Believing Percy's lie, Michael wanted revenge from Nikita for ruining his chance to avenge his family. He was allowed the change to bring her down himself, but everything does not go accordingly when he was forced to admit his true feelings for her. He finally has a chance to be with her, but Percy took matters personally and destroys her.

Chapter 1

"Let me go"

He gave a painful cry and allowed his tears to fall, "No! Not again. I can't lose you again."

Michael jolted up from his bed with sweat hailing down mercilessly. Every day since that incident, he could dream of nothing else other than it. He found no peace and certainly no means to move on. Now, his life consisted of finding her, wherever she was, if she was even still alive.

His heart burned at just a mere though of her. He missed her unbelievingly; everything he looked at seem to always bring his thoughts of her back to him, like a painful rush of wave against the peaceful shoreline. He could recall the few moments when they were secretly happy with each other without having to be on the opposite sides. Ever since her escape three years and eight months ago, their relationship had been wrought with lies upon lies.

He had been beyond angry at her for demolishing his rare chance at avenging his wife. Her response was, "I'm protecting you, Michael". Of course, the words simply bounced off his head, and his anger was fueled by Percy's lies. He was told everything had been a result of her devious plans, which was so easy to believe. Percy then gave him the pleasure of a one-man vengeance spree. Michael wanted to ask her so many questions, like why she did what she did, didn't she ever bear feelings for him? At the following confrontation, she offered herself at his gunpoint.

It was just the two of them standing on the silent cliff. The forest was situated at a distance behind. The air was warm and the moon presented its mysterious self partially, as if it was afraid to see what would happen. Neither of them could feel the warmth, nor could they hear the violent rush of waves. At the moment, their very worlds held nothing but each other, and their love, pain, and anger. He didn't understand what her motives were. She had a very strong determination to bring down Division for the world, so why would she compromise that by giving up herself like this? She had brought no form of weapon whatsoever.

"Michael", she said as she approached him slowly. She offered a weak smile, and the softness of her facial features was one of the many he would never forget. Her voice too was soft, but not feeble, never frail. Her personality would never allow such a thing. When she was approximately two meters away from him, she stopped.

He stared straight into her eyes, his body trembling slightly. At this point, most of his rage subsided; it was the love his feels for her that was causing the tremors. Oh how he hated the effect she had on him. God help him. He knew he wasn't going to be inflicting nothing more than guilt from endless questions and lectures.

"Why?" he asked meekly, "I just want to know why."

"Michael, I told you before; I was trying to protect you," she replied, her voice no harsher nor louder than when she initially said his name.

"Goddamit! Stop lying to me!" yelled Michael, failing to frighten her, "Why would you want to protect me? No no no, I'm not going to believe you. This is you trying to take advantage of my feelings for you." He kept his gun trained on her.

"Michael, I would never take advantage of your feelings, you must know that somewhere deep inside", she said, and with a vague smile, with hidden joy, she added, "I know, I love you too", she said as she slowly started walking towards him again.

Michael lost his breath. Those words, "I love you," were like lyrics to his ears. This moment was transcendent for him that seemed to lead to an epiphany. He found it quite odd at the fact that she did not yet speak of Percy or of his mistakes, like she had no other purpose than to tell him her love for him. She was risking her own life just to confess her love for him.

He started to believe the great sins Percy committed, and believed even more in the fact that that bastard needed to atone for his sins. Refusing to show any emotional response, he said "And Percy's role?"

"He was using you for his own benefit. Ever since you've been his right-hand man, he plotted the plan to exterminate your family, so he can keep your undying loyalty. He said he saved you, he didn't. He said he would give you the chance to avenge your family, he didn't. He said he would give you a purpose, he didn't, at least not for a good one."

She had confirmed all of his suspicions of Percy. He was forced to admit that he had wasted so many years killing people, wrongful and innocents alike. He was trained as a weapon, and created more live weapons during the procession of his job. The cascade of self-disgust engulfed him. He lost control of his emotions and suddenly, his legs became weak. He fell, kneeling on the grassland that felt so cold. The bone-chilling and bitter feeling immediately spread throughout his entire body, and then without warning, warmth. It was then he opened his eyes and saw her angelic face, her skinny arms wrapped around him, her soft cheeks against his, her body not a millimeter away. He missed these moments that once existed between them within the concrete walls of Division. Severe consequences prohibited the two from ever allowing anything serious to blossom. He instantaneously returned the embrace, forbidding this moment to end. Oh how he wanted to show her his love, but he had no idea how to. It seemed like there were already too many obstacles, too many missed moments, and too much time wasted.

"Michael look at me", she said, not losing the tenderness of her voice. She stared directly into his blue orbs and reassured, "I meant it when I said I love you. I'm not giving up on you, no matter how hard you try to get rid of me."

"I love you, I love you, I love you," he said repeatedly, "I have been in denial for so long, but I could never forget about you or even forget your voice. You left me in that hellhole! You can't do that, you can't just leave and pop up a few years later. You're not allowed to leave." At point, he was becoming more emotional. Years of these feelings surged on and on, until he started to become less coherent by the moment.

He used both of his hands and held the sides of her face and leaned in to kiss her. It was by no means soft, but it was full of affection and love, and at the same time, sorrow and desperation. She leaned in, returning the equal amount of unexpressed emotions.

"Start a life with me. I'll leave Division. I'll drop everything. I'll do anything for you! I'll do anything that keeps you with me" said Michael desperately. He saw a chance for them to escape into a world of freedom. There would certainly not be a dictator directing their lives, forcing a perpetual build of guilt. On top of everything else, he did not want to lose her again. This time, denial will not soften the edges of a broken-heart. He clung onto her even tighter, as if easing his grip the slightest bit will result in her disappearance.

"Michael, I would love that, but you know that wouldn't be completely possible. In our world, bliss will not come until the very end."

"We don't have to have the white house with picket fence. I know that we don't share a serendipitous first encounter, and that somehow, that doomed us to very complex relationship. But all that doesn't have to be. We can change, we can be happy. We can be a deviate couple, if you will. What I mean is that we can continue what you are doing, but be together at the same time. This can work, only if you believe and want it as much as I do. I have never wanted something more in my life. I want a life with you, no matter how you choose to live it."

Tears slid down her cheeks. She could not help but release a small laughter. It was still hard to accept the fact that the man she loves wants just what she wants. For this one time she decided to be selfish to allow him into her life. Constant danger awaits, but she was tired of running. If he was determined to stay by her side and fight a war, then so be it. They could be together finally! Nothing more could stand in their way as long as the two of them wanted it as much as each other.

"Yes Michael, we can have that life. As long as we believe, we can have that life."


Bang! Before Michael could finish, the sound of a gunshot rang throughout the night sky. The world turned silent, allowing an eerie sense take over.

Michael was forced out of his reverie when his cell phone rang.


"I think I may have found something. I'm sending you the linked file right now," said a computerized voice on the other line.

"I'm going to check it out right now." With that, Michael hung up and walked immediately to his computer.

"Nikita, wait for me, I'm not giving up on you."