.

Shadow would have tried to fight back, but the pain was too great, and knowing Werehog the way he did, fighting back would only make things worse.

The only thing he could do was plead as tears cascaded down his muzzle. "No more! Please! Stop, it hurts!"

His pleas were ignored, and Werehog only sped up, his eyes filled with lust.

As Werehog neared his climax, he bit down on the youngling's neck, claiming him as his own.

Shadow winced at the new pain, and something inside his mind knew that his fate was sealed because of that bite.

"You're mine now, runt. My little fuck toy." Werehog practically purred that last sentence as he released his seed into Shadow.

Shadow whimpered softly feeling the warm, sticky liquid. He was also still confused about what just occurred.

Unfortunately for him, Werehog wasn't remotely tired. "Keep quiet and brace yourself," was the only warning he gave before he resumed thrusting, going faster and harder than he had previously.

Shadow really tried to keep quiet, but with the amount of pain he was in, it wasn't easy.

'It seems my toy is tougher than I first thought. Good.' Werehog honestly thought the brat would've passed out from the pain by now. 'Perhaps if he lasts long enough, I can…reward him.'

That was certainly uncharted territory for Werehog. So far, he only bothered with punishments. Pausing in his thrusting, he tried to think of what he could use for rewards without seeming nice.

Shadow, for unknown reasons, wondered why Werehog had stopped. Not that he wanted him to continue, he was just…curious. The silence was soon broken by Shadow's stomach rumbling. 'Oh, no, I hope he didn't hear that!' Shadow frantically thought.

One of Werehog's ears twitched when he heard the rumbling of an empty stomach. 'Hm, maybe I could use food as a reward if he stays quiet. It will have to wait until after I'm through with him.'

With that thought in mind, Werehog continued his assault, his member quickly growing hard again.

Shadow winced, having to bite down on his tongue in order to keep quiet. 'Why? Why is he doing this? What did I do wrong?'

Finally, Werehog released for a second time, punctuated with a loud grunt, before pulling out, his limp member, coated in blood and semen, going back into its sheath. There was now a large pool of mixed seed and blood leaking from Shadow.

Sensing that his torment was finally over, Shadow let out a small sigh of relief.

Of course, Werehog was still pinning him to the ground…

"This is only the beginning, my little toy. Soon you'll be begging me to fuck you," Werehog said, licking the bite marks on the youngling's neck.

Shadow flinched, then thought of what Werehog had said. Beg for that? There was no freaking way he would ever beg for something that caused him that much pain. His voice hoarse from all the screaming, he tried to protest. "W-Won't beg…"

Werehog smirked, although normally the refusal would have spiked his temper. "Perhaps not now, my little toy, but in time, you will beg. We'll worry about that later. Since you were a good little toy and was quiet when I told you to be, you get to eat."

At the prospect of food, Shadow's stomach rumbled again. He tensed, unsure if Werehog would beat him, slightly confused about the change in behavior, fearful and in pain from the assaults.

Werehog could sense the different emotions Shadow was experiencing. He suddenly felt compelled to…comfort? No, he shouldn't. He wouldn't. He wasn't Sonic.

Shadow paled when he heard the low growling coming from Werehog, sheer terror coursing through him. 'Please, no…please, no punishment, please…'

Slowly trying to get a rein on his volatile temper, Werehog snatched up the youngling and carried him to a lake before dropping him in the shallower end.

Shadow cried out in pain, incredibly sore from the double fucking, and the cold water getting into the slashes on his back. Of course he also inhaled some water and went into a coughing fit.

Werehog smirked and simply waited until he was quiet again. "Clean yourself up while I go hunting. When I get back, we'll have some more fun, my little toy." With that, he turned and left.

Shadow trembled, then started openly sobbing from despair, pain, and fear. He never expected any of this to happen when he willingly chose to leave with Werehog. All that had been on his mind then was keeping Werehog from killing Sonic, the other anthros, and even the humans he had met hours ago.

He didn't know how long he cried. He didn't care. Until he heard the sound of a twig snapping. Knowing it was Werehog, he quickly began washing himself in the cold water, getting rid of blood, semen, even washing away the tear tracks.

Luckily he had just finished when Werehog reappeared, who was dragging a large buck.

Slowly, shakily, Shadow stood up, or tried to. He was so sore, it hurt to even stand; how was he supposed to walk?

Werehog, seeing how much trouble Shadow was having, reluctantly decided to show some pity, and grabbed the pup by the arm, dragging him over to the carcass.

Flinching, Shadow glanced at Werehog, wondering if he would really be allowed to eat. Since as they were mainly lupine, Werehog, now being the Alpha of the small pack, would be the first to eat according to pack customs.

So Shadow would probably by lucky just to get the scraps. He looked at the ground.

Werehog rolled his eyes before slicing off a handful of meat from the buck and literally shoving it under the youngling's nose.

Startled, Shadow flinched, but then his stomach growled again. He was hesitant, but still nodded. Just when he was about to start eating, though…

"Not yet, my toy. You have to beg for it first."

Shadow was confused. Beg for the food, or for the…?

Sensing the confusion, Werehog smirked yet again. "I want you to beg for both. First for the food, then once you're done eating, beg for the fucking."

Tensing slightly, the little pup whimpered. He didn't want to beg, but he was hungry…and he didn't really have a choice. "…C-Can I p-please h-have s-s-some f-food? Please…"

SMACK! Werehog delivered a harsh backhand slap to Shadow's already bruised face, sending him flying 2 feet. "Not good enough."

In a rare act of anger and defiance towards Werehog, Shadow snarled. "I don't even know what the hell you want me to say! How the fuck am I supposed to know what's good enough?"

Eyes flashing dangerously, Werehog dropped the meat and decided that he was going to have to punish his toy. Unbeknownst to Shadow, Werehog had snuck into a shady town and gotten a few things. He figured now would be a good time to use them. Grabbing the younger male roughly by the arm, ignoring the struggles, he dragged Shadow in front of him, pulled out a thick whip seemingly out of nowhere, and brought it down again and again on the small back.

Shadow screamed and struggled, crying as hard as he had earlier, trying to escape the fiery pain; it was too intense for him to try and speak, to apologize.

"You just don't learn, do you?" Werehog didn't expect an answer. After giving 15 lashes, he stopped to survey his work.

The pup's back was now similar to a piece of raw, bloody hamburger meat.

Scooping up the slab of deer meat, Werehog stood in front of the bloodied up pup, noting the tremors, how his eyes were glazed over, possibly from the pain. He felt a pang of…was it guilt? 'Lousy time to be growing a damn conscience…'

"Let's try this again. Beg for the food."

"…H-How…?" It was barely a whisper, but Werehog heard it.

Werehog smirked. "It seems you can learn after all…Repeat after me: 'Master, your toy would like food, may he please have some?'"

There was a look of slight confusion mixed with surprise along with the usual fear on Shadow's face, but he still gave a hesitant nod. It took him a minute to gather up the courage to say the words, though he had to pause at times so that he wouldn't choke on his sobs. "M-Master, your…t-toy w-w-would like s-s-some f-food…m-may he p-please h-have some?"

The smirk grew as Werehog chuckled. "You learn faster than I gave you credit for. Here." Werehog set the food down within Shadow's reach.

Perking up slightly, Shadow nodded. "Th-Thank y-y-you…" He trailed off, reluctant.

Raising an eyebrow, Werehog flicked the whip again, millimeters away from Shadow, as a warning.

It had the desired effect, as Shadow flinched, and then hastily corrected himself. "Th-Thank y-you f-f-for the f-food, M-Master…" Then he chowed down as though the meat would disappear if he didn't eat it as fast as possible.

"Good little toy. You really do learn fast. I expect you to say those phrases with each meal, got it? You'll also have to say something similar when I fuck you."

Werehog watched as Shadow froze and went pale, eyes glistening with unshed tears.

"N-No, please…It…i-it h-hurts too much…" It was a pathetic excuse, they both knew it.

Werehog simply rolled his eyes. "You're not used to it yet. But you will be."

Wanting to protest, but not willing to risk any more punishment, Shadow simply nodded dejectedly. He'd only eaten about half of the offered meat, but now he didn't have much of an appetite.

"Are you done?" There was another nod. "Good."

Werehog walked over to Shadow and stood behind him with a lecherous grin. Easily pinning him down, though avoiding contact with the welt covered back, he rubbed his crotch against Shadow's body. "Beg for it, my toy."

Whimpering softly in fear, Shadow shut his eyes, unable to say a word.

"I said, beg for it!" CRACK! Down came the whip onto an existing welt. Shadow winced, biting down on his tongue to keep from screaming.

Trying to ignore the taste of blood in his mouth, Shadow, with some difficulty, stammered out, "M-Master…y-y-your t-toy w-would…l-like to be…f-f-fucked…W-Will you p-please f-f-fuck him?" The last part came out a whisper, as a lone tear fell.

'He's finally breaking. I should have done this sooner…ah, no matter, as long as he finally knows his place,' Werehog thought. Aloud, he said, "Yes, my toy, Master would love to fuck you."

Due to the last two rapes, one would think it would be easy for Werehog's member to slip into Shadow. While it was slightly easier, Shadow was still sore, and he hadn't been stretched enough to the point where he wouldn't feel any pain yet. As it was, he yelped loudly when he felt Werehog roughly thrust into him.

"Quiet," Werehog warned, lightly digging his knife like claws into the pup's arms as he continued to thrust.

Shadow was doing his best to bear the pain, but he still winced.

Werehog started to nip and lick at Shadow's ears. "Such a good toy, letting your Master fuck you whenever he wants."

Shadow shivered a bit. 'Good? How is this good when it hurts? I don't understand…' Getting lost in his thoughts, he was able to block out the pain. 'So confused…with him, pain always meant punishment…is that what this is? But if it's punishment, why would he say I'm being good by letting him do this? …Why?'


Shadow didn't realize he had spoken aloud until he heard Werehog answer, "You want to know why I'm doing this? It's because this is all you're good for. You're nothing but my fuck toy, mine to use and punish as I. See. Fit!"

As he spoke those last three words, Werehog's thrusts were as hard as he could muster, as though to emphasize his point, before he released into Shadow for the third time that night.

It was only then that the gravity of the situation fully sunk in. When it did, it was what fully broke the little Werepup's spirit.

He barely noticed Werehog pulling out. Didn't notice when he said, "Thank you for the fucking, Master," in a whispered, monotone voice.

He simply didn't care anymore, and Werehog knew it.

'If only I had done this in the beginning. He would have been broken much sooner, and I wouldn't have had to waste so much time punishing him.'

Giving Shadow's left ear one last nip, Werehog whispered, "Get some sleep. You'll need it when we have more fun later."

He waited until he heard the whispered "Yes, Master," before standing and walking away.

His was only a few yards away when his ears twitched slightly as he heard the sound of soft sobbing. Annoyed, he thought of punishing the pup, but he didn't want to cause permanent damage…not that he cared.

'The day I actually care for the runt will be the day Sonic and they slut of a banshee Amy have a kid together.' Inwardly shuddering at the thought, Werehog jumped into a tree, onto one of the sturdier branches, and was slightly impressed when it held his weight.

Leaning against the tree, Werehog started to think of how he came into existence.

It was simple, really. Back on ARK, there had been a slight consequence to the experiments done on a young Sonic. A part of him started resenting everything. Of course, Sonic had tried to hide it, and eventually the resentment broke off on its own, becoming something entirely new and growing inside Sonic's mind. No one knew. Not even after the incident.

It started out innocent. Shadow was having tests done, while Sonic and Maria were playing tag. Sonic was always careful with his small claws, for even with the ARK's sterilized environment, any bleeding injury would send Maria's fragile body into shock, putting her life at risk.

Then it happened.

For one split, as Sonic playfully leapt at her, his face contorted into a snarl as his eyes changed into a yellowish color.

His claws sliced through the air…

And through the flesh on Maria's arm, leaving 5 small, yet deep gashes.

It was Werehog's first memory that he could call his own.

He could still remember the scream…

Alas, he hadn't been strong enough to stay in control of his host's body for more than those few precious seconds.

But he still knew what happened afterwards.

Sonic, who couldn't remember what had just happened, was of course blamed for the attack. Everyone thought he had been the one to attack her, which was technically true, but since he couldn't prove it hadn't been him, they deemed him too dangerous to keep roaming around, so Sonic ended up being locked in a cage while Maria was in the medical bay, her condition critical.

For months after the incident, Sonic kept pleading his innocence. No one believed him.

Not even Shadow.

While the two knew of each others existence and purpose, they never had enough time to actually bond as "brothers."

Not that Shadow had known that Sonic was the one in the cage.

Werehog could still remember the irate hedgehog's words. Most of them, anyway.

"If you come near her again, I'll kill you!"

'That ended up being a pointless threat…seeing as Sonic finally managed to free himself during the commotion that was the ARK Raid not long after the confrontation. Ironic how I ended up being the one who killed the "Ultimate Life-Form",' Werehog thought.


Snapping out his thoughts, Werehog scowled at the source of the soft voice down below, underneath the tree. "What is it? I thought I told you to sleep."

Flinching, Shadow averted his gaze with an expression look of fear and shame. "Can't sleep…"

"And why can't you sleep?" Werehog demanded.


"You disturbed me just because you were alone?"

"Please forgive…Don't like alone, Master…Stay with Master? Please?"

Werehog noticed that Shadow stopped referring to himself in first person, and wasn't even attempting to speak in third person. 'Hm, interesting…'

Shadow started growing nervous as his Master remained silent. 'Is Master thinking of a punishment?' He trembled.

Looking down at youngling, Werehog debated the pros and cons of letting him stay. 'If I give him permission to stay with me, he might expect me to allow it every night…on the other hand, it means I don't have to waste time and energy tracking him down just for a fuck.' Sighing quietly, Werehog made up his mind. "Fine. Get up here."

Surprised, for he clearly had expected to rejected and punished, Shadow nodded and used Chaos Control to warp himself onto a branch near the one Werehog was on. Although, he miscalculated the distance, and ended up on Werehog's chest.

Realizing his mistake, the little pup's eyes widened in fear as he cowered. "Sorry, Master! So sorry! Master punish? Sorry…"

'That speech pattern is getting annoying…Nothing I'm willing to do about it though.'

"I won't punish you. This time. Next time you better get it right."

"Yes, Master."

Not even bothering to put the pup onto another branch, Werehog leaned back against the tree and slept.

Slightly confused that he wouldn't be punished for his mistake, but relieved at the same time, Shadow slowly laid down, hoping he wouldn't wake Werehog, before falling asleep as well.

It was only the first night of many to come.


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