Successor's to the Storm

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"Robotic voice/Demon"

Demon/Robot thinking


Chapter 1: Return of the Storm pt 1

Story Start


Night time has covered Konoha. The full moon was shining bright as well as the stars. Currently one Hiruzen Sarutobi was in the Hokage's Tower and was about to call it a night. Right before he could leave his office he felt a presence at the widow behind him. He knew who it was and decided that he might as well have this conversation now rather than later

"You know you can't keep doing this alone right?" Hiruzen asked the person who was sitting on the window seal.

"I have to until I find the others." the person answered.

"Do you even have a location as to where the others are?" Hiruzen questioned as he grabbed his signature pipe and lite it.

"Well from the readings two are actually here in Konoha." the person replied causing Hiruzen to think for a few seconds.

"Have you meet them yet?" Hiruzen asked before taking a puff of his pipe.

"Not yet but I hope it's soon. I have a feeling that something big is about to happen." the person answered as Hiruzen exhaled the smoke from his mouth.

"You know. I have to say I'm proud of you." Hiruzen stated causing the person to smile a bit under his helmet.

"Well I'm proud of me as well. If that makes any sense." the person answered.

"Confidence is good to have. Especially in your line of work." Hiruzen said.

"I know what you mean." the person replied.

"Well get some rest. I know you've been working hard for the past few weeks." Hiruzen said to the person who nodded in agreement.

"Yeah. I've been trying to get some of these moves down. I have to say it's been hard." the person replied.

"You know you don't have to carry this burden alone right." Hiruzen stated as he turned to look at the person on the window seal. He saw the person was wearing red jumpsuit,with red boots, the sleeves on his suit was grey chain-mesh, on their hands were a pair of white gloves and on his left hand was what looked like a watch. On their head was a helmet which was shaped like a hawk and on his back was a blade. In front of Hiruzen was the Red Wind Ranger but he knew him as a close friend.

"I know old man but until the time comes. I have to." the person said as he got up from the window seal and looked at Hiruzen Sarutobi.

"Very well Naruto." Hiruzen answered as he heard the blonde say power down. The ranger uniform that was once on him disappeared to reveal a blonde with spikey hair and was wearing a black jumpsuit with a red line outlining the suit.

"Nice cloths." Hiruzen commented seeing Naruto not in a orange jumpsuit.

"I know. It's what the wind academy students use to wear." Naruto replied.

"You should wear it instead of orange." Hiruzen said truthfully.

"I have a plan to but not at the moment. Besides right now I'm just an average academy student." Naruto answered seeing as his grades at the academy were average right now.

"But with that wind morpher it's a completely different story." Hiruzen commented as he had seen Naruto in action a few times while as a ranger and had to say that a few chunin would have a tough time fighting him.

"True but I don't want to rely on it. I want to be able to hold my own before morphing." Naruto answered.

"Good choice Naruto. Now I suggest you get some sleep. It's ten o clock and the genin exams are tomorrow." Hiruzen suggested as Naruto nodded.

"Night old man." Naruto said before leaving the room through the window.

I just hope that whatever Naruto has to face in the future. He doesn't have to do it alone. Hiruzen thought before going home and going to sleep.

Ninja Academy

It was the morning of the exams and Naruto was sprinting through the street's so he could make it on time. He was able to make it with five minutes to spar. Once he entered the room he saw a few of his friends.

"Hey Naruto." one Kiba Inuzuka called from his seat. Naruto went up to his friend and sat beside him.

"Hey Kiba. Akamaru." Naruto replied as he petted the small dog.

"Running late again huh Naruto." one Shikamaru Nara said from his seat.

"A little but I was able to make it so I can't complain." Naruto answered as Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka entered the room each stating that they beat the other to class. The two made their way towards Sasuke and started to argue about who would sit beside him. Naruto once had a crush on Sakura but it went away a year ago.

"Sit down you two." Iruka Umino ordered as he walked into the class room.

"Now it's time to start the exam." Mizuki Touji stated as he started to pass out the exam papers. A hour later the written proportion was over with and right now the student's were being tested on the jutsu's. Naruto was now up for the jutsu proportion.

"Alright Naruto. Now perform the necessary jutsu to pass." Mizuki ordered as Naruto was able to pass no problem. Iruka gave Naruto his hiate and told him to report back tomorrow to see what team he would be on. Naruto went to Ichiraku's to celebrate that he passed.


At the moment no one was at the stand. Naruto walked in and sat down. A minute later Teuchi appeared at the front.

"So Naruto. How did the exams go?" he asked the blonde who showed him his hiate.

"I passed thanks to you and a few others." Naruto answered.

"That's good to hear. Now in order to celebrate here's a bowl on the house." Teuchi stated before giving Naruto a bowl of ramen. Naruto ate the ramen and was ready for more.

"Where's Ayame?" Naruto asked not seeing the waitress of the shop.

"Down stairs." Teuchi answered as Naruto nodded.

"Can I go down their or is she working on something?" Naruto questioned.

"Last time checked she's searching for the other two." Teuchi answered as Naruto got up and went into the back of the restaurant. He removed a board from the floor and started to walk down the flight of steps which lead him to the base Teuchi had build with what was left of the advance technology the past use to use.

"Hey Ayame." Naruto called as the brown haired girl was typing on the computer.

"Congratulations on passing." Ayame said while hitting a few keys on the keyboard.

"Thanks. How long have you been searching?" Naruto asked.

"Days. Ever since my dad put me in charge I've been trying to find the other power disk." Ayame answered.

"I'm sure you'll find them Ayame. Take a break or two. Your not your grandfather after all." Naruto stated as she was related to Cameron Watanabe.

"I know but I-" she started off before she heard a ping on the computer.

"I found them. I have a lock on them." Ayame stated while hitting a few more keys before the locations showed up on the screen. One was at a flower shop while the other was at a veterinarian office.

"So I take it the power disk chose two people right?" Naruto asked as he was trying to think of people who would be at the locations.

"Well the Hawk disk chose you right." Ayame said to Naruto who nodded.

"True. Well I'm off." Naruto said before leaving the ninja ops room.

With Naruto

He was currently heading towards the flower shop. He was hoping that whoever had the disk would actually come with him and hear him out. He walked in and saw a disk with a blue dolphin tail on it hanging around the neck of one Ino Yamanaka.

Just my luck. Naruto thought before approaching her. She had turned around to rearrange a flower pot.

"How may I help you?" Ino asked politely as she had her back turned towards the person behind her.

"You know talking to somebody with their back turn is rude right." Naruto said causing Ino to turn around and face him.

"Naruto...What are you doing here?" Ino asked.

"Look Ino. I need you to follow me." Naruto stated in a serious tone to the blonde.

"Follow you Naruto. Like I'll follow the dead last around." Ino answered.

"They still call me that." Naruto said.

"Well just because your trying to act serious doesn't fool me." Ino replied.

"It's very important Ino." Naruto said trying to make sure she followed him.

"I'm sorry Naruto but I'm busy doing other things." Ino answered as Naruto decided to leave.

Maybe I'll have a better luck at the veterinarian office. Naruto thought before going over to the office.

Veterinarian office

Naruto walked into the office and saw one Hana Inuzuka who at the moment was going over a few papers. Naruto was looking around and didn't see the disk with the yellow lion face around.

"Looking for something Naruto?" Hana asked.

"Nothing in particular. Hey is Kiba around?" Naruto asked the older Inuzuka who shook her head no.

"He left a few minutes earlier saying that he was going to do a assignment for class. I found it weird seeing as the academy was over but I guessed it may have been a extra credit assignment." Hana stated to the blonde who nodded.

"Thanks for the info." Naruto said before leaving the office in a hurry. Naruto noticed that the sun was starting to set.

Now where is Kiba? Naruto thought to himself while making his way to the academy only to run into Mizuki.

"Hey Mizuki. Have you seen Kiba anywhere?" Naruto asked as Mizuki who looked shocked for a quick second. Naruto noticed it but decided not to act on it.

"No I haven't. Did something happen?" Mizuki asked.

"He said he had an extra credit assignment to do." Naruto answered.

"The academy is over for now so I don't know what your talking about Naruto?" Mizuki replied before leaving in a shushin.

Someone's guilty. I have to find Kiba and fast. Naruto thought to himself before going to see the Hokage.

Hokage Tower

Naruto arrived to the tower to see multiple shinobi outside the tower. Night time has officially fallen over the village.

"Now find whoever took the scroll and bring them to me alive!" Hiruzen ordered as his shinobi left the tower in a blur.

"What happened?" Naruto asked the Hokage.

"Someone took the forbidden scroll." Hiruzen answered as Naruto was able to piece things together.

"Mizuki tricked Kiba into taking the scroll old man. I'm going after him." Naruto stated to the Hokage who nodded.

"Very well Naruto. Be safe." Hiruzen said to the blonde who nodded.

"Don't worry. I will." Naruto said before leaving the tower in a blur as he was now looking for Kiba.

Forest area outside Konoha

Kiba Inuzuka and his partner Akamaru were now holding on to the forbidden scroll waiting for Mizuki to appear. He was told that if he did this then he would be able to chose what team he would be on. A few minutes later Mizuki appeared and stated that he needed the scroll.

"So Mizuki. I got the scroll. So what team will I be on?" Kiba asked while holding onto the scroll.

"Give me the scroll and I'll tell you." Mizuki said as Akamaru started to bark.

"What is that dog saying?" Mizuki asked.

"That your lying." Kiba remarked as Mizuki decided to take the scroll himself. Kiba and Akamaru jumped back to avoid Mizuki's reach and started to run.

"Come back here!" Mizuki shouted while chasing the two.

With Naruto

He heard a shout and ran towards the spot he heard it come from. He saw Kiba and Akamaru were running away from Mizuki who had a demon windmill shuriken in his hand. Naruto decided that it was time to bring the Red Wind Ranger back to action.

"Ninja Storm. Ranger Form ." Naruto said in a calm tone as the Red Wind Ranger suit was on him.

"Time to go to work." Naruto said before entering the chase.

With Kiba

He knew he could fight Mizuki but with the scroll in his hand he couldn't. He was hoping something or someone would come and help him. It seemed his prayers were answered when someone in a red suit appeared in front of him.

"I'm here to help. You go hide." Naruto stated to Kiba who nodded.

"Where is he?" Mizuki asked himself while noticing the new person in the area.

"If you looking for Kiba then I'm afraid he left." Naruto answered.

"And who are you suppose to be?" Mizuki asked while looking at the person's suit.

"A hero." Naruto answered as Mizuki threw one of his demon windmill shurikens at Naruto who took the blow.

"Some hero." Mizuki commented as he noticed that the person's cloths were their but not the person.

"Up here." Naruto called before hitting Mizuki with a powerful punch which caused him to fly back a few feet.

"Give up." Naruto said to Mizuki who got back up.

"Never!" Mizuki shouted while throwing his second windmill shuriken only for Naruto to slice it in two.

"Game over." Naruto said in a cold tone before disappearing and reappearing behind Mizuki. Mizuki felt a large cut on his torso.

"You can come out now." Naruto called as Kiba and Akamaru walked towards the hero.

"Hey man. Thanks for the assist back their." Kiba said.

"Anytime. Now I have a quick question for you. Do you have a disk with a lion's head on it?" Naruto asked Kiba who dug threw his pocket to pull out the disk.

"Yeah. It was my dad's before he passed away. My mom gave it to me today as a gift. Why?" Kiba asked.

"I'm going to need you to come with me." Naruto answered as Hiruzen and two of his ANBU appeared.

"Here's the scroll. I'm sorry." Kiba said to the Hokage who nodded.

"It's not your fault boy. You were just following orders." Hiruzen stated as Kiba gave the scroll to the ANBU member.

"Also Hokage-sama. I found out that he has a disk." Naruto said to the leader who nodded.

"Kiba I advise you to follow the Red Wind Ranger. He has something he wants to explain to you." Hiruzen suggested to the genin who nodded.

"Follow me then." Naruto stated as the two left the scene.

Ninja Ops

Naruto had lead Kiba a waterfall. He told Kiba to follow him through it. At first Kiba wasn't sure but went with it. Kiba realized that he was walking on rocks rather than the water itself. Once he went through the waterfall Kiba saw that behind it was a very high tech place.

"Welcome to Ninja Ops." Naruto said to Kiba who nodded as he and Akamaru looked around.

"So what did you want to talk to me about?" Kiba asked while taking a seat.

"Look this may sound weird but you have been chosen to become the Yellow Earth Ranger." Naruto stated to Kiba who had a confused look.

"A ranger. Wait my dad said something about it but he didn't really explain it." Kiba answered

"I guess your dad was chosen to be a ranger if the time were to arrive. It appears that it skipped his generation and passed it on to you." Naruto concluded.

"So how long have you've been a ranger?" Kiba asked.

"A year." Naruto answered.

"So what else-" Kiba started before an alarm went off. Naruto saw Ayame was at the monitor looking at what was causing the disturbance.

"Hey I've seen you from somewhere." Kiba commented while looking at Ayame.

"So what's wrong?" Naruto asked seeing the worried expression on Ayame's face.

"It seems something or someone has appeared in town." Ayame answered while trying to get an image of the person.

"So Kiba do you think you can handle being a ranger?" Naruto asked while handing him a wind morpher. Kiba thought about it for a few seconds.

"I'll make you proud dad." Kiba replied as he took the morpher and put the lion disk on the morpher.

"That's good to hear. Power Down." Naruto said as his suit disappeared. Kiba was shocked to see Naruto was the guy who saved him from Mizuki.

"Sign of trust Kiba." Naruto stated to Kiba who understood. Naruto was trusting him with his identity after all.

"I got a fix. Their near the Yamanaka flower shop." Ayame said to the two who nodded. "Also Naruto take this." Ayame said as she handed him the last wind morpher.

"Lets move." Naruto ordered as the Naruto, Kiba, and Akamaru went to the flower shop.

Yamanaka Flower Shop

One Ino Yamanaka couldn't believe what was going on. This person had came into her house and was trying to kidnap her. Inoichi wasn't about to let that happen.

"Run Ino!" Inoichi shouted from downstairs. Where he was fighting off this person.

"I can't just leave you." Ino answered as she was now dressed in her shinobi attire.

"I'll be fine. Just go!" Inoichi shouted as this person had the upper hand. Ino then jumped out her window and made it to the roof top of the building next to the store/house. Ino noticed a few ANBU had entered the house only for them to be blown away.

"Foolish human." the person remarked while throwing Inoichi's body outside the store.

"What do you mean human?" Ino asked while throwing a few shuriken at her kidnapper who dodged them and then leaped up to where she was at.

"What can I say. I guess you can call me different." the person replied as Ino got a look at her kidnapper. Ino noticed they appeared to be a fat person except they had frog legs, and a frog head.

"What are you?" Ino asked in a scared voice.

"Your kidnapper." they replied before being hit by a gust of wind.

"Who did that." the alien demanded wanting to know who or what hit him.

"It was me." Naruto replied as he wore his Red Wind Ranger suit.

"Your going to pay for that." they replied before being hit by two yellow blur's which caused him to fly a few feet.

"Out of the way." Kiba said as he was in his Yellow Earth Ranger suit with Akamaru who also was wearing yellow armor that covered him.

"Power Rangers." the frog remarked as the yellow and red ranger nodded.

"Hey Hawk. Let's end this guy." Kiba said as Hawk jumped down with his sword drawn.

"Not today." the alien stated before letting out a huge gust of wind as he used it as a diversion to run away.

"Coward." Kiba said as he couldn't pick up his scent.

"Are you okay?" Naruto asked Ino who was off the roof.

"My father!" she exclaimed while going into the Flower shop to see if he was alright. Naruto, Kiba, and Akamaru went in as well.

"Are you alright?" Naruto asked Inoichi who nodded.

"I'm fine. It's just that frog..human...I don't know what he was." Inoichi answered while getting up.

"He left when we were about to finish him." Naruto replied as Hiruzen appeared in a leaf shushin.

"I heard the noise." Hiruzen said while looking at the damage. He could tell it was from a wind jutsu.

"Do you know who that frog was. I've never seen wind jutsu with that much power." Inoichi commented while looking at the damage done to the store.

"Seems like my worst fear has come true. Come on Lion. Lets go." Naruto said as the group of three left the scene.

Just who are you guys. Ino thought while helping the ANBU members up.


Their was a person sitting in a chair with five other people walking around the room. They each were in their own thoughts when a familiar toad alien came into the room.

" I've just encountered the Power Rangers." the frog stated to the six in the room.

"Power Rangers you say." one said with interest in his voice.

"Yep. Their were two of them." the frog answered.

"I thought their would be at least five?" another person questioned as the voice was a female.

"Are you certain about this?" another asked in a calm tone.

"Indeed I am." the frog answered as the person in the chair rose to his feet.

"Power Rangers you say. Well this will make taking over this planet much more fun." the person said in a cold tone as the others in the room nodded in agreement. Soon the world will fall to their feet but only after they defeat the Power Rangers.

And Cut


A Power Rangers Ninja Storm and Naruto crossover. It's something I've wanted to do and well here it is. I probably won't update it as much seeing as I'm focused on my other stories at the moment but hey I'll try to make time.

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Chapter 2: Return of the Storm pt 2