Chapter 1

The Stranger Arrives

(? POV)

Ah, snow.

I love snow.

I love the taste, smell, the felling, and even the cold.

Winter is by far my favorite season… bad my love for the season won't settle my hunger...

The stranger falls to the ground, hunger consuming his energy.

(Aeris' and Leo's POV)

They were outside, walking home after buying the new game: COD: Black Ops.

Leo looked at Aeris, "I am SO pumped to play Black Ops! There's even a zombies mode!"

Aeris nodded in agreement, "I bet I can own you with only one hand."

Leo raised his fists, "Oh yeah? I bet that I'll get to round 20, first try!"

Aeris scoffed, "Please, you won't even make it to round 10 if it's anything like COD 5."

Leo pouted, "That isn't my fault. The game just hates me and… WHAT THE…?"

Aeris looked over and saw what Leo was so surprised about.

In the snow there seemed to be a snow cat that was prone, "That's a pretty realistic snow cat…"

"But Aeris, look!"

He kicked it and the snow cat moved.

"Leo! Stop kicking it!"

Aeris and Leo started to dig the cat out, and found a living cat.

He looked around their age, he was mostly black, but had a white muzzle and white paws, and most likely a white belly.

He wore a red jacket, red jeans, shades, and wore a black hat which had a yin-yang symbol under his hood and his hairstyle was very much like Leo's.

"What should we do Aeris? Should we leave him out here?"

""Leo! Are you CRAZY? He might DIE!"

Leo shrugged, "So? Won't he just respawn?"

Aeris gave him a nasty glare, "Leo, your stupidity will kill people. Luckily I'm here."

Aeris sighed, "I guess we have no choice but to bring him to our apartment."

Leo sighed too, "Fine."

(?'s POV)

Ow… What Happened?

The last thing I remember was walking in the snow and then… pain.

Well at least the snow is comfy, like a couch… a couch?

Speaking of couches, why am I so warm?

I'm in the snow, outside, in the middle of winter… right?

I open my eyes and find out that I AM in an apartment.

I sit up and observe my surroundings.

I'm in an apartment, on a couch, using my backpack as a pillow.

I get off the couch and walk into the first room I see, a really bad move on my part.

In the bathroom I see a gray cat trying to scratch his back, but failing.

He looked over in surprised and, what else, shouted.


Then I heard a female voice, "SHUT UP!"

We both froze, I froze in surprise, but the other cat froze in fear.

A pink cat walked in with a pissed expression on her face, "Leo, what the hell is going on?"

The gray cat pointed at me, "He walked in on me!"

I scuffed, "Well, maybe next time you should, oh I don't know, lock the door?"

Leo shook his fist at me, "Is that how you treat a person who saved your life?"

I gave him a questioning look, "Did you really?" I looked over at the pink cat.

She gave a half nod, half shake of her head, "Well, we both found you on the side of the road."

Leo smiled, "Yeah Aeris! Tell him whose boss!"

Aeris gave Leo a punch to the arm, "Shut up! You're not the boss!"

Leo stuck his tongue out, "I never said I was!"

Aeris shook her head, "Sorry, Leo is a total idiot. Who are you anyway?"

"I'm Xander."

Aeris raised an eyebrow, "No last name?"

"Do you need to know?"

"Good point."

I walked out of the bathroom, "I'll go make some breakfast. Want some?"

Aeris looked surprised, "You know how to cook?"

I shrugged, "Well, if you live by yourself, you'll have to know how to cook, right?"

They were surprised, "By yourself?"

"Yeah, I don't remember my parents very well; they must have died when I was very young."

Leo laughed, "You must not cook very well!"

Aeris kicked his shin, "Shut up!"

I laughed, "Calm down! Here, I'll cook breakfast and you'll see how I survived, okay?"

Leo smirked, "Fine!"