It's the second week of Freshman Year. You're walking down the hall with your best friend, Brittany, pinkies firmly linked. You guys are laughing about something and you don't even remember what, because you're almost always laughing when you're with her. You see some big brute of a jock walking down the hall carrying a slushy, and you think "Oh, slushies! Brit and I totally need to hit up 7-11 after this!" You're about to voice this when suddenly the jock grunts out "Lesbos!" and chucks it at you. The ice hits you like a freight train and you can feel the liquid seeping through your clothes. You? You're pissed. You want to find that jock and show him the crazy Latina that only Brit has ever really seen. But you look over at Brittany and she's just- sad. You see the slush on her face mingling with her tears. You hold her sobbing frame in your arms and silently promise "Never again."


That night you make a list of easy targets for you to pick on. You don't really want to be mean to anyone but you know the best way to stay on top is to ensure that there are people below you. You feel sad when you write Rachel Berry because even though she talks way too much she sits next to you in Algebra and just this morning she let you borrow a pencil.

But, you remember Brittany crying in the hallway, and you know sacrifices must be made.


You and Brit try out for Cheerios and make it. You're exicted that your plans are falling into place. You give Brit the list of people to pick on and she looks at you, confused.

"But, Sanny," she says, "I don't want to be mean to anyone."

You tell her she'll have to act dumb then because Cheerios can't be smart and nice. She agrees and you joke that it won't be that hard for her anyway. As she bumps you on the shoulder, you wonder how anyone could have ever wanted to make her cry.


After the first game you lose you virginity to some nameless jock with blonde hair and blue eyes, and you urge Brit to do the same.

Neither of you really enjoy it but you do it anyway so no one can never call you Lesbos again.


The senior Cheerios tell you that if you want to stay on the squad you have to slushy someone and Brittany says "But, why?" and one girl rolls her eyes and you want to punch her in the face because no one can roll their eyes at Brittany except you, but you don't.

You walk down the hall and decide on Rachel Berry, take both cups and chuck them at her, and while her eyes are shut tight to prevent the slushy from dripping into her eyes, you shove the empty cup into Brittany's hand.

"I'm so-" Brittany starts

"Sorry." You finish. "I guess we must've slipped" you say with a smirk.

Rachel looks at both of you with this look of hurt and betrayal across her face that you try not to let bother you and then walks off in a huff.

Brittany turns towards you and says "But, San, she was my friend."

You simply shrug and say, "Not anymore."


You feel kind of bad because you know your friend Puck liked Rachel and was planning on asking her out, but now you've made her this huge loser and he can't if he wants to protect his reputation.

You start sleeping with him on a regular basis to make it up to him.


You realize that everyone in school either hates you, or fears you and you know that's not exactly what you wanted for highschool, but it's okay as long as it means Brittany never has to cry again.

A/N: I really liked that to be honest. It was the first time I tried second person and I think it worked out pretty well. (And you know me, I just had to slip some Puckleberry in there). So, anwyay, Review! (: