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Chapter One

"She's my daughter, too! You can't keep me from her, Natalie!" Carter spat at the blond, her back turned to him.

"Oh, now I'm keeping you away from her? You didn't want her to begin with! You get no say in how I raise my daughter!" Natalie said, a thick coating of disbelief embedded in her voice. How dare he claim to have even the most miniscule right to Elsa! He had all but forced her to give the child up for adoption! If it hadn't been for cleverly crafted, classic Upper East Side scheme, Natalie wouldn't even be able to hold her daughter at night or be able to have this argument with Carter at this precise moment.

"Our daughter!" Carter said, standing from his spot on the couch.

"No, she is not our daughter. She is my daughter. You lost any chance of being her father when you all but forced me to give her up for adoption. You will never hurt the way you hurt me. You lied to me and you hurt me over and over again. I refuse to let Elsa go through that. With you or anyone else, for that matter." Natalie seethed. Pure hated ran through her veins, her mind clouded with all the the ways she wanted to torture him at this moment.

"You know just as well as I do that if I take you to court I'll get my way." Carter said as he stepped closer and closer to Natalie until her back was against the wall.

"You cannot keep her from me. If I don't start seeing her on a regular basis, those little scuffles we used to get into will be nothing compared to the hell I'll give you." Natalie swallowed the lump in her throat as her mind processed Carter's threat. He wouldn't dare take Elsa away from her. Even HE wasn't that evil.

"Carter. You're angry, I get it. I'm sorry if I hurt you when things ended but you hurt me, emotionally and physically. Please don't take Elsa away from me." Natalie said, her voice wavering slightly.

"Give me what I want and I won't have to, Ali." Carter said, tilting her face so that her eyes met his. She moved away from his touch, her teeth digging into the side of her cheek -hard- as his old nickname for her echoed slightly in her mind.

"I'm gonna be busy for the next few days. You can keep her for the weekend. You call me every morning when she wakes up and every night when she goes to sleep. If you let anything happen to her I'll make you regret it. You can pick her up tonight." Natalie said to him.

It made Natalie sick to her stomach to let Elsa go with Carter. Whether he was her father or not, Carter had wanted nothing to do with her when he found out Natalie was pregnant. The only thing he'd been focused on was finding a way to rid them of the baby.

But it backfired. Epically.

Carter had all but forced Natalie to give Elsa up for adoption. And she did. To Anne Archibald. Anne wasn't as slow as she may have seemed at times. She was quick and witty and game for Natalie's plan. A full 72 hours after Anne had adopted her own granddaughter she'd signed over the full parental rights back over to Natalie. So, technically Natalie had given Elsa up for adoption. Even if she adopted her on her own right after. Carter really should have looked for a loop-hole like that.

He really should have known not to mess with her.

He really should have known she'd find her way back to her daughter.

They both should have known that this was the only the beginning of their tale.

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