Chapter Fifteen

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James sighed as the weeks went by. Somehow, someway, they'd been able to work on the monument without anyone else finding out. Well to be fair, it wasn't because they were all that sneaky but because the Hufflepuff and Slytherin houses had been distracted by their game while the Ravenclaws were distracted by upcoming exams.

If you ever need to distract a Ravenclaw, the looming nature of exams would be sure to do it in a heartbeat. Then again, most of the seventh years were distracted by the upcoming exams. Even Quidditch seemed to take second place to that.

He shook his head slightly, in everything that had happened, James had forgotten about the NEWTs. Exams and grades had never really mattered all that much to him but he still wanted to do well.

He wanted to know he'd made his parents proud. He wanted to know he was able to carry on his father's legacy and become an Auror. He already had plans to join the Order of the Phoenix after school but he figured being an Auror would help.

Not that he was supposed to know about the Order. Honestly though would anyone really be surprised he knew about something he wasn't supposed to?

Today, though, none of that mattered. Today was the day they would be unveiling the memorial to his sisters. Hopefully as well it would be the day that James would be able to show Lily the memorial they had set up for the muggleborns.

It had been a lot of work, but just like the animagus transformation process, James found he didn't mind it. Not only was it a worthwhile cause but it also helped him keep his mind off of his sisters. Just because he had finally admitted it to Sirius didn't mean he was ready to think about them without it hurting.

Oh it hurt to think about his parents and the rest of his family, to be sure. But his sisters were his responsibility. He should have been with them during the battle, making sure they had time to run or at least make it to the Potter safe room.

His father had built it during the beginning of the war, stating that Aurors were the most likely to be attacked after the muggles. Oddly enough, it was around the same time that his mum had started to actively encourage James to pursue a career in Professional Quidditch. She used to state that people needed entertainment now more than ever.

She usually wanted him to get a job in the Ministry, or be something respectable. But once the war started, and his father started construction on the safe room, all she wanted to do was drive him toward Quidditch.

However that only furthered James' resolve to become an Auror like his father. Like he used to tell her, if the Aurors were going to be attacked then their numbers were going to dwindle. He loved Quidditch but it would be there after the war. He wasn't going to sit by while people suffered.

Sure his relationship with his mum had grown a bit tense after he told her that but his dad had stood by him. James never blamed his mum. Sure it was annoying but he knew now she was just trying to keep him safe.

Honestly, I'd rather have her back and hearing her nagging about staying safe while playing Quidditch than to not have her at all, James sighed as he pinned his Head Boy badge on. He really didn't want to attend but he had to. There were no excuses that could be made this time.

At least Sirius, Remus and Peter would be there too. James smiled slightly as he thought about his friends, the three guys who stuck with him through thick and thin. He owed them everything.

If they hadn't been there…if they hadn't tried to keep getting me to open up about what had happened…Merlin, I owe them so much. In all honesty, they could have easily told me to shove off after how I acted but they didn't. They stayed there for me.

"Mate?" Sirius' voice broke through James' thoughts. "You alright?"

"Yeah," James sighed. "Sorry, I know I'm running late. I just…I got caught up in thinking and…"

"Evans figured that," Sirius said softly. "It's why she told you a time that was an hour earlier than the time they were going to unveil the thing. At least according to Remus."

"Smart of her," James said and he couldn't help the weak chuckle that slipped through his lips. He would have been so distracted otherwise that he'd probably show up late. That wouldn't have been a good look, either as Head Boy or as the brother of the people getting the memorial!

"Mate, you don't have to go to this," Sirius said gently. "I'm sure Evans would understand."

"I'm Head Boy," James told him. "If I don't go, someone's going to ask if I'm able to complete my duties."

"Terms nearly over and you really think anyone really cares about that?"

"Lily cares about that. I'm not going to leave her high and dry."

"She doesn't care about that, she knows you have enough on your plate. Lily cares about you," Sirius said gently and James looked over at him in shock. "Yeah I know, I've been using her last name but honestly, with all she's helped with, it didn't feel right to keep calling her 'Evans'. She wouldn't care mate. Not if it was going to be hard for you."

"Yeah well you forgot about one thing Sirius," James sighed.

"What's that?"

"It doesn't matter if this is hard for me, this is a memorial for my sisters. I have to go and see it through."

Sirius nodded and rested a hand on James' shoulder. "We'll raid Remus' stash of Chocolate Frogs afterwards."

"Honestly I think he'd help us raid it," James said with a small chuckle as he made his way out of the dorm he shared with Lily and started making his way to the Great Hall where the memorial would be displayed until it would be moved to the Trophy room.

"That's entirely true," Sirius nodded. "Come on, let's grab Moony and Wormtail and make our way down to this. Then we can raid Moony's chocolate stash."

"You just said that Pads."

"Wanted to make sure you were paying attention Prongs. "