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Chapter 6

Hinamori had her usual pink blanket wrapped around her. Her hair was tied back in the usual bun, covered by a blue cloth. It was supposed to be a night of celebration; 12th Division had collaborated with Shiba Kukaku to create some new fireworks for the whole of Soul Society. Everyone had gathered to watch the show, and even all the Captains and Vice-Captains were given a free night to relax and enjoy.

Hisagi Shuuhei had invited Matsumoto to go fireworks viewing from his division because 9th Division had a pretty good view. Momo had thought it was pretty rude to interrupt the two of them; and since there was no one else who was free that night, Momo ended up alone on the roof of her house. Wrapped in her familiar blanket, and sipping some hot green tea, she wondered if there was anyone else out there all alone tonight. Fireworks were meant to be watched with friends and family. She looked up at the half-full moon; tonight was supposed to mark the start of "winter" in Soul Society. But the temperature was too high for it to feel like winter. It wasn't even snowing! She gently set her tea down and closed her eyes.

She had only seen fireworks once, and it was on that night. Matsumoto had begged, or rather "persuaded", 12th Division for what seemed like forever just to get them to light a 10 minute show. But it was worth it. That night, she had been up on the roof with Matsumoto and Aizen.

And Toshiro.

It was beautiful, and was made even more magical by sharing the view with her nakama. It would have been even better though, if it were snowing. Matsumoto had whined about that, and Hinamori secretly agreed. Only snow would have made that night any better than it was.

This time, 12th Division promised a ½ hour show of fireworks to the whole of Seireitei.

More than anything, even more than wishing it would snow tonight, she wished that she could take back what she had said to Hitsugaya. He was her only family left, her only source of comfort. They should be watching together on a night like this. She hadn't meant to hurt him more, but… she had. Anything she did seemed to help fix nothing. Matsumoto was wrong. She wasn't the one that could heal Hitsugaya; she had only further exacerbated his wounds. He was hurting too; why didn't she realise it earlier? Even Matsumoto had.


Even though he was locked away so that he could never harm anyone again, his actions still continued to haunt Momo.

Damn that Aizen.

Damn him.


The first firework shot into the sky and exploded in a bright blue, crystalline shower, shaking Hinamori out of her thoughts. The show had started. Incessant streams of colours filled Seireitei's sky, and raucous cheers of celebration could be heard all around. As the show continued, Hinamori felt like she wanted to curl into a ball to hide the pain in her heart. It was so lonely, hearing everyone's laughter and gasps of amazement. But she kept on telling herself that she deserved it. After all she had done to everyone, she deserved it. Yet a small corner of her heart yelled out that this wasn't fair.

She buried her head in her lap. It was all she could do to hold back her tears.


Hitsugaya didn't look up as the beautiful sparks lit up the night sky above him. He was intent on heading to where Hinamori was; he had to apologize to her. He wasn't thinking right at the time. Hinamori must have had a reason for remembering Aizen. Baa-chan had told him to take care of her, but he hadn't.

As Hitsugaya headed towards her reiatsu, he became more and more perplexed by the fact that Hinamori was at 9th Division. It made sense that she would be in one of the best places to watch the show, but Matsumoto wasn't with her. In fact, Hinamori's reiatsu was the only one he could sense on the top balcony. He frowned; it was just Hisagi Shuuhei's and Hinamori's reiatsu signatures on the balcony. And the two signatures were close, very close together.


The Captain increased his pace.


He knocked down the doors leading to the room from which the balcony was attached to.


Matsumoto was in Shuuhei's arms when Hitsugaya crashed in. She quickly disentangled herself.


"Taicho? What are you doing here? Aren't you with Hinamori?"

Hitsugaya Toshiro was now thoroughly confounded. He was staring at Matsumoto but the reiatsu signature he felt from her was Hinamori's. It didn't make any sense. Matsumoto suddenly seemed to sense his confusion and quickly sorted things out.

"Ah, Taicho, gomen nasai! Hinamori-kun put a Bakudo on me but I don't know how to take it off. It's No. 69 Mirror Mist."

Hitsugaya mentally face palmed himself.

He did several hand signatures and tapped Matsumoto lightly on her shoulder with a finger.

"Genzuru. Reveal."

A pale glow surrounded Matsumoto for a second and then faded.

The reiatsu Hitsugaya now sensed was Matsumoto's. Hinamori's reiatsu, the real Hinamori's, was now close to her house.

"Ja. Later."

"Ah, hurry up and get to Hinamori-kun before the fireworks end, ne, taicho?"

Hitsugaya gave a slight wave to acknowledge that he heard and turned to leave.

"Ah! Chotto matte! Hang on a sec!"

"Nani? What is it?"

Matsumoto grinned at her captain.

"Please taicho, please make it snow tonight!"


The show was nearly over; only about 5 minutes to go. Hinamori sighed. She might as well enjoy the last few minutes. Slowly, she raised her head from her lap and lifted it to the sky. Something white suddenly filled her vision.

A single white snowflake landed on her nose.

Then another landed on her left cheek, and another on her forehead. Hinamori couldn't believe it. It was snowing! It was snowing!

She stood up and stretched out her hands to the sky to catch as many of the unique snowflakes as she could, gathering them in and splashing them all over her face. Hinamori giggled; she had missed having fun in the snow. The pure white of it seemed to wash away all dark thoughts and feelings and replaced them with a calm and content mood. The snow began to fall thicker and heavier; already the roof had a thin white layer of snow. Hinamori danced around, making snow prints and snow angels on her roof. Rolling around and chucking snow everywhere, she was having more fun than she ever had in ages.

Soon her cheeks were flushed a bright pink and she was puffing heavily. But her eyes sparkled with a playful gleam, something that hadn't appeared in for long. She began to dance and jump here and there. She twirled and twirled, around and around and suddenly came face to face with Hitsugaya.

"S-Shiro-chan," Hinamori stuttered.

She forced herself to be more composed; this was her chance! She had to apologize properly. Hinamori took a step back and the sole of her waraji slid across the snowy surface. She completely lost her balance and started to fall off the roof.


Hinamori closed her eyes and braced for a heavy impact that never came. Slowly she opened her eyes. Somehow Hitsugaya had managed to grab her hand before she fell and was now the only thing between her and a horrible fall. Hitsugaya sighed and pulled her up easily with just one hand. Hinamori collapsed as soon as she was back on the roof. Her legs were still quivering.

"Mataku. . .Honestly. . ." Hitsugaya gently brushed off the snow that had fallen on her head.

Hinamori looked up.

"You're clearly as clumsy as ever, bed wetter."

"Hitsugaya-kun, I-" Hinamori stopped. What should she say?

"Do you like the snow?"

Hinamori looked confused. Why was he asking about that? Then everything made sense, Hitsugaya must have used his zanpukuto to manipulate the weather and make it snow.

He had unknowingly granted her two wishes. The first was for it to be snowing and the second was to spend the rest of the fireworks show with someone.

She nodded in reply.

"Arigato, Toshiro."

Hitsugaya's eyebrows rose. She had never called him by his full first name before.

Slowly, Hinamori leaned in and placed her lips on his.

Just at that time, the final firework burst into the sky. It was the biggest explosion all night. Little glittering colours of blue, green and gold fluttered down from the finale and raucous cheers could be heard again. The shining colours mixed with the steadily falling snow, a beautiful sight and truly fitting for the finale.


He may have left behind a giant impact on everyone, but eventually all wounds will heal. A crater can easily be filled again by friends, with love and hope for the future. And at that moment, nothing seemed better or brighter to the two sitting on the roof.

The End.


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