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Chapter 8

Sonic could only stare in confusion and shock at the sight before him. Werehog was actually comforting Shadow. Granted, the awkward expression on his face was priceless..

He then felt a jolt of guilt when he realized he hadn't even considered how his pup would react to his sudden decision to go after Shiro.

As for Shiro himself, he, too, was confused. He didn't understand…Why was his Brother taking comfort from the one who had hurt him so much in the past? "Brother…?"

Shadow briefly looked at them, before hiding his face in Werehog's fur again. Even though it'd lasted two seconds, the evidence he'd been crying was still noticeable. It did nothing to ease the guilt they felt.

Werehog sent a glare in their direction. "Look who finally decided to show up…"

Instantly, Shiro's temper flared. He growled, eyes flickering red. "Let go of him…"

"Why should I? It wasn't me who hurt him this time; it was you two!" Werehog snarled, his gaze fixated on his son. "You caused this by running off in the first place."

Ever the peacemaker, Sonic stepped in. "Werehog, it was a mistake, how was he was supposed to know-"

"You ran after him, and you both should have known what kind of affect it would have on him!"

"That's rich, coming from the guy who left him with the fucking military group that wants to destroy him!"

As the arguing escalated, Shadow whimpered, wanting it to end, but it went unheard. He was afraid, but…at the same time, Shiro's scathing comments were starting to make him angry. He let out a low, soft growl, though it also was drowned out by the shouting.

So what if Master left him all those times? He always came back when he said he would…and he'd deserved his punishments, he knew that…

Shiro didn't have the right to question Master's actions…

"You think after all the fucking shit you put him through, you can just make it up to him, just like that? Bullshi-"

Shadow had had enough.


He launched himself at the pup, tackling him to the ground. Due to his sudden rage, his Chaos Energy was lashing out at everything around them, preventing anyone from getting close.

"You don't know what you're talking about! Everything he ever did to me was because I deserved it! I deserved every single one of those beatings, all of those trips to GUN! You don't have the right to say otherwise!"

Practically suffocating from the sheer amount of Energy around him, and wincing in pain from the wounds on his chest that were protesting both Shadow's weight and his Chaos Energy, Shiro struggled to speak. "Why…defend him, Brother…after all…he's done?"

Shadow bared his fangs. "You just don't get it, do you? So what if he did all of that? You seem to forget, if he hadn't made me into his fuck toy, you wouldn't exist in the first place, so be grateful for that!"

Shiro snarled, but knew Shadow had a point. He wasn't going to be grateful towards Werehog, however.

Werehog honestly could not believe Shadow was defending him with this much ferocity. 'Didn't think the little runt had it in him,' he thought.

Sonic, meanwhile, was trying to make his way through the tendrils of Energy, only to be pushed back every time. "Shadow…!" he yelled in an attempt to focus his pup's attention on him.

It worked. But not the way he'd wanted. As soon as Shadow turned his head, the look of rage became one of extreme loathing…and sorrow. "You…"

This time, Sonic found that he couldn't breathe, for the tendrils of Chaos Energy wrapped themselves around him, cutting off his air.

"You said you wouldn't leave…you promised, remember…? All those years ago? …Guess you don't, because you just. Keep. Leaving…You left me in favor of a bastard son!"

Although unable to draw in a proper breath, Sonic managed to rasp out, "Sh…Shad…"

Shadow looked away, closing his eyes as his rage turned into sadness. "I guess promises mean nothing to you anymore…"

The words cut into Sonic's heart. Promises meant everything to him; he always strived to never break a promise!

Taking a deep breath, Shadow reigned in Chaos Energy, freeing Sonic, before getting off of Shiro and making his way back to Werehog.

Sonic watched, trying to catch his breath, as his pup slowly walked over to Werehog.

Shiro slowly sat up, wincing. The bandages were soaked in blood, his wounds having been reopened. He glared at his father, still believing that he was the one to blame for this incident.

Werehog glared back, though his gaze wasn't as sharp as it usually was. He then sighed and looked down at his slave. "…"

Daring to look up at him, Shadow's eyes held a determined resolve, though his posture was submissive as always. "I…I'm not staying with them anymore…I don't care about the deal between you and Chichue, just, please take me back, Master."

Stunned silence followed for a few minutes. Growing uneasy, Shadow's ears folded back, but he waited for an answer, and braced himself for the blow that was sure to come for his bold demand.

Werehog briefly closed his eyes in thought. Clearly he hadn't realized just how strong the runt's loyalty to him was. The display earlier, he'd figured was simply from anger. There was a term for something like this, he knew…Stockholm Syndrome. Where a hostage develops strong empathy for their captor. In this case, the abuser.

The fact that the little brat was asking to leave his family and stay with him confirmed it.

He then supposed it made sense that he was starting to more or less suffer from its counterpart, Lima Syndrome. Sympathy for the hostage. Or, apparently, the slave.

'Could things become even more complicated?' he thought.

Opening his eyes again, Werehog locked gazes with Shadow. His voice was low enough to only be heard by his little slave. "Do you remember the deal I gave you all those years ago when we first left here?"

Confused, but slightly relieved that he hadn't been struck yet, Shadow nodded, whispering, "I could either follow you willingly, and do everything you say…or you would kill everyone here and…make me go with you anyway…"

"That deal is still in effect, and it will stay that way until I say otherwise. And for now…you stay with them."

Whining softly, Shadow asked, "But…why?"

"Don't question me, runt!" he snapped, mainly out of habit, reflexively raising his large hand to slap the younger male. He barely managed to stop himself before going through with the action, but he still regretted it, upon seeing Shadow flinch. "…I can't explain right now, but just do as I say. Got it?"

Nod. "Y-Yes, Master, but…what about my…my purpose?" a faint blush appeared on Shadow's muzzle as he asked the question.

Werehog couldn't help smirking. "I'll still be around for that."

Resigned, but not liking that he couldn't stay with the one he saw as his true Alpha, Shadow nodded again.

Looking over at his former host, Werehog's yellow eyes narrowed in warning: Don't make this mistake twice, or I WILL kill you.

Sonic's own emerald eyes narrowed back even though he nodded in understanding, knowing that, even without the threat of death, it would be a grave mistake to do something as careless as ignore Shadow's fear of abandonment again.

Shiro also saw the warning, and after having witnessed Werehog follow through with his threats numerous times, didn't want to press his luck, so he also nodded.

With a grunt of acceptance, Werehog turned around and headed for the forest. "I'll be back as soon as I can."

Shadow started to feel the same despair he'd felt when Sonic ran off, but he quickly pushed it back down. Master wasn't abandoning him, he was just…going away for a while, like he usually did.

At least, this time, he wasn't being left with GUN.

He still couldn't push down the whine that escaped him, however. 'Master…'

Without thinking, he started running after him.


Werehog stopped and turned back, only to be shocked as Shadow leapt at him, wrapping his red streaked arms around him yet again. Unlike the last time, Shadow merely nuzzled him for a few moments and whispered, "Goodbye for now, Master," before letting go and running back to Sonic and Shiro.

A sliver of emotion coursed to Werehog's body, though he wasn't sure exactly what it was. As he turned towards the forest again, he allowed a small smile to form on his light blue muzzle.

It had taken a single mistake for Werehog's stone hard heart to start softening. Now, a simple act of affection was making him feel more positive emotions.

Of course, it wouldn't stop him from coming back to fuck Shadow whenever he felt like it, but other than that…

Perhaps Shiro was wrong…maybe he really was starting to change for the better.


Short chapter, I know, but, like I said before, I don't have much time to write long chapters for this fic.

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As for the chapter ending…well, the little scene with Shadow and Werehog was inspired by the movie Bambi II, the scene where The Great Prince is taking Bambi to live with Mena, and right before Bambi walks off with her, he goes back and gives his father a goodbye nuzzle. I loved that scene…

Before you guys say anything, yes, I'm making Werehog not be such a cruel bastard anymore. While he won't be acting like Cream the Rabbit at any point in the future (can you imagine if he did? lol), he won't be as harsh as he was in the beginning of the fic.

And yes, Stockholm Syndrome and Lima Syndrome are real, for those who don't know. I did my research.

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