Chapter 46

These Scars

Tyler stared at her boyfriends who was supposed to be dead.

Xander smiled at her shock and shook his head, "I told you to move on, but you didn't, and now look what happened!" he clicked his tongue, "I had to come back to life just to comfort you!"

Tyler continued to stare at him, but slowly turned her face away.

Xander frowned, "What's wrong?"

Tyler shook her head, "I must be dreaming or be going insane... I saw you die in front of me!"

Xander laughed, "My love for you is so great that death can't separate us!"
Tyler sighed, "That's what I'd expect you to say... you're just a figment of my imagination that my mind made-"

Xander raised a hand and traced Tyler's jawline, "I bet this feels real."
Tyler still continued to stare at the floor.
Xander sighed, "How can I convince that I'm real?"
Tyler shook her head, "I know that your real now, but I won't look at you."
The black and white cat rubbed his forehead, "Why? I want to see your eyes."
Tyler shook her head more vigorously, her hair fanning around her, "I can't look at you."
Xander let out a massive sigh, "Now why in the world would you think like that?"
Tyler still looked away, "Because when I see you, all I see are the scars... The scars you got because of me!"
Xander walked up to her and grabbed her face with his hands and forced her to look at him, "Tyler, why do you think I have these scars?"
Tyler looked into his eyes, "Because of m-"
"No! It was because of that guy who tried to kill you! I have these scars because I love you!"
Xander stared into her red eyes, not flinching at the scent of alcohol that lingered in her breath, "Tyler, I am proud of these scars. These scars prove not only to you, but to myself that I love you with all of my heart, do you understand?"
Tyler stared at Xander, tears building up in her eyes, "X...XANDER!"
She jumped-hugged Xander, her tears dampening his shoulder.
Xander allowed her to cry, rubbing her back and whispering in her ear, "It's okay, everything's all right."
Tyler looked up at Xander, "How did you come back? The doctors cut you open like a pig!"
Xander was about to tell her about the deal when he remembered back...
Before Xander coming back to life
Xander slowly woke up, dizzy and disoriented and wanting to puke.
He slowly sat up and looked around, "What happened?"
Death took his hand and forced him up, "You passed the test boy."
Xander smiled, "So now what?"
Death pointed towards a green portal, "When you enter that portal, you will be taken back to Earth in a ball of fire."
Xander smiled, assuming that it was a joke, "Sweet, I'll be off then!"
Death grabbed his shoulder before he could leave, "Wait a sec."
Xander turned around, "What?"
Death sighed, "I forgot to tell you some something."
Xander groaned and leaned against the table, "I wonder what it could be?"
Death then turned grave, "You must not tell anyone of our deal."

Xander groaned again, "Why?"
Death just shook his head, "Just because. And if you do, then our deal will be null and void. You will be forced back to my world," he spread his arms and twirled to signify that this was his world, "and maybe even more."

Xander sighed, "Fine."
Death smiled, "Great! Now go get 'em tiger!"

Present Time

Xander smiled, "Through a ball of fire."
Tyler rose an eyebrow, but didn't pester, "I'm just glad that your back."
Tyler then gasped, "What about Leo and Aeris?"
Xander smiled a devilish smile, "I have a surprise, so don't tell them, just act like you normally would. Say that you had a dream where I was comforting you."
Tyler grinned, "Alright!"
Xander yawned, "Well, being dead sure does take it out of you! How about we go and hit the hay?"
Tyler nodded, "Alright, I'm tired too!"

They walked into the bedroom (no, not because of that you perverts) and laid down.

Xander closed his eyes and started to get comfortable, and felt Tyler hug him.

He smiled, this was the one thing that he was looking forward to.